Lexington Selected
Lexington Selected

2022 Lexington Selected Yearling Sale
to be held on Monday-Friday, October 3-7, 2022
at the Fasig-Tipton Sales Pavilion in Lexington, KY

Information provided by the U.S.T.A. as of 9-28-2022
YEARLING [Sire - Dam] — 2-Year-Olds sold in 2021Sold For Earnings
FRENCH WINE [Bar Hopping - Creamy Mimi]$120,000$358,322
WINNER'S BET [Walner - Side Bet Hanover]$200,000$311,930
KILMISTER [Chapter Seven - Treviso]$170,000$297,035
WALNER PAYTON [Walner - Lonely Lady]$510,000$286,200
STRONG POISON [Always B Miki - Fiyonce]$50,000$244,000
AMERICAN FLING [American Ideal - Feeling You]$25,000$239,320
EARTHWINDFIRE [American Ideal - Road Bet]$100,000$228,075
ONCE IN A LIFETIME [Father Patrick - Sherrys Lady]$50,000$226,219
INSTAGRAM MODEL [Chapter Seven - Check Out Trixie]$350,000$224,575
VIVIANS DREAM [American Ideal - Sports Chic]$50,000$222,675
BOND [Southwind Frank - Boccone Dolce]$80,000$218,784
MAMBACITA [Tactical Landing - Bill's Lady]$80,000$217,312
BEACH COWGIRL [Captaintreacherous - Stonebridge Sundae]$60,000$208,278
ACE OF ACES [Bettor's Delight - Artisticlyinclined]$45,000$198,339
MY LITTLE CAPTAIN [Captaintreacherous - My Little Delight]$95,000$195,847
HUNTINTHELASTDOLAR [Huntsville - Eighthunrdolarbill]$60,000$156,670
TALENT SCOUT [Swan For All - Prettysydney Ridge]$14,000$151,708
BAMBOOZLER [Captaintreacherous - Deception]$107,000$150,300
ARI FERRARI J [Walner - Dream Child]$620,000$147,600
HUNGRY FOR LOVE [Stay Hungry - Lover Of Art]$80,000$145,000
BLUE LOU [Sweet Lou - Dance Blue]$160,000$139,550
MY RED SEA [Downbytheseaside - My Hare Lady]$75,000$125,601
ACT FAST [Downbytheseaside - Act Like A Diva]$125,000$124,677
SECRET VOLO [Walner - Secret Serenity]$40,000$123,449
WOOLCO [Chapter Seven - Upside Hanover]$17,000$108,424
PROUD TO BE LINDY [Muscle Hill - Lindys Lullaby]$62,000$108,324
ESPRESSO [Chapter Seven - Biscotti]$45,000$108,000
BLUE HUNT [Huntsville - All On Top Hanover]$40,000$105,070
CROWN [Chapter Seven - Amour Heiress]$250,000$104,075
CELEBRITY BAMBINO [Muscle Hill - Celebrity Ruth]$120,000$103,557
BUGABOO LOU [Sweet Lou - Perplexed]$117,000$102,028
ZANATTA [Stay Hungry - Major Dancer]$115,000$101,995
LIFE ITSELF [Walner - Inspired By Life]$55,000$101,400
BANKERS LUCK [He's Watching - Cash Reward]$85,000$99,798
GRACEFUL PATTY [Father Patrick - Princess Stephanie]$100,000$99,784
POINT OF PERFECT [Walner - Southwind Fiat]$205,000$98,700
CAVIART DAVIA [Captaintreacherous - My Little Dragon]$340,000$98,324
CANDO VOLO [Cantab Hall - No I'm Not]$45,000$96,191
ROCK MY SOCKS [Boston Red Rocks - Kattimon]$30,000$94,331
CARTER MICHAEL DEO [International Moni - Brigham Dream]$25,000$94,275
UNA MADONNA [Tactical Landing - Unica Donna It]$100,000$93,210
LISA LANE [Lazarus N - Special Kay Deo]$21,000$93,100
SNOWPIERCER [Muscle Mass - Wheely Quick]$130,000$89,081
SOUTHWIND DISTILLD [Father Patrick - Dolce Delight]$15,000$88,698
OSCEOLA [Muscle Mass - Armbro Exquisite]$70,000$84,569
CECIL HANOVER [Chapter Seven - Columbia]$200,000$83,669
WARRAWEE YES [Walner - Sound Check]$85,000$82,945
TWO PISTOL ANNIE [Lazarus N - Magical Bestern]$27,000$81,881
SOUTHWIND ADMIRAL [Tactical Landing - Amber Ella]$20,000$72,025
WIND CHIME [Father Patrick - Wind Stroll]$60,000$70,850
MCSEASIDE [Downbytheseaside - Mcgibson]$67,000$70,114
BRUNELLA [Father Patrick - Hollywood Hill]$90,000$69,493
VALLEY OF FEAR [Fear The Dragon - Shes A Pansation]$29,000$68,992
VANESSA J [Father Patrick - Evelyn]$65,000$67,873
GATES HANOVER [Walner - Good Common Cents]$135,000$67,257
EXCALIBUR BI [Muscle Hill - Vita Bella Bi]$210,000$65,050
KOPI LUWAK [Stay Hungry - Auniqueaquistion]$160,000$65,000
TREACHEROUS PENNY [Captaintreacherous - Penpal]$150,000$64,881
COMBUSTION [Captaintreacherous - Acquavella]$260,000$63,500
PEMBROKE MONI [International Moni - Possessed By Lindy]$30,000$60,350
FRESHEN UP [Bettor's Delight - Fresh Look]$85,000$59,859
HERODOTUS [Bar Hopping - Regal Woman]$50,000$59,428
SOUTHWIND COORS [Walner - Southwind Cabaret]$65,000$59,398
SEVECHEETAH [Chapter Seven - White Cheetah]$45,000$58,943
BURNOUT [Racing Hill - Sangaal]$40,000$58,165
MAXIMUM EXPRESS [Credit Winner - Enchantment]$26,000$57,180
YO LUCKY MONI [International Moni - Unbelindyble]$20,000$55,650
AMBUSHED [Always B Miki - Sweet Body]$27,000$53,980
LYONS STEALTH [Sweet Lou - Zane Hanover]$85,000$53,655
KOBE B [Father Patrick - Classic Yankee]$14,000$53,060
TUSCAN PRINCE [Kadabra - Tosca]$45,000$51,778
INTER MISCHIEF [International Moni - Blinded By Lindy]$30,000$51,695
BRODEUR [Tactical Landing - Sleep Tight My Luv]$38,000$51,150
CAPTAIN BATBOY [Captaintreacherous - Giver To Er]$200,000$51,114
YEARLING [Sire - Dam] — 3-Year-Olds sold in 2020Sold For Earnings
VENERABLE [Walner - Jolene Jolene]$210,000$1,121,548
PEBBLE BEACH [Downbytheseaside - Santa Rosa]$85,000$1,057,650
COOL PAPA BELL [Chapter Seven - Blk Thai Optional]$100,000$929,999
NIKI HILL [Always B Miki - Road Bet]$155,000$909,057
BYTHEMISSAL [Downbytheseaside - Dismissal]$135,000$833,525
FAST AS THE WIND [Cantab Hall - Wind Stroll]$95,000$810,108
REBUFF [Muscle Hill - Meucci Madness]$200,000$733,270
TREACHEROUS DRAGON [Captaintreacherous - My Little Dragon]$260,000$709,863
KING OF THE NORTH [Walner - Check Me Out]$190,000$708,678
PRETENDER [Muscle Hill - Maven]$150,000$667,653
GULF SHORES [Downbytheseaside - Western Drag]$100,000$653,270
DULY RESOLVED [Resolve - Motown Muscle]$30,000$616,306
DOUBLE DECEIVER [Cantab Hall - Sarcy]$17,000$551,479
SELFIE QUEEN [Muscle Hill - Lady Lakewood]$170,000$437,150
S I P [Bar Hopping - Barbara Brooks]$50,000$420,683
DATE NIGHT [Bar Hopping - Nightsthatneverend]$20,000$419,377
NIGHT HAWK [Betting Line - Night Music]$35,000$407,207
JUST DIVINE [Huntsville - Divine Caroline]$160,000$391,712
JM'S FINALTREASURE [Sweet Lou - Worldly Treasure]$90,000$357,160
TRUE BLUE LINDY [Always B Miki - Think Pink]$25,000$347,996
ALWAYS GONNA B YOU [Always A Virgin - Passing Fancy]$12,000$316,520
LYONS SERENITY [Sweet Lou - Southwind Serenity]$35,000$305,064
PERICULUM [Muscle Hill - Amour Heiress]$340,000$301,489
JUSTICE [Chapter Seven - Religulous]$62,000$300,880
MARKET BASED [Sweet Lou - Economy Terror]$50,000$298,519
ESPLOSIONE [Kadabra - Dynamite Dame]$20,000$288,840
BRICKHOUSE BABE [Walner - Royal Assets]$40,000$280,451
A GIRL THAT TWIRLS [American Ideal - Heels On The Beach]$32,000$275,448
POUR MEA DOUBLE [Bar Hopping - Ms Kristin]$20,000$269,900
MAX CONTRACT [Huntsville - Big Mcdeal]$200,000$247,539
LITTLE PINK LIES [Chapter Seven - To The Question]$50,000$232,367
QUEEN OF SUCCESS [Captaintreacherous - Cashaway]$45,000$230,467
BARE MY SOUL [Chapter Seven - Celebrity Angel]$175,000$226,152
WICKEDLY INNOCENT [American Ideal - Miss Innocent]$75,000$218,637
MAJESTIC J [Walner - Upfrontluckycarol]$115,000$203,829
LILBITALEXIS [Walner - Jolie De Vie]$105,000$200,058
WORLD AT WAR DEO [Chapter Seven - Yalta Hanover]$70,000$199,045
SIX FEET APART [Sweet Lou - Ideal Love]$21,000$196,779
ROBERTSIN [Muscle Hill - Sina]$60,000$193,035
CHAPHEART [Chapter Seven - Hip To My Heart]$30,000$185,317
BOMB HUGGER [Chapter Seven - Stylemaker]$32,000$182,714
CLASSIC HILL [Muscle Hill - Classical Annie]$210,000$180,777
BRAVE BY DESIGN [Walner - Nuvola]$72,000$177,902
SWEET TREASURE [Sweet Lou - Shes Some Treasure]$100,000$176,694
SOUTHWIND JAVA [Captaintreacherous - Southwind Johanne]$45,000$167,773
LETSDOIT S [Nuncio - Bacio]$30,000$165,733
BOUNTY HUNTER [Huntsville - Stonebridge Sundae]$100,000$160,472
HIT ME UP [Always B Miki - Gallie Beach]$20,000$158,237
DISCLOSURE [Trixton - Susie's Magic]$50,000$157,633
WOLFTRAX [Betting Line - Cathedra Dot Com]$40,000$156,100
THAT OLE BAR STOOL [Bar Hopping - I Gotta Feelin]$28,000$153,612
A PERFECT HELEN [Father Patrick - Asixpakfromperfect]$60,000$151,895
QUINCY MARKET [E L Titan - Dance To Market]$20,000$149,756
ALANA HILL [What The Hill - Andi's Alana]$40,000$147,425
WINE N DINE ME [Huntsville - Wine Snob]$45,000$143,084
HAMPTONS BABE [American Ideal - Anndrovette]$70,000$140,988
STRIKING IMPACT [Always B Miki - Aunt Caroline]$50,000$140,310
DABRA DAY [Kadabra - Day Lily]$62,000$140,008
ADORE ME [Father Patrick - Sleep Tight My Luv]$40,000$135,297
AMERICAN TICKET [American Ideal - Free Ticket]$37,000$134,010
FANTASY LIFE [Downbytheseaside - Tea Time]$60,000$131,425
FORREST BLU [Roll With Joe - Lima Fairest]$11,000$128,233
TESTING TESTING [Walner - Sound Check]$80,000$128,115
LYDEO [Sweet Lou - Show The World]$23,000$124,708
JUST FOR TRIX [Trixton - Falling For Flori]$7,000$124,582
SIMPLY RIGHT [Swan For All - Stirling Debutant]$87,000$124,351
EL TORO LOCO [Walner - Southwind Cabaret]$40,000$122,916
ROSE RUN XILED [Mcardle - Caminated]$15,000$121,961
GOOD DEAL [Sweet Lou - Cut A Deal]$52,000$121,338
TIE ONE ON [Bar Hopping - Twin B Alibi]$21,000$118,342
THE CLAW [Huntsville - Gigi Deo]$45,000$118,140
SHE'S A SCORCHER [Chapter Seven - Chilitodayhotamale]$27,000$117,470
SAFFRON GIRL [Muscle Hill - Spice Girl]$17,000$115,801
WARRAWEE XENIA [Walner - Endless Flirt]$50,000$115,345
FIND HAPPINESS [Captaintreacherous - Auniqueaquistion]$85,000$114,861
I'LL HAVE A LINDY [Cantab Hall - Martini Lindy]$24,000$114,275
JE SUIS SI BELLE [Chapter Seven - Somebody To Love]$100,000$113,470
KEN'S WALNER [Walner - Ready To Ignite]$200,000$113,290
ADAMSVILLE ROAD [Swan For All - She Wore Red]$7,000$111,884
TORRONE [Father Patrick - With Sugar]$25,000$110,622
JAZZED [Betting Line - Sportsfancy]$37,000$110,530
DUCASSE [Father Patrick - Summer Savory]$100,000$110,286
JO PA'S WARRIOR [Sweet Lou - Benearthebeach]$60,000$109,534
FLIP MY CHIP [Heston Blue Chip - Restive Hanover]$20,000$109,040
TENNESSEE LINDY [Muscle Hill - Nashville Lindy]$70,000$106,710
STEPHANIE HILL [What The Hill - I Like Stephanie]$18,000$106,378
WONDERWALL LINDY [Walner - Lindy'sleadinglady]$50,000$106,275
DELGADO [Trixton - Ruling Class]$25,000$106,259
ALL THE CHIPS [Betting Line - Mastery Blue Chip]$14,000$104,675
SELF MADE [Fear The Dragon - Arrivista Hanover]$15,000$103,918
DRAGONS REVENGE [Fear The Dragon - My Hare Lady]$15,000$103,520
ANVIL HANDS [Always B Miki - Cams Macharena]$30,000$102,661
ALL ABOUT THE HUNT [Huntsville - All About Kisses]$120,000$100,733
ABRUZZO [Walner - Take The Money]$33,000$100,660
YEARLING [Sire - Dam] — 4-Year-Olds sold in 2019Sold For Earnings
BLUE DIAMOND EYES [Captaintreacherous - Aria Hanover]$180,000$1,340,144
CAPTAIN COREY [Googoo Gaagaa - Luv U All]$150,000$1,090,333
SOUTHWIND GENDRY [Always B Miki - Gambler's Passion]$30,000$1,076,407
VENERATE [Love You - Peaceful Kemp]$90,000$893,735
DESPERATE MAN [Shadow Play - Dreamlands Latte]$20,000$879,855
CUATRO DE JULIO [Trixton - Clarabelle]$60,000$867,141
GRACE HILL [Always B Miki - Western Silk]$75,000$864,370
ON A STREAK [Cantab Hall - Habit's Best]$155,000$803,475
LADY CHAOS [Cantab Hall - Strong Legacy]$125,000$763,415
WHICHWAYTOTHEBEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Swinging Beauty]$45,000$642,635
JOHAN PALEMA [Bar Hopping - Sobti Hanover]$40,000$625,893
YOU ATO DREAM [Donato Hanover - Dream Child]$45,000$593,852
EXPLOIT [Somebeachsomewhere - Time On My Hands]$165,000$561,467
INCOMMUNICADO [Chapter Seven - Gran Cavalla]$80,000$543,985
FLY LIGHT [Father Patrick - Hustle Heart]$50,000$528,591
BELTASSIMA [Trixton - Beltane Hanover]$27,000$497,947
ALWAYS A MIKI [Always B Miki - Beach Gal]$40,000$494,832
TOWN GOSSIP [American Ideal - Flibbertigibbet]$25,000$488,799
I'LL DRINK TO THAT [American Ideal - Margarita Monday]$75,000$483,144
THEBEACHISCALLING [Somebeachsomewhere - Sakura Hanover]$100,000$447,432
UP AND READY [Kadabra - Glide By]$300,000$434,173
SHIRLEY GOODNESS [Swan For All - Stirling Debutant]$22,000$394,945
KOMODO BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Imagine Dragon]$90,000$389,065
DANCINGINTHEDARK M [Readly Express - Leila]$70,000$362,204
BETTOR SUN [Sunshine Beach - Bettor Think Twice]$30,000$358,222
NOTORIOUS PINK [Captaintreacherous - She's A Hot Mess]$35,000$352,582
HEART OF MINE [Roll With Joe - Acquavella]$70,000$350,565
LOCKBOX [Wishing Stone - Springaround]$27,000$324,867
SOUTHWIND PETYR [American Ideal - Southwind Paris]$65,000$323,484
SOUTHWIND TYRION [Muscle Hill - Taylor Jean]$145,000$317,307
RED RIGHT HAND [Captaintreacherous - Preppy Party Girl]$60,000$308,043
MIKALA [Always B Miki - Shes Some Treasure]$180,000$295,864
SUNNY CROCKETT [Father Patrick - Moonlight In Miami]$35,000$295,386
KILDARE KING [Trixton - Exclusivity]$50,000$295,205
RATTLE MY CAGE [Love You - Caress The Senses]$40,000$294,889
CAVIART AUDREY [Somebeachsomewhere - Darlin's Delight]$280,000$294,192
HIGH MINDED [Captaintreacherous - Auniqueaquistion]$50,000$290,937
CLASSICIST [Captaintreacherous - Mother Of Art]$70,000$284,876
EMPRESSIVE HILL [Muscle Hill - Slice Slice Baby]$27,000$273,775
BALENCIAGA [Chapter Seven - Iluvmyjimmychoos]$270,000$265,112
HOT AS HILL [Muscle Hill - Smarty Pants]$100,000$261,696
STEEL [Chapter Seven - Pink Power]$65,000$249,668
GAMBLIN MO [Captaintreacherous - Southwind Johanne]$30,000$246,506
CAPTAIN FANCY [Captaintreacherous - Fancy Filly]$50,000$243,268
JACK FIRE [Cantab Hall - Jolie De Vie]$57,000$240,346
BET ON BECKY [Bettor's Delight - Western City]$70,000$235,826
MON AMOUR [Muscle Hill - Mind Meld]$180,000$232,850
AWESOME TRIX [Trixton - Awesome Chrissy]$13,000$231,471
MATERIAL GIRL [Muscle Hill - Lilu Hanover]$60,000$228,545
REALLY FAST [Muscle Hill - Stubborn Belle]$700,000$226,500
CAPSTONE [Southwind Frank - Culmination]$160,000$224,929
ODDS ON SHAGGY [Racing Hill - Gro]$45,000$224,355
JULA MUSCLE PACK [Muscle Hill - Bright Baby Blues]$150,000$223,036
SO IRRESISTIBLE [Always B Miki - Some Fancy Filly]$85,000$222,470
ROGERS IMAGE [Rockin Image - Remi's Rocket]$27,000$220,893
OFF THE RECORD [Always B Miki - Southwind Silence]$40,000$207,273
FIGHTING EVIL [Sweet Lou - Evil Fight]$12,000$199,308
MUSCLE JACK [Muscle Mass - J Marie]$32,000$190,044
KILLER INSTINCT [Southwind Frank - Wheely Quick]$15,000$188,245
ODDS ON PICK SIX [Racing Hill - Beach Party Hill]$75,000$185,695
SEVENTIER [Chapter Seven - Southwind Cartier]$95,000$183,841
ONE EIGHT HUNDRED [Somebeachsomewhere - Economy Terror]$800,000$183,074
WARRAWEE WHISPER [Trixton - Karoon]$30,000$180,190
FRANKLY MY DEAR [Southwind Frank - Temple Of Athena]$23,000$177,202
COMMANDING OFFICER [Captaintreacherous - Turnoffthelights]$150,000$176,476
GRAND CAYMAN [Always B Miki - Barbuda Babe]$35,000$176,340
BELIEVER [Cantab Hall - Graceful Touch]$45,000$173,471
EAZY PASS [Muscle Hill - Livininthefastlane]$200,000$169,860
MIKIBYTHESEASIDE [Always B Miki - Seashell Hanover]$90,000$166,723
MAJOR BEAN [Art Major - Lismorebella]$28,000$165,211
CAPTAINS PLACE [Captaintreacherous - Dream Outloud]$105,000$165,087
CRICKET FASHION [Muscle Hill - Cocktail Hour]$65,000$163,602
RITSON [Cantab Hall - Sheena's Shadow]$110,000$163,302
TONIANNE [Somebeachsomewhere - Table Talk]$85,000$162,777
SOUTH BEACH STAR [Somebeachsomewhere - Higher And Higher]$110,000$160,420
DAZZLING REIGN [Father Patrick - Broadway Chuckles]$20,000$159,102
TARKIO [Betting Line - Lovely Assistant]$17,000$154,368
GIMME SHELTER [Father Patrick - Skara Brae]$75,000$151,419
AHOY [Captaintreacherous - Another Delight]$24,000$149,860
CALLE PALEMA [Muscle Hill - Fillyanthropy]$35,000$148,910
TAVA [American Ideal - Major Harmony]$20,000$143,092
LEPANTO [Bar Hopping - Woman Of Character]$13,000$142,821
NEW LEGACY [Father Patrick - Monarchs Sequel]$130,000$138,042
STAR CAPTAIN [Captaintreacherous - Lifetime Star]$60,000$136,696
SWEEPING RAINBOW [Chapter Seven - Lady Rainbow]$85,000$136,429
LOU'S LUCKY GIRL [Sweet Lou - Windsun Montecarlo]$42,000$136,381
CINDY MICHELLE [E L Titan - Freeze Frame]$40,000$135,451
BET MINE [Betting Line - Pleasant Yet Bad]$40,000$134,177
PRESTO [Trixton - Susie's Magic]$75,000$133,840
NASHVILLE ELGENNA [Always B Miki - Anndrovette]$190,000$132,722
RIFLEMAN [Betting Line - Thirty X]$150,000$131,152
LINDY AT THE BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Lindy's Nightmare]$47,000$130,834
RABLE [Somebeachsomewhere - Al's Girl]$40,000$130,102
SKYY [Somebeachsomewhere - Just Add Vodka]$70,000$129,332
CARRYTHETORCHMAN [American Ideal - Kattimon]$70,000$129,277
CANDY TRADER [Bettor's Delight - Deception]$72,000$129,048
FIFTY WAYS [Donato Hanover - Fortunes Of Fables]$21,000$125,719
TIPSY IN DIXIE [Muscle Mass - Twin B Alibi]$13,000$125,369
KING'S CRUISER [Yankee Cruiser - Hurrikanequeenrose]$11,000$124,898
STELLAR YANKEE [Always B Miki - Somethinginawater]$80,000$123,887
TORONTO [Always B Miki - See You At Peelers]$100,000$123,861
BACKSEAT JOKER [Art Major - Backseat Rhythm]$50,000$123,387
LINNYCALLEDFRANKIE [Captaintreacherous - Saymynamesaymyname]$50,000$123,286
TANGLED LOVE [Love You - Tangled Sheets]$180,000$123,262
MYSTIC [Kadabra - Mystical Oaks]$14,000$121,418
NOT FOR MONI [Muscle Hill - Nothing But Moni]$75,000$119,989
INCENTIVE [Father Patrick - Tanya's Dance]$150,000$119,373
PASS KEY [Cantab Hall - Diamond Peak]$13,000$116,504
AELA JAMIESON [Chapter Seven - Blk Thai Optional]$145,000$116,178
KOMMIN ON STRONG [Donato Hanover - Komma Ka Z]$15,000$116,129
STONECOLD BLUECHIP [Always B Miki - Ramalama]$57,000$114,388
NATCHEZ BELLE [Betting Line - Grrby Hanover]$15,000$114,374
STONEBRIDGE ARMOUR [Muscle Mass - Armbro Vanquish]$45,000$113,815
ALWAYS WATCHING [He's Watching - Ravishnmasterpiece]$15,000$112,965
FILLY SPEAKS [Artspeak - Filly's Victory]$11,000$111,691
MUSCLE DYNASTY [Muscle Hill - Miss Liv]$55,000$111,650
BACARDI [Southwind Frank - Strawberry Wine]$80,000$110,239
CHECKPOINT CHATTER [Always A Virgin - Blistletoe]$9,000$109,805
DUNKIN' BEACH [Roll With Joe - Somstreetsomwhere]$30,000$109,257
SOUTHWIND MINA [Always B Miki - R Marie Hanover]$27,000$107,229
TABOOMA [Always A Virgin - Walstan's Lady]$97,000$105,468
AVENIR [Muscle Hill - Chic Chick]$27,000$105,376
RAU RU [Bettor's Delight - Band Of Angels]$105,000$105,011
TAKE A GAMBLE [Bettor's Delight - Bad Sister]$40,000$104,588
FULSOME [Betting Line - Triple V Hanover]$200,000$104,253
REALIZATION [Somebeachsomewhere - Art Sale]$50,000$104,166
JENNAS TONIC [Well Said - Modern Medicine]$28,000$104,111
DESTINED TO DANCE [Chapter Seven - Go Go Dancer]$100,000$103,456
TART TONGUE [Southwind Frank - Mariongotchocolate]$12,000$103,430
WICKED WAYS [Captaintreacherous - Miss Scarlett]$120,000$102,846
BLACK TIE BASH [Chapter Seven - Daylon Mermaid]$50,000$101,953
AS ALWAYS [Always B Miki - A List Hanover]$140,000$101,294
VILLAGE JADE [Bettor's Delight - Village Jest]$34,000$101,233
HESINCONTROL [Control The Moment - Southwind Madonna]$8,000$100,790
BEACH PARTY [Somebeachsomewhere - Precocious Beauty]$190,000$100,151
YEARLING [Sire - Dam] — 5-Year-Olds sold in 2018Sold For Earnings
TALL DARK STRANGER [Bettor's Delight - Precocious Beauty]$330,000$2,020,195
AMIGO VOLO [Father Patrick - Margarita Momma]$42,000$1,814,199
CATCH THE FIRE [Captaintreacherous - Dream Outloud]$15,000$1,491,934
RAMONA HILL [Muscle Hill - Lock Down Lindy]$70,000$1,363,050
READY FOR MONI [Ready Cash - Nothing But Moni]$220,000$1,204,068
ROCKNIFICENT [Captaintreacherous - Rocklamation]$145,000$1,153,822
REFLECT WITH ME [Captaintreacherous - Remember When]$120,000$782,268
LOVE A GOOD STORY [Chapter Seven - Celebrity Lovin]$90,000$692,678
BEADS [Archangel - Nepentha]$60,000$643,235
CAPTAIN BARBOSSA [Captaintreacherous - Swinging Beauty]$70,000$635,889
CHESTNUT HILL [Muscle Hill - Poof She's Gone]$410,000$622,189
DRAGON ROLL [Roll With Joe - Little Miss Dragon]$50,000$618,169
CRUCIAL [Father Patrick - Jolene Jolene]$200,000$528,598
WARRAWEE VITAL [Captaintreacherous - Great Memories]$32,000$504,619
GUINEVERE HALL [Cash Hall - Garbo Hall]$35,000$491,153
BABY YOUR THE BEST [Captaintreacherous - Dolphins Can Talk]$225,000$477,497
MAJOR BETTS [Art Major - Southwind Johanne]$70,000$471,465
BLANK STARE [Bolt The Duer - Hypnotize]$22,000$442,509
SENORITA RITA [Chapter Seven - Lindys Head Nurse]$285,000$414,858
FEELING SWEET [Sweet Lou - Feel Life]$20,000$394,454
HAYEK [E L Titan - Hold Her Tight]$70,000$388,796
GENIUS MAN [Art Major - Unred Hanover]$87,000$364,130
CAPTAIN KIRK [Captaintreacherous - Aria Hanover]$200,000$362,830
CHIEF MATE [Captaintreacherous - Heaven Forbid]$150,000$357,875
SHERRY LYNS LADY [Father Patrick - Demoiselle Hanover]$220,000$354,078
BLUE CUPERTINO [Kadabra - Rise N Shine]$20,000$352,806
THE GREEK FREAK [Captaintreacherous - Thirty X]$75,000$338,123
SPORTS OBSESSION [Sportswriter - Hayworth Blue Chip]$70,000$332,778
ELLAGATOR [Western Vintage - Dame Truth]$24,000$328,147
SHISHITO [Father Patrick - Yoga]$50,000$327,383
BARLEY [Trixton - Canoli]$11,000$317,954
FATHER NUNO [Somebeachsomewhere - Worldly Treasure]$360,000$314,349
LATER DUDES [Sweet Lou - Lovely Assistant]$60,000$313,569
ROLL WITH JR [Roll With Joe - No One Is Alone]$15,000$310,463
TITO ROCKS [Sweet Lou - Ticket To Rock]$120,000$307,448
ALL DAY SUNSHINE [Sunshine Beach - Mustang Kensley]$6,000$293,760
BEACH BLANKET BOOK [Sportswriter - Beach Bonnet]$17,000$292,037
PUT TO RIGHT [Captaintreacherous - On The Catwalk]$80,000$288,298
TURNTHEFROWNAROUND [Roll With Joe - Knockout Pout]$17,000$285,652
BERKERY J [Chapter Seven - Southwind Catlin]$205,000$283,355
GALLERIA GAL [Art Major - Just A Glimpse]$25,000$276,882
AMERICAN REBEL [American Ideal - Restive Hanover]$6,000$262,609
SERMON [Muscle Hill - Letsjustalkaboutme]$115,000$261,427
PORT PERRY [Kadabra - Danica Hall]$85,000$259,016
ONE LAST LAUGH [Mcardle - Fancy Creek Funny]$100,000$258,337
DELIGHTFUL TERROR [Bettor's Delight - Terror Of The West]$32,000$253,922
ROLLING WITH SAM [Roll With Joe - Martinique]$55,000$248,973
SEVENTIMESALADY [Chapter Seven - Ava Marion]$132,000$248,218
VILLIAM [Rock N Roll Heaven - Village Mirage]$5,000$244,909
JULA TRIX TREASURE [Trixton - Victory Treasure]$145,000$242,612
QUEEN OF THE HILL [Explosive Matter - Flyer Mel]$110,000$239,641
WYATT J [American Ideal - Think Pink]$245,000$238,770
SEA OF LIFE [Captaintreacherous - Fresh Idea]$150,000$227,822
STARSHIP [Captaintreacherous - Lifetime Star]$35,000$227,162
HURRIKANEKINGJAMES [So Surreal - Luxury Goods]$13,000$226,299
CROSSFIT MOUSE [Muscle Mass - Zumba Mouse]$20,000$224,223
JULA SHES MAGIC [Kadabra - Windsong Soprano]$100,000$222,953
ROSE RUN VICTORIA [He's Watching - Victoria Gallery]$70,000$222,715
IDEAL PERCEPTION [American Ideal - Southwind Siren]$87,000$222,339
GENERAL IDEA [American Ideal - Another Delight]$40,000$213,185
NATIONAL SPORT [Sportswriter - Rockin Beauty]$17,000$210,033
FORTUNE STARLET [Trixton - Fortune Dream]$65,000$209,938
FORCE N FURY [Captaintreacherous - My Little Dragon]$300,000$209,692
ROYALTY DEAL [Royalty For Life - Cha Cha Glide]$50,000$207,467
PETTYCOAT BUSINESS [Art Major - Benearthebeach]$50,000$206,287
ROGERTHAT BLUECHIP [Captaintreacherous - Ramalama]$85,000$204,265
SUNSHINE LIST [Sunshine Beach - Armbro Wallflower]$20,000$201,091
MY PAL JOE [Roll With Joe - Ph Diagnosis]$60,000$200,696
SO MANY ROADS [Captaintreacherous - City Delight]$45,000$194,851
KYRIE DEO [Donato Hanover - Rare Book]$17,000$193,870
WORTHY OF HONOR [Cantab Hall - Honorable Daughter]$90,000$193,238
ANTHEM [Sweet Lou - Monkeys Can Sing]$35,000$192,563
PRECIOUS ALEXIS [Art Major - Put On A Display]$5,000$185,177
STOP ACTION [Somebeachsomewhere - The Show Returns]$170,000$181,225
LEVINE [American Ideal - Sangaal]$24,000$180,150
SYNERGY [Father Patrick - Southwind Sauna]$275,000$175,670
SHOTGUN PERSUASION [Western Ideal - Merculese]$9,000$173,285
BEYOND ORDINARY [Kadabra - Allmar Victory]$18,000$167,934
DELOVELY HALL [Cash Hall - Daylon Mystique]$65,000$167,027
MADAME SHERRY [Father Patrick - Celebrity Angel]$100,000$164,899
CAPTAIN GROOVY [Captaintreacherous - Lets Groove Tonite]$90,000$163,486
VIOLET STRIDE [Trixton - Sterling Volo]$280,000$162,575
PLAY THE PONIES [Shadow Play - Expose]$17,000$159,864
BUY IN [Western Ideal - Buy In Hanover]$10,000$159,263
BLUE KNIGHT [Muscle Mass - Angostura]$18,000$153,270
SPEED BALL SWAGGER [Swan For All - Southwind Goddess]$10,000$153,235
TIPPERARY HILL [Art Major - Beach Burn]$20,000$153,199
REVOLT [Somebeachsomewhere - Naughtytiltheend]$140,000$151,815
SHAPE SHIFTER [Kadabra - Too Good For You]$65,000$151,279
TENTHOUSAND ANGELS [Captaintreacherous - Angel Scent]$25,000$150,664
ROCK PARTY [Cantab Hall - Scream And Shout]$90,000$146,957
SWEET VIOLETS [Sweet Lou - Be Bop A Lula]$15,000$146,432
OREO DREAM XTREME [American Ideal - Spotlight On]$60,000$146,111
COCONUT BEACH [Art Major - Gold Beach]$47,000$144,797
ROSE RUN VALOR [Uncle Peter - Donven Promise]$22,000$143,919
SORPRESE [Conway Hall - Isabella Gal]$25,000$143,492
HELL PATROL [Yankee Glide - Day At The Spa]$60,000$142,061
HARNESS AM [Father Patrick - Noblesse Blue Chip]$28,000$140,023
DAY DELIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Kim's Royal Day]$55,000$139,640
SWIPE RIGHT [Explosive Matter - Online Exclusive]$13,000$139,484
EXPECTATIONS [Muscle Hill - Exceed Expectation]$60,000$139,399
NYLANDER [Muscle Hill - Superstar Hanover]$105,000$139,268
WHOSE BLUES [Cantab Hall - Bright Baby Blues]$300,000$135,748
HANNAH [Muscle Hill - Viva Las Lindy]$60,000$133,873
MAGIC BOB [Kadabra - Magic Marker]$170,000$131,213
WHAT THE LUCK [Artspeak - Calvados Hall]$28,000$130,656
ROLL WITH DOM [Roll With Joe - B J's Sunshine]$25,000$130,527
MCMATTERS [Explosive Matter - Ucalthisahoneymoon]$25,000$127,779
SALT LIFE [Somebeachsomewhere - Lorrie Please]$160,000$125,549
LOU'S DELIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Linden Beauty]$20,000$125,072
COVENTRY HALL [Cash Hall - Canland Hall]$210,000$124,536
LYONS MUSIC [A Rocknroll Dance - Mcgibson]$50,000$122,370
GERARD [Trixton - Go Go Dancer]$30,000$122,344
MAJOR ASSET [Art Major - Passionate Beauty]$10,000$121,485
WELL DONE SON [Well Said - Jenna's Joy]$15,000$120,710
STONEFIRE US [Wishing Stone - Don't Think Twice]$33,000$120,046
LYONS SKIPPER [Well Said - Cpa]$65,000$119,804
WALK IT TALK IT [Bettor's Delight - Dreamingofwichita]$70,000$119,618
BREAKOUT SESSION [Heston Blue Chip - Troubled Escape]$30,000$119,024
ANDOVER CONTESSA [Andover Hall - Lively]$14,000$118,665
ROGER RABBIT [Sebastian K S - Mauresmo]$30,000$118,052
ACES ROCK [Bettor's Delight - Double Jeopardy]$140,000$117,777
SUNSETBOOZECRUISE [Roll With Joe - Rideintothesunset]$9,000$117,533
KOMBUCHA [Kadabra - Terrific Dream]$23,000$116,906
AWESOMEDABRA [Kadabra - Awesome Chrissy]$45,000$116,518
SPIRIT OF DEO [Trixton - Caylee Dream]$10,000$116,309
SIMSALABIM [Kadabra - Resortful]$20,000$115,328
SWEET SOFIE T [Conway Hall - Rucoucou]$17,000$115,307
PARTY WHIP [Somebeachsomewhere - Hedgie Blue Chip]$75,000$114,103
BANGE BI [Manofmanymissions - Merida Bi]$21,000$113,669
SAXON [Father Patrick - Muscle Amour]$30,000$113,658
ODDS ON ORLANDO [Captaintreacherous - Lindys Old Lady]$100,000$112,416
BETTER B SWIFT [Bettor's Delight - Swift N Shout]$27,000$111,339
UNSTOPPABLE HALL [American Ideal - Marietta Hall]$45,000$110,995
HOLLYWOOD STORY [Muscle Hill - Counter Pointe]$215,000$110,781
ONTOPOFTHEHILL [Muscle Hill - On The Bright Side]$250,000$110,428
LYONS FRIENDS [Western Ideal - Artistic Vision]$110,000$110,383
SCIROCCO PATRICK [Father Patrick - Starlet Rules]$55,000$109,317
LYONS LIBERTY [American Ideal - Lover Of Art]$17,000$108,955
CAFE AMERICANO [Father Patrick - Creamy Mimi]$92,000$108,709
LOTTERY WINNER [Bettor's Delight - Extreme Dream]$185,000$108,636
TYMAL RIGGS [Kadabra - All Filled Up]$8,000$108,552
PENANCE [Father Patrick - Yankee Etta]$10,000$108,041
C AND T'S CREDIT [Credit Winner - Love To Flaunt]$45,000$107,775
NO WHERE TO HIDE [Bettor's Delight - Albany Hanover]$50,000$107,124
TEAM BEST [Somebeachsomewhere - Sports Chic]$150,000$106,118
BRAZEN BRAZILIAN [Thinking Out Loud - Brazilian]$28,000$104,942
NEZBLANC [Donato Hanover - Chilitodayhotamale]$28,000$104,919
SWEET ACE [Sweet Lou - One Ace Too Many]$20,000$103,279
HUNTER HILL [Somebeachsomewhere - Ali Blue]$77,000$103,265
KING SPENCER [Sweet Lou - Elizabeth Spencer]$22,000$102,999
FOOLS RUSH IN [American Ideal - Foolish Kiss]$75,000$102,067
THANKFUL FOR YOU [Manofmanymissions - Adelaide Hall]$85,000$101,016
LIGHTS DOWN LOW [Uncle Peter - Swing Anna Cash]$30,000$100,857
CARIBBEAN ESCAPE [Bring On The Beach - Caribbean]$50,000$100,856
PARDON MY WAY [Donato Hanover - Miss Michelle H]$15,000$100,180
YEARLING [Sire - Dam] — 6-Year-Olds sold in 2017Sold For Earnings
BETTOR'S WISH [Bettor's Delight - Lifetime Star]$20,000$2,601,233
WARRAWEE UBEAUT [Sweet Lou - Great Memories]$70,000$1,849,213
WHEN DOVESCRY [Muscle Hill - Cedar Dove]$205,000$1,796,078
GREENSHOE [Father Patrick - Designed To Be]$330,000$1,353,772
SOUTHWIND OZZI [Somebeachsomewhere - Southwind Solara]$85,000$1,091,884
DANCIN LOU [Sweet Lou - Dancewiththebest]$140,000$991,441
ZERO TOLERANCE [Heston Blue Chip - Feelinglikeastar]$30,000$980,736
AMERICAN MERCURY [American Ideal - Tessa Hanover]$170,000$928,915
SEMI TOUGH [Somebeachsomewhere - Jan It Jackson]$115,000$899,400
TREACHEROUS REIGN [Captaintreacherous - Scandalous Hanover]$50,000$877,893
EVIDENT BEAUTY [Trixton - Struck By Lindy]$80,000$805,301
STONEBRIDGE SOUL [Somebeachsomewhere - Rock N Soul]$110,000$763,959
BLUE IVY [Captaintreacherous - Ali Blue]$90,000$656,550
DE LOS CIELOS DEO [Captaintreacherous - Lisjune]$140,000$633,038
REFINED [Uncle Peter - Reinvent]$15,000$614,000
DON'T LET'EM [Muscle Hill - Passageway]$80,000$605,083
SOUTHWIND AVENGER [E L Titan - Auvergne]$77,000$590,491
REIGN OF HONOR [Father Patrick - Margarita Momma]$120,000$581,715
ESCAPETOTHEBEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Shelliscape]$175,000$565,448
ROCKN PHILLY [A Rocknroll Dance - Philadelphia]$27,000$550,376
COVERED BRIDGE [American Ideal - Stonebridge Kisses]$21,000$544,565
WARRIOR ONE [Father Patrick - Yoga]$80,000$504,724
DREAM NATION [Archangel - Mississippi Dream]$42,000$480,949
SIESTA BEACH [American Ideal - Nikki Beach]$25,000$467,895
CAPTAIN VICTORIOUS [Captaintreacherous - Belclare]$40,000$463,518
PRINCESS DEO [Trixton - Queen Serene]$47,000$459,308
REIGNING DEO [Rock N Roll Heaven - Little Miss K]$45,000$457,737
ASIAGO [Muscle Hill - Platinum T]$200,000$422,360
SUMMER CHARM [Bettor's Delight - Lover Of Art]$60,000$422,238
PILOT DISCRETION [Muscle Hill - Self Indulgent]$100,000$413,888
THUNDER [Conway Hall - Cr Oh Suzanna]$48,000$406,661
BEAUTIFUL SIN [Muscle Hill - Sina]$480,000$406,289
SUPER SCHISSEL [Uncle Peter - Bavarde]$115,000$399,492
SOUL STRONG [Father Patrick - Sheer Soul]$27,000$394,376
OUR WHITE KNIGHT [Crazed - Psychotherapist]$22,000$383,690
SENSIBILITY [Muscle Mass - Twin B Sensation]$50,000$361,816
FOREVER FAV [Bettor's Delight - Forever Cam]$62,000$353,294
MEMO [Trixton - Easy Agenda]$60,000$352,211
U S CAPTAIN [Captaintreacherous - American Jewel]$180,000$350,452
HEISMAN PLAYER [Sportswriter - Simplyirresistible]$30,000$350,117
TRIX AND STONES [Trixton - Baby Bella]$45,000$347,135
EDGE OF ETERNITY [A Rocknroll Dance - Margin Blue Chip]$55,000$344,813
CAN'T BEACH THAT [Somebeachsomewhere - Cannae Cammie]$80,000$336,711
HIGHLANDBEACHLOVER [Somebeachsomewhere - Rockn Highland]$85,000$322,040
HL REVADON [Andover Hall - D Liteful Hanover]$35,000$316,122
ST SOMEWHERE [American Ideal - Somstreetsomwhere]$55,000$315,664
MAGICAL JOURNEY [Kadabra - Some Like It Lindy]$30,000$308,571
STARITA [Trixton - Morningstar]$50,000$307,696
WHISPERING OAKS [Father Patrick - Vintage Oaks]$100,000$306,744
SWEET LUCY LOU [Sweet Lou - Ultimate Bet]$70,000$303,957
YACHT WEEK [Somebeachsomewhere - Auniqueaquistion]$85,000$292,031
TRENTE DEO [Captaintreacherous - Electric Fool]$47,000$290,371
REFI [Chapter Seven - Blazing Musclegirl]$60,000$286,829
BROOKLYN LILACS [Rock N Roll Heaven - Sombodythatiustono]$12,000$275,090
GINGER TREE PETE [Captaintreacherous - Good News Lady]$25,000$270,680
SMART AS HILL [Muscle Hill - Smarty Pants]$70,000$270,373
LOUTENANT [Sweet Lou - I Kill Time]$55,000$262,540
LOVE ME SOME LOU [Sweet Lou - Shark Lightning]$95,000$260,075
FAITHFULANDTRUE [Donato Hanover - Seducer Hall]$16,000$256,192
COOL CLIFFORD [Kadabra - Cool Creek Breeze]$60,000$249,327
WAGER ON ME [Bettor's Delight - Ravishnmasterpiece]$23,000$246,864
FORECAST [Cantab Hall - Downpour]$70,000$245,362
RECORD YEAR [Shadow Play - Streisands Place]$23,000$241,393
ODDS ON ST LUCIE [Sweet Lou - Shes Some Treasure]$110,000$241,067
BRIGHT EYES M [Kadabra - Motown Muscle]$72,000$239,589
DEALER'S TABLE [American Ideal - Hasty Pulse]$60,000$238,888
SHAKE N BAKE [Manofmanymissions - M Stewart]$65,000$238,157
ODDS ON BOCA RATON [Captaintreacherous - Captiva Island]$105,000$236,268
AMERICAN ADMIRAL [American Ideal - Good Stuff]$20,000$235,431
SKYWAY KON MAN [Conway Hall - Keystone Sadie]$12,000$233,257
RACEACE [Yankee Glide - Raising The Bar]$17,000$231,361
WHIMZICAL CHAPTER [Chapter Seven - Whimzical Britt]$50,000$223,675
ENAVANT [Somebeachsomewhere - Lady Be Great]$260,000$222,027
NOMO VOLO [Explosive Matter - No I'm Not]$42,000$220,180
GLACIS [American Ideal - All Spirit]$50,000$219,982
ANNIE HILL [Captaintreacherous - Western Silk]$87,000$217,984
LIFETIME ROYALTY [Royalty For Life - Cha Cha Glide]$100,000$217,435
AMAL HALL [Credit Winner - Arabella Hall]$40,000$216,193
FADE INTO YOU [Cantab Hall - Fortunes Of Fables]$65,000$215,628
ANOTHER BEACH DAY [Somebeachsomewhere - Another Delight]$47,000$214,153
HANNA DREAMGIRL [Chapter Seven - Shipps Empress]$125,000$213,622
WARRAWEE UNIQUE [Sweet Lou - Queen Fourteen]$160,000$212,599
DELIGHT KATE [Mcardle - Delightfully Cam]$13,000$212,398
STONEBRIDGE SYMBA [Yankee Glide - Armbro Vanquish]$35,000$209,261
SKIP TO MY LOU [Sweet Lou - Notreadytobenice]$40,000$207,176
CAL [American Ideal - Hula's Z Tam]$150,000$206,895
SKATER CHICK [Sweet Lou - Ram Rocker]$25,000$204,585
SOUTHWIND FROST [E L Titan - Freeze Frame]$50,000$200,427
CONSUS VICTORY [Cantab Hall - Ok To Play]$87,000$196,574
ESA [E L Titan - Christiana Hanover]$145,000$192,185
SWEET DEISEL [Sweet Lou - Gentlemens Delight]$31,000$191,950
A BEACH COWGIRL [Somebeachsomewhere - Limestone Cowgirl]$87,000$189,478
CAPTAIN NASH [Captaintreacherous - Discoverer]$19,000$188,478
ALII NUI [Captaintreacherous - Real Appealing]$40,000$188,283
DONT JUDGE A BOOK [A Rocknroll Dance - Pan Hanover]$75,000$185,095
MANATLAS [E L Titan - Daylon Mystique]$62,000$184,352
KLUTZY [Cantab Hall - Upside Hanover]$55,000$181,661
SOUTHPORT BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Benear]$250,000$181,448
CAPTAIN MALICIOUS [Captaintreacherous - Silky]$105,000$178,979
GUMPTION [Captaintreacherous - Uffizi Hanover]$90,000$177,279
LINDY'S CRAZY HALL [Cantab Hall - Lindys Gone Crazy]$32,000$175,282
NO ORDINARY MAN [Betterthancheddar - Hypnotize]$57,000$173,734
FINAL CLAIM [Muscle Hill - Proclaiming April]$100,000$172,128
BORDOGNA [Trixton - Lima Playmate]$12,000$171,679
DOROTHY'S LEGACY [Art Major - Put On A Display]$50,000$170,767
MA WAS RIGHT [Muscle Hill - It's Alright Ma]$100,000$169,620
MACH WEST [Mach Three - Imawesternlady]$47,000$169,135
QUADRATIC BLUECHIP [Muscle Hill - Reven Crown]$200,000$166,693
JEZZYS LEGACY [Donato Hanover - Jezzy]$70,000$164,923
SURE R LOOKIN GOOD [Well Said - Treat Me Good]$7,000$162,796
CLASSY GUY [Cantab Hall - Personal Style]$17,000$160,906
DARTY [Yankee Glide - Foxy Victory]$20,000$160,903
AMADOR [Yankee Glide - Armbro Waikiki]$17,000$159,794
HORNS FOR THREE [Credit Winner - Swoosh Hanover]$15,000$159,353
UNION FORCES [Cantab Hall - Southwind Catlin]$100,000$157,365
KEYSTONE ABBEY [Cantab Hall - Miss Aultsville]$15,000$156,495
SEAL SNIPER [Dejarmbro - Valley Of Dreams]$20,000$155,506
SUNSHINE'S FINEST [Sunshine Beach - My Best Girl]$24,000$154,449
MAJOR DECEPTION [Captaintreacherous - Loving Caroline]$130,000$151,162
SPECTRUM [A Rocknroll Dance - Somwherovrarainbow]$330,000$149,189
CAPTAIN CASH [Captaintreacherous - Authorize]$80,000$148,816
CAPTAIN AHAB [Captaintreacherous - Acquavella]$100,000$143,309
DOC'S HOOLIGAN [Captaintreacherous - Doc's Hope]$47,000$142,103
LADY DRIVER [Sportswriter - Lake Shore Drive]$45,000$141,631
TRAVEL WINNER [Credit Winner - Travelin Supergirl]$18,000$140,522
SWEET CHERRY [Sweet Lou - Cherry Tree Coco]$43,000$139,969
BETTOR B GOING [Bettor's Delight - Jk Letitgo]$50,000$138,409
MISS TRIXTON [Trixton - Possess The Magic]$105,000$138,282
ZANETTI [A Rocknroll Dance - Ty's Artist]$21,000$137,816
BEACH BAR [Somebeachsomewhere - Dontcrymetheblues]$80,000$137,306
SEA PRINCESS [Captaintreacherous - Ravinia Hanover]$15,000$137,119
BLUE MAGIC [Kadabra - Blue Muscles]$40,000$137,106
MCNULTY Z TAM [American Ideal - Hobe Sound]$50,000$135,806
MILITARY SECRET [Captaintreacherous - Turnoffthelights]$45,000$133,869
SUGAR SHOCK [Sweet Lou - Be Bop A Lula]$30,000$132,184
BLAZING TRAIL [Father Patrick - Be My Baby]$42,000$132,041
COOL YOUR HEELS [Somebeachsomewhere - Fancy Filly]$37,000$131,911
TYMAL TULLO [Kadabra - Chivaree Hanover]$30,000$129,018
EXCAVATOR [Pet Rock - My Fave Wave]$52,000$126,685
DIVINE SPIRIT [Father Patrick - Celebrity Spirit]$70,000$124,925
GERRY [Muscle Hill - Viva Las Lindy]$225,000$124,514
MISS YOU KELLY [Trixton - Blue Yonder]$62,000$124,491
CLASSIC [Sweet Lou - Allstar Rating]$120,000$124,071
ANDOVERS ASSET [Andover Hall - Lively]$15,000$123,426
TYMAL HOUDINI [Kadabra - Lexus Hall]$60,000$123,352
CROSSCUT [Mcardle - Miss Scarlett]$300,000$121,644
CRUISE CAPTAIN [Captaintreacherous - Pedigree Snob]$25,000$121,363
SPRINGBRIDGE PROUD [Sweet Lou - Stonebridge Proud]$35,000$120,141
SILENT SYMBOL [Trixton - Lost Symbol]$12,000$115,525
MASSIVE VODKA [Muscle Mass - Stonebridge Encore]$55,000$114,868
LITTLE ADMIRAL [Captaintreacherous - Moonlit Dragon]$40,000$113,081
EXPLOSIVE FORM [Explosive Matter - Exotic Form]$45,000$112,932
IDEAL PERFECT TEN [American Ideal - A Perfect Jenna]$25,000$112,234
STICK THAT LIP OUT [Roll With Joe - Knockout Pout]$18,000$110,403
SHIPSHAPE [Captaintreacherous - Fresh Idea]$175,000$109,494
SPORTS HERO [Sportswriter - Belinda Hanover]$60,000$108,764
GOBI PRINCESS [Muscle Mass - Mrs D]$60,000$108,725
CAPITANO ITALIANO [Captaintreacherous - On The Catwalk]$77,000$108,078
QUEEN OF TRIXS [Trixton - Diana Hall]$95,000$107,325
ALWAY'S CLOSE [Always A Virgin - St Patty's Love]$25,000$106,527
CAFE SOCIETY [Betterthancheddar - Bunkhouse Babe]$42,000$105,727
MACALLAN [Credit Winner - Margarita Hall]$95,000$103,111
HYDRATION [Somebeachsomewhere - Just Add Water]$60,000$103,092
NIMBUS DEO [Chapter Seven - Yalta Hanover]$140,000$102,520
SO ROMANTIC [My Mvp - Modern Romance]$25,000$100,666
YEARLING [Sire - Dam] — 7-Year-Olds sold in 2016Sold For Earnings
MANCHEGO [Muscle Hill - Secret Magic]$120,000$3,144,777
SIX PACK [Muscle Mass - Pleasing Lady]$30,000$1,939,604
AMERICAN HISTORY [American Ideal - Perfect Touch]$150,000$1,414,269
COURTLY CHOICE [Art Major - Lady Ashlee Ann]$60,000$1,345,754
STAY HUNGRY [Somebeachsomewhere - My Little Dragon]$150,000$1,303,709
TACTICAL LANDING [Muscle Hill - Southwind Serena]$800,000$812,300
WINNING SHADOW [Credit Winner - Sheena's Shadow]$145,000$791,951
SPRINGSTEEN [Rock N Roll Heaven - American Charm]$18,000$752,810
MISSISSIPPI STORM [Cantab Hall - Mississippi Beauty]$20,000$737,576
LOST IN TIME [A Rocknroll Dance - Summer Mystery]$47,000$718,723
LILY STRIDE [Muscle Hill - Sterling Volo]$220,000$701,858
WISDOM TREE [Betterthancheddar - Wisdom]$28,000$687,376
THINKBIG DREAMBIG [Bettor's Delight - Extreme Dream]$180,000$625,892
ALEXIS FAITH [American Ideal - Cannae Cammie]$55,000$586,546
WOLFGANG [My Mvp - Summer Savory]$60,000$578,560
HEY LIVVY [Donato Hanover - Nevis Bi]$35,000$561,763
BETTOR THAN SPRING [Bettor's Delight - Spring Break]$130,000$509,414
THE VETERAN [Muscle Mass - Tequila Slammer]$30,000$503,223
TOP EXPECTATIONS [Cantab Hall - Exceed Expectation]$120,000$499,802
BABES DIG ME [Somebeachsomewhere - Western Babe]$100,000$492,937
RAINBOW ROOM [Somebeachsomewhere - Rainbow Blue]$100,000$482,880
SUPERGIRL RILEY [Muscle Mass - Crown Laurel]$32,000$461,713
NOWS THE MOMENT [Credit Winner - Glide By]$65,000$456,022
MACH N CHEESE [Betterthancheddar - Mach You And Me]$50,000$453,518
BARBADOS [Roll With Joe - Tropic's Beachgirl]$97,000$451,644
MOVIN' ON UP [Bettor's Delight - Green Space]$20,000$439,201
WES DELIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Maid West]$55,000$425,995
IMPINKTOO [Manofmanymissions - Margie Seelster]$27,000$423,860
FOURTH DIMENSION [Chapter Seven - Corazon Blue Chip]$200,000$409,195
I'M A BIG DEAL [Somebeachsomewhere - Big Mcdeal]$300,000$405,415
SIMPLE KINDA MAN [Sportswriter - Sorcha Bluestone]$30,000$368,473
LINDY'S BIG BANG [Explosive Matter - Lindy Of My Dreams]$70,000$359,398
IMSTAYNALIVE [American Ideal - Don't You Smile]$25,000$356,473
SAMO DIFFERENT DAY [Cantab Hall - Lindy'sleadinglady]$130,000$355,495
KEY ADVISOR [Somebeachsomewhere - Credit Rating]$200,000$347,532
IDEAL FEELING [American Ideal - Feelinglikeastar]$100,000$343,432
GEMOLOGIST [Cantab Hall - Formula Bluestone]$130,000$340,182
BAUTISTA [Muscle Hill - Ever Gorgeous]$120,000$336,310
WHOS BETTER [Bettor's Delight - Whos Up Whos Down]$60,000$333,194
LAWMAKER [Muscle Massive - Pretty Amigo]$20,000$328,115
NIXIE VOLO [Yankee Glide - No I'm Not]$22,000$326,206
FOR A DREAMER [Cantab Hall - For A Dancer]$45,000$324,495
STONEBRIDGE GAMBLE [Cantab Hall - Ok To Play]$17,000$321,326
DANCE BLUE [Rock N Roll Heaven - Tessa Hanover]$50,000$313,450
IDEAL FLIP [Western Ideal - Flip For Love]$22,000$308,076
TEQUILA TALKIN [Cantab Hall - Margarita Nights]$45,000$304,013
BAND STAND [A Rocknroll Dance - Al's Girl]$40,000$293,220
ARABELLA'S CADET [Deweycheatumnhowe - Arabella Hall]$12,000$291,598
TITO [Muscle Mass - Stonebridge Encore]$75,000$290,899
LARRY KARR [A Rocknroll Dance - Emily Car]$35,000$287,404
ODDS ON LAUDERDALE [Western Ideal - Worldly Deo]$100,000$286,358
MAKE IT A DOUBLE [Donato Hanover - Dodger Blues]$80,000$282,894
LIVE LAUGH LOVE [Donato Hanover - Shes Gone Again]$90,000$281,718
LIMA NOVELTY [Chapter Seven - No Pictures Please]$19,000$278,964
PRO BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Darlin's Delight]$450,000$276,800
RECORD MACHINE [A Rocknroll Dance - Right Right]$9,000$275,486
SHOSHIE DEO [Wishing Stone - Fortune Dream]$10,000$273,565
TRUMP THAT [Somebeachsomewhere - Michelle My Gal]$80,000$273,365
PURPOSE BLUE CHIP [Chapter Seven - Munis Blue Chip]$25,000$264,558
FASHION FOREVER [Credit Winner - Yalta Hanover]$150,000$261,202
HIGHLAND BEACH BOY [Somebeachsomewhere - Rockn Highland]$60,000$260,471
LINE DANCER [Art Major - Burning Beaches]$10,000$257,661
DON [Credit Winner - Angostura]$50,000$252,123
DECOY [Somebeachsomewhere - Live Entertainment]$110,000$249,971
SOUTHWIND MOROCCAN [Bettor's Delight - Max's Leading Lady]$75,000$244,994
SOUTHWIND CHROME [Chapter Seven - Counter Pointe]$60,000$243,882
MICHELLE'S JAZZ [Roll With Joe - Michelle's Dream]$15,000$242,189
SPECIAL MISS [Lucky Chucky - So Special]$10,000$241,393
VOSS VOLO [Credit Winner - Silver Springs]$30,000$239,718
DRAGON TIME [Bettor's Delight - Little Miss Dragon]$50,000$237,894
LEVITATION [Kadabra - Southwind Amiga]$90,000$236,539
LEVIS DAY [Shadow Play - Kim's Royal Day]$37,000$233,245
DRINKA BEER [We Will See - Lady Camella]$31,000$232,344
TREASURED TEE [Yankee Glide - Platinum T]$15,000$230,238
WHAT CHAPTER [Chapter Seven - Who Dat Girl]$65,000$229,997
MYSTICAL WYNN [Donato Hanover - Mystical Moonlight]$15,000$225,181
HAVEITALLTOGETHER [Cantab Hall - We've Got It All]$30,000$223,114
HAT TRICK HABIT [Donato Hanover - Habit's Best]$65,000$220,054
BELIEVE IN ME [Roll With Joe - Fit N Fancy]$20,000$218,489
RUSH TO JUDGEMENT [American Ideal - Sure Fun Tryin']$10,000$217,253
ROCKIN RUSTY [Rockin Image - Yankee Ashley]$30,000$216,780
LONG TRAIN RUNNIN [Big Bad John - On The Choo Choo]$40,000$212,968
BROADWAY BRUISER [Muscle Mass - Stage Fright]$80,000$211,062
YUGE [Muscle Mass - Miss Fidget]$6,000$199,049
BEACHIN LINDY [Somebeachsomewhere - Real Appealing]$120,000$198,114
FASHIONONTHEBEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Dance Until Dawn]$150,000$196,951
DANCINAT MIDLAND [A Rocknroll Dance - Pan Hanover]$25,000$194,847
DAWSON SPRINGS [Cantab Hall - Hot Springs]$90,000$193,708
AMERICAN INFLUENCE [American Ideal - Mrs American Pie]$62,000$191,048
ALL NIGHT PARTY [American Ideal - One Last Kiss]$13,000$187,386
LEGAL POWER [Somebeachsomewhere - Authorize]$150,000$186,318
LUNAR CREDIT [Credit Winner - Lunar Dream Om]$50,000$186,092
IM YOUR CAPTAIN [Muscle Hill - Frisky Strike]$45,000$183,910
FINAL DREAM [Cantab Hall - Oh Sweet Baby]$45,000$183,063
AIR ASSAULT [Yankee Glide - Angelina Chip]$10,000$182,156
CAPTAIN DEO [Somebeachsomewhere - Worldly Beauty]$90,000$181,568
BLUE GROTTO [Art Major - Capri Hanover]$40,000$181,518
RECLAMATION [A Rocknroll Dance - Art Sale]$32,000$179,458
COLOR ENVY [Mach Three - Pink Is Perfect]$30,000$179,195
DANCE ON THE BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Weapons Against]$200,000$179,052
TOAST OF LINDY [Cantab Hall - Bellini Lindy]$80,000$178,621
DRAFT YEAR [Kadabra - Allmar Victory]$70,000$177,250
CIAO DOLCE [Credit Winner - Pizza Dolce]$300,000$173,809
I'M TRIGGER HAPPY [Art Major - Shot Togo Bluechip]$70,000$172,272
JUST MAYBE THE ONE [Donato Hanover - Just In Time]$10,000$172,216
ALEX THE GREAT [Muscle Mass - Priceless Image]$40,000$169,550
NOTMEITSYOU [Chapter Seven - Celebrity Feeling]$35,000$167,803
PLUS ONE [Somebeachsomewhere - Major Crush]$55,000$166,480
MAJOR ACTION [Art Major - Overture]$20,000$164,871
DEWAR N JACK [American Ideal - Hasty Dewar]$32,000$164,734
WARRAWEE TOTAL [American Ideal - All For Me]$3,000$161,109
ROMANTIC INTEREST [Always A Virgin - My Best Girl]$110,000$160,121
VIC'S WINNER [Credit Winner - Victors Vicky]$70,000$159,570
CUTS LIKE A KNIFE [A Rocknroll Dance - Whetstone Hanover]$55,000$157,734
QUALITY KEMP [Muscle Hill - Impressive Kemp]$175,000$156,337
CHEESE MELT [Betterthancheddar - B So Lucky]$57,000$152,969
SERENE STRIDE [Somebeachsomewhere - Southwind Siren]$80,000$151,658
APPRENTICE M [Kadabra - Christina M]$85,000$150,479
TIXNSTONES [Betterthancheddar - Ticket To Rock]$37,000$150,380
HILL STREET [Muscle Hill - Think Twice]$180,000$149,607
SHOW ME THE MAGIC [Donato Hanover - Superstar Hanover]$12,000$149,252
SHE'S IN FOR LIFE [Well Said - In For Life]$38,000$148,337
DANCIN DOUG [Sportswriter - Dancewiththebest]$95,000$146,702
FOLLOW STREAK [Donato Hanover - Streak]$20,000$146,617
STYLISH DANCER [A Rocknroll Dance - Honey Bunny]$20,000$146,195
QUICKSILVER KEMP [Andover Hall - Smarty Had A Party]$17,000$145,616
REAL FINE [Bettor's Delight - Real Touch]$42,000$145,118
BLONDE MAGIC [Muscle Massive - Ally Oop]$22,000$144,817
CAROLINA MAGIC [Art Major - Put On A Display]$85,000$144,687
CLASSICHAP [Chapter Seven - Classical Flirt]$95,000$144,192
STOLEN ART [Art Major - Hilarious]$50,000$143,390
GOLDEN MUSCLE [Muscle Mass - Golden Goose]$21,000$141,008
WHITE CHEETAH [Muscle Mass - Wheely Quick]$35,000$139,655
LET'S FALL IN LOVE [Rock N Roll Heaven - Time N Again]$150,000$139,370
PACK N PLAY [Yankee Glide - Travel Cove]$7,000$139,150
MISSUS MIA WALLACE [Credit Winner - Upscale]$25,000$139,025
FORT EL SAID [Well Said - Fastidious Hanover]$8,000$137,659
COME SEE THE SHOW [Somebeachsomewhere - Put On A Show]$550,000$131,886
THRUWAY [Cantab Hall - Racing Dreams]$7,000$130,208
GARNET [Muscle Hill - A Perfect Gem]$80,000$125,162
DIAMONDSTONE US [Wishing Stone - Don't Think Twice]$20,000$123,767
MANVERICK [American Ideal - Desirable Cindy]$15,000$122,368
GIRL TALK [Credit Winner - Hey Mister]$35,000$122,126
MAX VOLO [Yankee Glide - Mayflower Volo]$36,000$122,059
YOU SAID IT [Well Said - Kats Treasure]$14,000$121,808
BETTER WATCH OUT [Bettor's Delight - Walk Softly]$85,000$120,542
HIGGS BOSON [Explosive Matter - Third Reef]$6,000$119,361
MOUNT ROYAL [So Surreal - Donkeys Can Talk]$90,000$118,720
THUNDER SOME WHERE [Somebeachsomewhere - Thunder Angel]$80,000$118,336
DANCE FOR KISSES [A Rocknroll Dance - Thirsty For Kisses]$27,000$118,063
D'BOMB [Explosive Matter - Machita]$65,000$117,064
YOU TALK TOO MUCH [Well Said - Another Hanover]$48,000$116,419
AMERICAN STEELE [Cantab Hall - Miss Steele]$27,000$112,398
HAPPY THAT [Muscle Hill - Tady Strikes Again]$35,000$111,520
GLIDER MAN [Yankee Glide - I Gotta Feelin]$30,000$111,111
SONOFAMILLIONAIRE [Donato Hanover - Mom's Millionaire]$200,000$110,618
WILD GOOSE CHASE [Art Major - Discoverer]$47,000$110,592
KJ'S BEKAH [American Ideal - Upfrontandpersonal]$140,000$110,176
DESERT PARTY [Bettor's Delight - Western City]$50,000$109,308
ZOE BI [Donato Hanover - Octavia Bi]$15,000$108,593
FRONT CIRCLE [Muscle Hill - Sheena Hall]$110,000$107,912
ODDS ON ASHLEY [Rock N Roll Heaven - Docdor Cameo]$85,000$107,465
ILANA Z TAM [Bettor's Delight - She's Rockin]$20,000$107,090
BELLE'S DELIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Sanabellevalentine]$50,000$104,940
BACKSEAT TERROR [Western Terror - Backseat Rhythm]$24,000$104,226
FINE ART [Bettor's Delight - Acquavella]$67,000$103,785
PREACHER OLLIE [Western Ideal - Santastic]$22,000$103,229
A GIFT FOR YOU [Credit Winner - Soprano Hanover]$50,000$102,586
FIRM TO STAY [Chapter Seven - Starlet Fever]$15,000$102,004
YEARLING [Sire - Dam] — 8-Year-Olds sold in 2015Sold For Earnings
DOWNBYTHESEASIDE [Somebeachsomewhere - Sprig Hanover]$65,000$2,179,558
WHAT THE HILL [Muscle Hill - K T Cha Cha]$65,000$1,263,864
IDYLLIC BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Idyllic]$100,000$1,155,274
BETTOR'S UP [Bettor's Delight - Fresh Idea]$15,000$1,073,702
MISO FAST [Roll With Joe - Sakura Hanover]$125,000$885,447
DREAM TOGETHER [Muscle Hill - Danae]$240,000$801,782
BILL'S MAN [Credit Winner - Silver Springs]$75,000$680,640
MIKE'S Z TAM [Bettor's Delight - Ideal Observation]$50,000$663,393
THE WALL [Somebeachsomewhere - New Album]$70,000$633,438
YES MICKEY [Muscle Hill - My Favorite Chip]$65,000$622,128
CAROLINA BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Laughandbehappy]$57,000$611,759
WALNER [Chapter Seven - Random Destiny]$90,000$567,652
DUNBAR HALL [Deweycheatumnhowe - Debbie Hall]$22,000$562,213
ART SCENE [American Ideal - Lover Of Art]$50,000$561,684
SPORTS COLUMN [Sportswriter - Lady Leslie]$20,000$550,645
CLASSIC PRO [Shadow Play - Kattimon]$45,000$545,764
NORMANDY BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Symphony In Motion]$90,000$530,266
SOMEOMENSOMEWHERE [Somebeachsomewhere - Omen Hanover]$120,000$527,739
THATS ALL MONI [Cantab Hall - Mom's Millionaire]$230,000$501,642
TOUCHAMATIC [American Ideal - Perfect Touch]$20,000$489,907
THE DARK SHADOW [Shadow Play - Bestofbothworlds]$37,000$467,806
WHAT'S GOIN ON [Roll With Joe - Shipps Xclamation]$50,000$463,265
BEACH BOOGIE [Somebeachsomewhere - Dance Until Dawn]$92,000$451,280
STICK WITH ME KID [Deweycheatumnhowe - Chelsea Hall]$16,000$445,287
OCEAN COLONY [Somebeachsomewhere - Amora Hanover]$115,000$442,112
ODDS ON DELRAY [Somebeachsomewhere - My Little Dragon]$105,000$435,126
SIMPLY VOLO [Crazed - Sterling Volo]$30,000$433,464
DANCER HALL [Deweycheatumnhowe - Daylon Mystique]$18,000$432,452
SORTIE [Explosive Matter - Win B]$65,000$429,830
GIVEITGASANDGO [Yankee Glide - Mazda Hanover]$32,000$428,364
MAEWEGONOW [Deweycheatumnhowe - Mauresmo]$18,000$427,769
AIR STRIKE [Always A Virgin - My Best Girl]$75,000$427,000
DA MAGICIAN [Dragon Again - Hottie Hanover]$18,000$424,645
R J P [Somebeachsomewhere - Vysoke Tatry]$40,000$397,922
LIMERENCE [Yankee Glide - Pleasing Lady]$22,000$374,413
AL-MAR-GOT A FEVER [Third Straight - Cheatin' Hall]$16,000$369,650
OVERDRAFT VOLO [Yankee Glide - Bank Of Newport]$50,000$364,764
SIR JOHN F [Donato Hanover - Emmylou Who]$45,000$358,684
ALLWILLWORKOUT [Western Terror - Maytime Hall]$7,000$356,967
SWEET SUN DAZE [Bettor's Delight - Sweet Work Of Art]$65,000$355,752
SUNSHINE DELIGHT [Credit Winner - On The Bright Side]$125,000$354,847
SUCH AN ANGEL [Credit Winner - Michelle's Angel]$110,000$353,768
BELLOWS BINGE [Bettor's Delight - Ruffle's Kiss]$27,000$347,310
SHESAROCKER [Rock N Roll Heaven - Shesa Bragn Dragon]$17,000$343,795
SOUTHWIND CRUZE [Chapter Seven - Counter Pointe]$50,000$338,765
LAST GUNFIGHTER [Rocknroll Hanover - One Last Kiss]$72,000$337,144
TREVISO [Muscle Massive - Valbonela]$15,000$330,515
ANDY M [Andover Hall - All In The Muscles]$27,000$324,944
WINNERESS [Credit Winner - Hot Off The Press]$65,000$324,685
DARLING'S DRAGON [Dragon Again - Darling Angel]$10,000$323,788
MAJOR LEAGUER [Art Major - Rockin Beauty]$50,000$314,834
KAY'S DELIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Warrawee Kay]$30,000$304,331
CULTURAL PARADISE [American Ideal - Silk Canvas]$10,000$302,800
SEVEN AND SEVEN [Chapter Seven - Ally Oop]$17,000$282,197
IN THE DARK [Cambest - Diamond Dejavu]$8,000$279,985
OCEANIA [Rock N Roll Heaven - Western Cruise]$30,000$275,423
COOL CATES [Yankee Glide - Dance To Market]$35,000$269,563
SWELL CHAP [Chapter Seven - Gia]$77,000$268,913
BETTOR'S DREAM [Bettor's Delight - Enduring Dream]$45,000$268,608
DRUNKONAPLANE [Rock N Roll Heaven - Ali Badali]$27,000$268,538
THAT'S THE TICKET [Roll With Joe - Art Account]$60,000$268,521
ROCK THE TOWN [Rocknroll Hanover - Kutekatie]$100,000$267,146
CARTIER VOLO [Cash Hall - No I'm Not]$39,000$266,382
BUNKNDUNK [Rock N Roll Heaven - Whatstroublnubunky]$27,000$261,766
PERCY'S Z TAM [American Ideal - Mintjulep Bluechip]$75,000$260,660
MAJOR KEY [Art Major - Capri Hanover]$50,000$259,974
CANDELL [Bettor's Delight - Kats Treasure]$55,000$254,258
AVATAR J [American Ideal - Art's Fantasy]$110,000$253,693
PASSPORT TO ART [Art Major - Western City]$80,000$252,170
SOUTHWIND COBRA [Muscle Hill - Caerphilly]$120,000$251,314
CAMPBELLINI [Cantab Hall - Victory Jewel]$20,000$251,150
TUXEDO BAY [Somebeachsomewhere - Spring Break]$120,000$250,844
FRANKY'S BEACH BOY [Somebeachsomewhere - Countryview Miss]$105,000$250,474
VOLARE [Conway Hall - Victoria Volo]$37,000$250,235
BILLIE BLUE [Conway Hall - Lightfoot]$20,000$245,665
PRESIDENTE ZETTE [Muscle Hill - Missymae Bluestone]$12,000$241,780
ONLY PASSING THRU [Muscle Hill - Oasis Dream]$17,000$241,707
ENTERPRISE [Chapter Seven - Shes Gone Again]$100,000$238,843
FLY ON [Muscle Hill - Calchips Finisher]$55,000$237,056
TALENT SOUP [American Ideal - Tessa Hanover]$65,000$236,757
LIFETIME TRUST [Bettor's Delight - Lifetime Star]$6,000$236,739
BEACH PRO [Somebeachsomewhere - Allamerican Toffee]$85,000$233,203
RED JOHN [Mach Three - Bell Ami's Love]$26,000$232,982
BIG MAN EV [Chapter Seven - Possessed By Lindy]$50,000$231,921
ARCH CREDIT [Credit Winner - Arch Magic]$27,000$229,355
SISKEL [Real Desire - Cannes Festival]$22,000$223,852
MT STERLING MAFIA [Cambest - Margin Blue Chip]$35,000$223,758
TAKEYOURBREATHAWAY [Rock N Roll Heaven - Leave Em Gasping]$7,000$221,237
INDEPENDENT ONE [Rocknroll Hanover - Sun N Sand]$47,000$218,516
ANNAPOLIS HALL [Deweycheatumnhowe - Arabella Hall]$40,000$218,029
MEETMEINTHEMIDDLE [Chapter Seven - Promising Deal]$43,000$217,224
VALRHONA [Rock N Roll Heaven - Three Kilo]$12,000$216,648
SIGNAL HILL [Muscle Hill - Special Appeal]$250,000$216,582
GUSTAVO FRING [Explosive Matter - Uf Annka Sister]$20,000$216,441
JUMPIN JAKE FLASH [Well Said - Santastic]$40,000$216,320
CLOUSEAU HANOVER [Western Ideal - Clouding Over]$67,000$214,910
BRUNHILDA [Well Said - Lovely Assistant]$25,000$214,206
SOUTHWIND TESLA [Chapter Seven - Southwind Sauna]$17,000$204,957
DELILAH DE VIE [Art Major - Beach Girl De Vie]$18,000$202,466
CARTIER ZETTE [Muscle Hill - Liebchen]$16,000$197,127
SMILEANDSAYCHEESE [Well Said - Blissful Smile]$20,000$196,653
AFFAIR OF HONOR [Cantab Hall - Fireworks Hanover]$90,000$194,808
SIANNA HANOVER [Donato Hanover - Simplicity]$115,000$192,943
COUGAR BAIT [Western Terror - No One Is Alone]$20,000$192,838
SPOILER ALERT [Chapter Seven - Pinery]$25,000$190,588
BUCKEYE PRESIDENT [The Panderosa - Presidential Lady]$90,000$188,947
KABANG [Explosive Matter - Zing]$40,000$188,404
THISGUYISONFIRE [Yankee Glide - Adelaide Hall]$150,000$186,556
VERO AMORE BI [Manofmanymissions - Muscovite]$20,000$185,243
BARN SIS [Credit Winner - Baby I'm Bad News]$25,000$184,719
MIAMI [Muscle Hill - Arlanda Hanover]$90,000$184,664
MOJOTO HANOVER [Well Said - Monte Carlo Madam]$55,000$184,511
DON DREAM [Donato Hanover - Gabbys Dream]$17,000$184,202
HEELS ON WHEELS [Conway Hall - Go Go Dancer]$75,000$180,811
BRO HANOVER [Somebeachsomewhere - Burning Point]$57,000$180,424
LONE WOLF TERROR [Western Terror - Reilly's Daughter]$6,000$179,941
SANTINI [Kadabra - Vallaire]$40,000$176,966
LIMA MOONSHINE [Cantab Hall - Meconopsis]$7,000$176,065
PARTY BOY [Rock N Roll Heaven - Cheerful Outlook]$11,000$174,785
SOUTHWIND ION [Sportswriter - Its Only Rocknroll]$40,000$174,065
MANATTACK [American Ideal - Wisdom]$40,000$173,859
WINNING LYRIC [Credit Winner - Naked Lyric]$52,000$173,311
MASTER THE VIEW [Vintage Master - Enjoy The View]$30,000$170,536
ROMANCING RACHEL [Muscle Hill - Tady's Comer]$60,000$169,085
ZACK'S ZOOMER [Deweycheatumnhowe - Passageway]$17,000$169,031
CANDLELIGHT DINNER [American Ideal - Time N Again]$110,000$168,826
MUSHANA [Muscle Massive - Keystone Shana]$10,000$168,667
HAMMER TIME [Muscle Hill - Precious Lindy]$18,000$168,613
SOUTHWIND YUKON [Somebeachsomewhere - Southwind Solara]$27,000$167,291
NORTHERN SPY [Somebeachsomewhere - Apple]$35,000$164,938
PRETTY ANGEL EYES [Bettor's Delight - Angel Scent]$65,000$162,605
ABSOLUTE INTENT [Well Said - Dream Outloud]$82,000$162,146
HURRICANE BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Blazing Yankee]$230,000$162,130
HOLD IT HANOVER [Somebeachsomewhere - Hana Hanover]$120,000$162,028
RUBIO [Cantab Hall - Italienne Girl]$75,000$161,054
ITSGOODTOBEQUEEN [Muscle Massive - Ucalthisahoneymoon]$27,000$160,668
UNDER THE BUS [Art Major - Myluvmylife]$30,000$160,494
CARSON HILL [Cantab Hall - Costar]$50,000$158,853
BID WRITER [Sportswriter - Bust Out The Bid]$52,000$156,689
PERPLEXED [Somebeachsomewhere - Monkeys Can Sing]$52,000$154,247
GIMME SOME LOVIN' [Bettor's Delight - Torrid Affair]$8,000$147,444
IMPACTER [Muscle Hill - Glide Power]$135,000$147,178
WELL OF FIRE [Well Said - Fiery Buckeye]$20,000$145,578
FRIENDLY'S SCOOTER [Delmarvalous - Merculese]$12,000$144,772
TYMAL REIGN [Kadabra - J M Aggie]$80,000$144,208
JOHN DALLY [Somebeachsomewhere - Michelle My Gal]$130,000$143,618
EXPLOSIVE [Chapter Seven - Dodger Blues]$45,000$142,921
DANGEROUS WOMAN [Ponder - Do Me Good]$25,000$142,618
INVESTED IN LINDY [Cantab Hall - To Lindy's Credit]$19,000$142,599
CHILLIN IT DE VIE [Well Said - Flibbertigibbet]$52,000$141,897
EMPTYTHETILL [Dragon Again - Odds On The Hat]$15,000$140,220
TIKI TAKA [Manofmanymissions - Zakanaka]$30,000$136,592
DANGLE THEN DEKE [Cantab Hall - Love My Muscles]$35,000$134,761
ENCHANTED MISSION [Manofmanymissions - Enchantment]$5,000$134,364
TEARFUL OF HAPPY [Bettor's Delight - Tear Drop]$50,000$134,294
SOUTHWIND WOODY [Muscle Hill - Winky's Star]$130,000$133,680
LLAMA LLAMA [Real Desire - Dream Card]$10,000$133,679
NORTHERN MAJOR [Kadabra - Dover Miss]$30,000$132,393
OFFICER BLUE CHIP [American Ideal - Grace K]$82,000$131,421
O'DOYLE RULES [Cantab Hall - Drinks Like A Fish]$37,000$131,284
BOURBON [Bettor's Delight - Penguin]$17,000$130,255
LASA DIDA LADY [Deweycheatumnhowe - Bluer Than Blue]$10,000$128,568
MISS JONES [Bettor's Delight - Dreams Are Great]$85,000$127,815
YEAHBOYYEAH [Art Major - Show The World]$70,000$127,247
SEE YOU FRIDAY [Western Terror - Hawaiian Beachlady]$23,000$126,717
FAST ON THE DRAW [Rocknroll Hanover - First Draw]$17,000$125,240
ABSOLUTELY BEST [Cambest - Garish]$37,000$124,405
SOUTHWIND AVANTI [Muscle Hill - Auvergne]$160,000$121,495
YOU CANT HABIT [Cantab Hall - Habit Of Creature]$55,000$119,400
BEST TRICK EVER [Cambest - Magical Western]$55,000$118,461
WINDSUN BROOKLYN [American Ideal - Windsun Celestial]$75,000$117,472
BEACH CLUB [Somebeachsomewhere - Sand Speed]$57,000$116,758
CHILI [Credit Winner - Spicy Wings]$57,000$114,642
LOVE LOVE ME DO [Rocknroll Hanover - Arbeedo]$24,000$113,840
LADY OF HEAVEN [Rock N Roll Heaven - You're Likeadream]$3,000$113,798
NEWS WATCH [Bettor's Delight - Ideal News]$40,000$113,308
BRIDGE TO TOMORROW [Bettor's Delight - Village Journal]$25,000$112,811
STEALTH BOMBER [Rocknroll Hanover - Artistic Vision]$125,000$111,597
SNAPPY DRESSER [Vintage Master - Elegant Girl]$10,000$111,054
SOUTHWIND GENERAL [Sportswriter - Gambler's Passion]$110,000$109,526
IDEAL PLAN [Western Ideal - Plan On It]$20,000$107,857
BOBCAT BOUND [Somebeachsomewhere - Sugarcoated]$55,000$105,975
VEGAS CHUCK [Lucky Chucky - Lavern Lavec]$5,000$105,035
V STRING [Somebeachsomewhere - Thong]$50,000$104,857
STEALTH HANOVER [Andover Hall - Secret Credit]$30,000$104,754
ZETTE STARLING [Muscle Massive - Scottish Starlet]$8,000$104,712
PENNYSFROMHEAVEN [Rock N Roll Heaven - Penny Pincher]$15,000$103,642
STORMTRACKER [Big Jim - Stonebridge Breeze]$52,000$103,130
PENNIMAN [Yankee Glide - Fan Favourite]$37,000$103,019
VODKA N LINDY [Cantab Hall - Bellini Lindy]$34,000$101,944
UFFIZI [American Ideal - The Art Museum]$120,000$100,799
YEARLING [Sire - Dam] — 9-Year-Olds sold in 2014Sold For Earnings
MARION MARAUDER [Muscle Hill - Spellbound Hanover]$37,000$3,392,609
SOUTHWIND FRANK [Muscle Hill - Flawless Lindy]$100,000$1,950,887
WILL TAKE CHARGE [Kadabra - Celebrity Angel]$47,000$1,190,238
NEWBORN SASSY [Western Ideal - Sass Newton]$38,000$1,097,155
CONTROL THE MOMENT [Well Said - Life'sliltreasure]$47,000$1,085,220
VORACITY [Sportswriter - Lu Lu Q]$47,000$816,785
LAGERFELD [Yankee Glide - Southern Senorita]$200,000$804,050
FINE DIAMOND [Rock N Roll Heaven - Yellow Diamond]$50,000$776,681
RODEO ROCK [Rock N Roll Heaven - Electric Fool]$107,000$766,740
I'M SOME GRADUATE [Somebeachsomewhere - Western Graduate]$85,000$730,725
GRANITE [Real Desire - Precious Stone]$20,000$680,479
JACK VERNON [Muscle Hill - Vernon Blue Chip]$50,000$586,965
NON STICK [Lucky Chucky - Meucci Madness]$27,000$585,917
EAST END [Bettor's Delight - London Eye]$18,000$568,286
TONY SOPRANO [Kadabra - Windsong Soprano]$90,000$524,662
HITITOUTOFTHEPARK [Yankee Glide - Celebrity Liza]$18,000$512,591
TROLLEY [Donato Hanover - Lakeside Bride]$30,000$510,888
MINDTRIP [American Ideal - Has An Attitude]$20,000$503,417
TACO TUESDAY [Cantab Hall - Be My Baby]$62,000$499,386
TERROR AT NIGHT [Western Terror - Enhance The Night]$20,000$491,945
PENPAL [American Ideal - Copywriter]$65,000$483,496
MUSCLES FOR LIFE [Muscle Mass - Serenity Girl]$35,000$449,153
MANNY [American Ideal - Foolish Kiss]$50,000$442,356
FASHION BYTHEBEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Don'tknocktherock]$125,000$434,969
TRUEMASS VOLO [Muscle Massive - Tresbien Volo]$25,000$430,352
BLENHEIM [Yankee Glide - Are You Ready]$30,000$425,534
CRUISE PATROL [Bettor's Delight - Western Cruise]$60,000$404,994
ROCK ME BABY [Rock N Roll Heaven - Lover Of Art]$37,000$394,523
SOFT IDEA [American Ideal - Walk Softly]$70,000$383,713
TALK SHOW [Art Major - Lush Limbaugh]$40,000$380,538
SETTLEMOIR [Western Ideal - Dreams Are Great]$105,000$377,072
ULTIMATE SHOPPER [Yankee Glide - Adelaide Hall]$140,000$374,115
KATHY PARKER [Andover Hall - Mallelujah]$87,000$372,268
INFORCE [Western Terror - Kats Treasure]$12,000$366,861
HIGHLANDBEACHYCOVE [Somebeachsomewhere - Rockn Highland]$100,000$364,349
ZAGSTER [Muscle Mass - This Way That Way]$3,000$357,565
MR D'S DRAGON [Dragon Again - Cotton Candy]$31,000$355,092
TWINKLE [Bettor's Delight - Ashlee's Star]$77,000$354,278
BEE IN CHARGE [Manofmanymissions - Beehive]$130,000$351,433
GILLIE THE KID [Northern Kid - Campaign Wife]$23,000$349,703
ROCKTAVIUS [Rocknroll Hanover - Mcgrin N Mcbare It]$55,000$347,574
TYSON [Donato Hanover - Southwind Amiga]$90,000$344,050
DAYLIGHT RUSH [Art Colony - Pass With Caution]$14,000$344,010
BOTTOM DEALS [American Ideal - Bell Bottom Pans]$50,000$341,310
HAUGHTY [Donato Hanover - Letsjustalkaboutme]$80,000$330,492
DANTE [Credit Winner - Michelle's Angel]$355,000$328,815
DERECHO [Big Jim - Stonebridge Breeze]$60,000$326,491
TIME ON MY HANDS [American Ideal - Bewitching Jewell]$19,000$322,488
KISS ME ONTHEBEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - One Last Kiss]$85,000$321,750
ZLATAN [Muscle Mass - Cabaret Hall]$37,000$320,866
BLAYDE HANOVER [Somebeachsomewhere - Bj's Mayreau]$67,000$316,572
SAYULITA [Somebeachsomewhere - Fresh Idea]$12,000$316,426
EARN YOUR WINGS [Credit Winner - Southwind Serena]$260,000$314,530
MASTER CLASS [Credit Winner - Psychotherapist]$55,000$312,885
DEEP IMPACT [Donato Hanover - Glide Power]$65,000$303,470
FERNANDO HANOVER [Dragon Again - Fashion Ecstasy]$100,000$303,322
SECRECY [Mach Three - Unsolved Mystery]$60,000$299,234
VINTAGE BABE [Vintage Master - Bunkhouse Babe]$25,000$294,915
FIJI [Cantab Hall - Ucalthisahoneymoon]$55,000$294,336
ROYAL CHARM [Majestic Son - Queen Of Grace]$77,000$294,038
DOUBLE L LINDY [Muscles Yankee - Love Lockdown]$90,000$293,403
MISS TEZSLA [Andover Hall - Filly At Bigs]$45,000$291,090
FRESH CUT [American Ideal - Flip For Love]$30,000$279,468
ALL DOWN THE LINE [Western Ideal - Amazing Marker]$18,000$269,151
SPICEDBOURBONGIRL [Cantab Hall - All In The Muscles]$77,000$265,623
DATELINE HANOVER [Rock N Roll Heaven - Don't Deny Me]$40,000$264,718
THE CATAMOUNT KID [Well Said - Under Your Spell]$67,000$263,912
IDEAL KISS [American Ideal - Ruffle's Kiss]$42,000$263,226
WHITE ROLLS [Roll With Joe - Perfume N Pearls]$30,000$257,773
GEORGIE'S POCKETS [Muscle Mass - Striking Pockets]$18,000$256,609
BEACH OGRE [Somebeachsomewhere - Donkeys Can Talk]$130,000$256,337
SLIDING HOME [Donato Hanover - Bar Slide]$65,000$253,844
BERNADETTE [Big Jim - Matilda]$24,000$251,699
SUNSET GLIDER [Cantab Hall - Highland Glider]$180,000$250,836
SEE YOU TUESDAY [Western Terror - Maytime Hall]$6,000$245,313
VEGAS DREAM [Bettor's Delight - Good News Lady]$27,000$238,457
DANGEROUSPRECEDENT [Western Terror - Respectable]$11,000$236,738
CAPITAL BUILDER [Somebeachsomewhere - Sweet Work Of Art]$75,000$234,980
PINK PISTOL [Cantab Hall - August Revenue]$23,000$231,587
CRAFTSHIP [Art Major - Capri Hanover]$65,000$230,629
ANGELS ROCKN PINK [Rock N Roll Heaven - Miss Liz]$35,000$229,654
JOE LARRY N CURLY [Roll With Joe - Life's Image]$18,000$228,353
HOLLYWOOD HIGHWAY [Muscle Massive - L A Freeway]$50,000$226,789
IMIDEAL HANOVER [Dragon Again - Ideal Weather]$120,000$221,597
ON YOUR SIX [Yankee Cruiser - Armbro Winter]$7,000$221,530
MAKE OR MISS [Donato Hanover - Athena Miss]$85,000$221,352
SOUTHWIND HOPE [Muscle Hill - Honey Pie]$52,000$219,573
BEACHES DE VIE [Art Major - Starofthesea Devie]$32,000$214,488
BREAKTIME HANOVER [Somebeachsomewhere - Best Chance Hanna]$50,000$213,727
CREDEVIE [Credit Winner - Fleur De Vie]$38,000$211,859
BANK SEA [Art Major - World Of Her Own]$130,000$209,884
NEW EVIDENCE [Western Terror - Bouncing Hanover]$8,000$208,405
HEELS ON THE BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Red High Heels]$47,000$207,902
NORTHERN SOIREE [Western Ideal - Yankee Celebration]$20,000$206,524
SPORTY MERCEDES [Sportswriter - Scootin Mercedes]$7,000$206,020
ARNOLD [Donato Hanover - Precious Lindy]$60,000$204,579
ALL NIGHT CREDIT [Credit Winner - All Night Hall]$14,000$203,982
BIGGIE [Somebeachsomewhere - Wenditions]$95,000$203,399
MACHINE TEAM [Delmarvalous - Matt Machine]$15,000$201,899
PREJUDICE [Western Terror - Woman Rebels]$32,000$199,682
MUSCLE HUSTLE [Muscle Mass - Crown Laurel]$60,000$198,568
IT'S ED'S IDEA [Western Ideal - Keystone Edna]$21,000$196,101
ENCORE DEO [Rock N Roll Heaven - Docdor Cameo]$100,000$195,226
MONEYCOUNTS DE VIE [Andover Hall - Nordicdish]$8,000$194,082
HOLLYROCK HEYDEN [Western Terror - New Hollywood]$12,000$191,721
ADRIAN HANOVER [Somebeachsomewhere - Artaffection]$115,000$188,786
TERROR HALL [Western Terror - Marnie Hall]$25,000$185,744
DUPREE [Andover Hall - Hustle N Muscle]$200,000$184,282
RIP THIS JOINT [Western Terror - Cheryl Hanover]$13,000$182,438
SOFER [Western Ideal - On The Catwalk]$120,000$181,464
OPTIONS ARE ADREAM [If I Can Dream - Tootsie J]$4,000$180,720
FOREVER LIZA [Bettor's Delight - Forever Cam]$65,000$180,439
APPELLATE [Western Terror - Dropitlikeitshot]$16,000$180,171
ROCKNROLL VISION [Rocknroll Hanover - Armbro Ophelia]$60,000$179,923
ALL THE COOKIES [Rocknroll Hanover - Queen Otra]$30,000$177,970
DECLARATION OF WAR [Well Said - Loyal Opposition]$80,000$174,401
NEBRASKA JACK [Cantab Hall - Enjoy N My Lady]$30,000$172,551
DOLLAR GRIN [Cantab Hall - Costar]$62,000$172,115
ART CRITIC [Art Major - Snippet Hanover]$50,000$170,683
WELL WISHERS [Western Terror - Doctor Seth]$9,000$168,227
SOUTHWIND FLASH [Muscle Hill - Friendly Amigo]$85,000$167,784
CROSSFIREHURRICANE [Art Official - Limestone Cowgirl]$32,000$167,515
TAP INTO POWER [Roll With Joe - Badlands Jenna]$30,000$163,507
BEST TO HURST [Cambest - Pinehurst Lady]$17,000$162,825
MAJOR PLANS [Art Major - That's The Plan]$32,000$162,752
TOLLY-HO [Yankee Cruiser - Hi Ho Molly]$6,000$161,032
SOUTHERN CROSS [Donato Hanover - Temple Of Heaven]$55,000$160,088
OMAHA SET HUT [Credit Winner - Stretch The Limit]$11,000$160,028
ST KITTS [Somebeachsomewhere - Captiva Island]$160,000$154,886
CATCH ALL [Muscles Yankee - Clever Catch]$17,000$153,274
ELMO BLATCH [Andover Hall - Random Destiny]$50,000$152,917
JIMMYS LITTLE GIRL [Big Jim - Sheer Hose]$16,000$151,941
SWEET ASHLEY T [Conway Hall - Rucoucou]$25,000$151,323
SILVER BULLET [Western Terror - Miraculous Muffy]$32,000$151,055
TANGO STAR [Sportswriter - Dancin Like A Star]$30,000$149,384
WINNING PRINCESS [Credit Winner - Cabaret Princess]$7,000$148,997
HOT CURRY [Muscle Massive - Spiceberry Hanover]$47,000$147,416
MAKER A YANKEE [Yankee Glide - Maker A Laker]$26,000$147,303
STRAIGHT A STUDENT [Credit Winner - Smarter Than Smart]$65,000$147,214
SPICEBOMB [Art Major - Armbro Bombay]$20,000$146,821
UNITED BI [Manofmanymissions - No Ifs Here]$35,000$146,131
MODERN MERCURY [Donato Hanover - Twice As Nice]$15,000$146,090
LINDWOOD BEACHGIRL [Somebeachsomewhere - Thou Shalt Not]$100,000$145,413
CATCH THE BOUQUET [Cantab Hall - Railee Beautiful]$13,000$139,423
DANCING IN THEHALL [Cantab Hall - Doin' The Town]$37,000$139,043
BARBARA'S SHADOW [Shadow Play - Bababababarbarapan]$17,000$138,687
AUNT BETTY [Rock N Roll Heaven - Bet Your Life]$40,000$137,318
MOONLIGHT COCKTAIL [Kadabra - Angostura]$82,000$137,233
ULYSSES BI [Manofmanymissions - Merida Bi]$10,000$136,181
SOUTHWIND JADEN [Bettor's Delight - Juliet's Fate]$47,000$134,842
LUCKY PLAYER [Bettor's Delight - Pure Prize]$25,000$134,707
ROCKNROLLROYALTY [Rock N Roll Heaven - Princess Character]$12,000$134,544
WANAKA [Manofmanymissions - Classic Belle]$12,000$133,935
I SAID PLEASE [Well Said - Please Me Please]$40,000$130,683
XTERNAL [Western Terror - In A Safe Place]$7,000$129,811
ROLL N CATCH [Rocknroll Hanover - Catch The Show]$20,000$124,902
ROBOCALL HANOVER [Dragon Again - Rockaroundthetrack]$50,000$124,241
CANTALA [American Ideal - Village Baroque]$9,000$123,759
RADIANT BEAM [Holiday Road - Sleek Agent]$7,000$120,972
MARTY PARTY TWO [Yankee Cruiser - Noble Marty]$22,000$120,778
WINTER HARBOR [Muscle Hill - Spectacular Bay]$240,000$120,522
VINO AND FORMAGGIO [Art Major - Pasta Lavista]$30,000$119,180
IHOLDON [Andover Hall - Keep Me In Mind]$30,000$114,379
CREDIT TO THELIMIT [Credit Winner - Prize Angie]$40,000$113,628
TARTUFO LINDY [Conway Hall - Peace A Pie]$90,000$113,364
MARACANA' [Donato Hanover - Too Good For You]$45,000$111,935
SOUTHWIND RICARDO [Dragon Again - Southwind Rio]$45,000$111,147
I LUV BLACKHAWKRED [Yankee Glide - Sarafina Hall]$17,000$108,254
TIPTON TEEEZ [Western Terror - Finest Arts]$20,000$108,126
LASTING LOVE [Shark Gesture - Love And Honor]$10,000$107,960
READYSETLETSROLL [American Ideal - Cheerful Outlook]$80,000$107,484
MYSTICAL POWER [Yankee Glide - Tymal Mystique]$70,000$105,945
TWO BEAT [Western Terror - Susurrus Hanover]$5,000$104,622
ENDLESS SUMMER [Somebeachsomewhere - Artistic Vision]$85,000$104,359
ERICA AMERICA [Northern Kid - Luciana Kash]$15,000$103,337
CUPID [Conway Hall - Athena]$15,000$102,306
JOES ON A ROLL [Roll With Joe - Lovely Lady]$22,000$102,145
THREE DREAMS [Mach Three - She's Rockin]$25,000$100,959
DOUBLE AGAIN [Dragon Again - Double Flip]$30,000$100,892
CLIMATE CHANGE [Western Terror - Withheld Info]$3,000$100,500
ELOQUENT GRACE [Well Said - Graceful Motion]$80,000$100,200
YEARLING [Sire - Dam] — 10-Year-Olds sold in 2013Sold For Earnings
PINKMAN [Explosive Matter - Margie Seelster]$77,000$2,797,671
CRAZY WOW [Crazed - No Pan No Gain]$10,000$2,532,143
ARTSPEAK [Western Ideal - The Art Museum]$100,000$1,628,762
MISSION BRIEF [Muscle Hill - Southwind Serena]$150,000$1,599,587
WILD HONEY [Cantab Hall - U Wanna Lindy]$35,000$1,589,235
HABITAT [Conway Hall - Habit's Best]$50,000$1,262,221
MY HERO RON [Well Said - Erma La Em]$80,000$1,229,256
SASSA HANOVER [Rock N Roll Heaven - Sayo Hanover]$50,000$1,227,824
SAFE FROM TERROR [Western Terror - In A Safe Place]$7,000$1,092,451
IN SECRET [Deweycheatumnhowe - Secret Magic]$30,000$962,275
LOST FOR WORDS [Well Said - Thou Shalt Not]$50,000$937,784
SICILY [Art Major - Capri Hanover]$75,000$911,998
MUSCLE DIAMOND [Muscle Hill - Windylane Hanover]$40,000$834,424
MUSICAL RHYTHM [Cantab Hall - Musical Victory]$35,000$800,374
SOUTHWIND ROULETTE [Somebeachsomewhere - Southwind Rio]$30,000$670,985
BET YOU [Bettor's Delight - Armbro Amoretto]$75,000$657,489
FRENCH LAUNDRY [Muscles Yankee - Creamy Mimi]$115,000$652,823
COOPERSTOWN [Four Starzzz Shark - American Charm]$25,000$651,801
SOTO [Rock N Roll Heaven - Incredible Beauty]$130,000$617,115
DEVIL CHILD [American Ideal - Kattimon]$27,000$604,549
BIG RICH [Donato Hanover - Kidman Hall]$42,000$594,142
DANIELLE HALL [Deweycheatumnhowe - Debbie Hall]$21,000$577,459
TECHTOR HANOVER [Well Said - Tempest Blue Chip]$32,000$572,393
THE WAYFARING MAN [Dragon Again - Armbro Wichita]$62,000$564,759
JEWELS IN HOCK [Credit Winner - Jewels Galore]$14,000$533,215
MOHAWK WARRIOR [Rocknroll Hanover - A And G'sconfusion]$60,000$526,024
FIRST CLASS HORSE [Western Terror - Susurrus Hanover]$38,000$525,679
SMEXI [Explosive Matter - Sanna Hanover]$35,000$506,810
BRIGHT BABY BLUES [Andover Hall - Bar Slide]$150,000$492,203
BAND OF ANGELS [Rock N Roll Heaven - Time N Again]$100,000$484,038
MADMAN HALL [Deweycheatumnhowe - Margarita Hall]$38,000$469,655
MADHATTER BLUECHIP [Muscle Hill - Fraulien Bluestone]$67,000$468,072
SWEET BOBBIE [Art Major - Odds On Gobye]$15,000$465,099
JAG OUT [American Ideal - Impertinent]$24,000$457,423
CHEF LEE [Cantab Hall - Summer Savory]$12,000$442,500
COAL HANOVER [Dragon Again - Calgary Hanover]$50,000$435,047
TOMY TERROR [Western Terror - Mib Hanover]$50,000$434,326
WE THINK ALIKE [If I Can Dream - Sakura Hanover]$90,000$431,938
BILLY FLYNN [Cantab Hall - Zeta Jones]$120,000$419,179
SECOND SISTER [Deweycheatumnhowe - Sister Sammy]$32,000$412,319
SKATEBOARD CHIC [Quik Pulse Mindale - See You Hanover]$3,000$408,068
VEGAS ROCKS [Rocknroll Hanover - Stonebridge Hugs]$45,000$403,996
MUSCLE BABY DOLL [Muscle Mass - Have You Ever]$5,000$392,375
ROYALTYHASARRIVED [Western Terror - Her Mattjesty]$15,000$389,237
BOOTS N CHAINS [Yankee Glide - Celebrity Liza]$75,000$382,646
BOLI [Kadabra - Pizza Dolce]$110,000$382,488
LONE SURVIVOR [Art Major - Wenditions]$14,000$379,847
RULES OF THE ROAD [Muscle Hill - Right On Renee]$12,000$377,497
THE SHOW RETURNS [Rocknroll Hanover - Stienam's Place]$180,000$377,327
PERFECT BET [Bettor's Delight - Perfectionist]$30,000$375,853
JUANITAS FURY [Kadabra - Gramolas Image]$42,000$365,191
SOMEWHERE SWEET [Somebeachsomewhere - Sweet Work Of Art]$80,000$356,309
FROST DAMAGE BLUES [Western Ideal - Art Matters]$6,000$339,864
CINNABAR HALL [Groton Hall - Charm's Chip]$50,000$337,390
KELSEY'S KEEPSAKE [Yankee Glide - Distaff]$35,000$337,187
BRUCE'S MAGIC [Rocknroll Hanover - Special Magic]$65,000$337,170
FINISH LINE [Yankee Glide - Calchips Finisher]$50,000$336,737
CAST NO SHADOW [Shadow Play - Hypnotize]$13,000$334,225
FINDING TERROR [Western Terror - Mystical Moonbeam]$8,000$327,022
SOUTHWIND MASIMO [Bettor's Delight - Max's Leading Lady]$65,000$321,315
AMORA BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Amora Hanover]$100,000$308,596
TOWN TEMPTRESS [Artiscape - Tura Hanover]$20,000$305,008
FREEDOMFORMYSOUL [If I Can Dream - Hello Grin]$12,000$304,262
MARQUIS VOLO [Credit Winner - Margarita Momma]$180,000$303,167
TAIL GUNNER HALL [Third Straight - Treasure Coast]$27,000$299,144
TEAM CAPTAIN [Cam's Card Shark - Panfastic]$25,000$292,672
SHADES OF BAY [Art Major - Maid In Shade]$40,000$291,758
BOOK BINGE [Art Colony - Open Book]$30,000$289,744
FOCUS POWER [Shadow Play - Luv's For Ever]$50,000$288,512
DOCTOR TERROR [Western Terror - Doctor Seth]$10,000$287,973
RALPH R [Muscle Massive - Aiken For Clay]$25,000$286,959
GALLERY OPENING [Western Terror - National Gallery]$10,000$280,396
ONEISALONELYNUMBER [Bettor's Delight - No One Is Alone]$62,000$278,477
TOP DOLLAR [Deweycheatumnhowe - Mom's Millionaire]$55,000$274,984
FULL ON ROCKNROLL [Rocknroll Hanover - Full Dance Card]$19,000$273,118
MAURICE [Rock N Roll Heaven - Armbro Abstract]$45,000$269,658
GWENEEEE J [American Ideal - Shot Togo Bluechip]$145,000$267,557
SPEAKING OUT [Bettor's Delight - Red Carpet Queen]$75,000$264,814
SARCY [Donato Hanover - Southwind Allaire]$37,000$261,333
SOUTHWIND TORQUE [Somebeachsomewhere - Tsunami Hanover]$100,000$256,392
ASAP HANOVER [Somebeachsomewhere - Allamerican Coed]$150,000$255,582
SPORTS CHIC [Sportswriter - Vesta Blue Chip]$35,000$254,738
TATARIA [Four Starzzz Shark - Pure Prize]$10,000$250,326
MAC'S SECURE [Mcardle - Secure Hanover]$14,000$247,564
SHE'S HEAVENLY [Rock N Roll Heaven - Hedgie Blue Chip]$75,000$242,987
MACHUCA [Yankee Glide - Tail Of Night]$30,000$241,401
SHIPPEN OUT [Badlands Hanover - Shipps Bikini]$9,000$239,819
MONOPOLY BLUE CHIP [Donato Hanover - Winning Jonlin]$95,000$239,116
BIG EXPENSE [Lucky Chucky - Bankers Audit]$13,000$238,763
SOUTHWIND MOZART [Muscle Hill - Missymae Bluestone]$40,000$235,867
SOUTHWIND INDY [Sportswriter - Its Only Rocknroll]$45,000$235,608
MAAJAACKKOBE [Bettor's Delight - Brain Storm]$8,000$231,304
NATURAL KEMP [Muscles Yankee - Impressive Kemp]$140,000$228,185
SILVERMASS VOLO [Muscle Massive - Silver Springs]$35,000$227,134
IF YOU WANT FIRE [Bettor's Delight - Dream Of Treasure]$50,000$227,090
TRUST FUND BABY [Cantab Hall - Annuity Hanover]$77,000$226,515
COMMENTARY [Conway Hall - Social Image]$35,000$225,725
ARIELLE LYNN [Somebeachsomewhere - Ladyking]$50,000$221,696
ROSE RUN QUEST [If I Can Dream - Letmedowneasy]$35,000$221,377
TYD THEGLYDE [Well Said - Chocolate Art]$19,000$220,995
SHAKAI HANOVER [Well Said - She's A Fan]$45,000$218,543
WESTERN YOUNG GUN [Western Ideal - I've Got The Life]$15,000$215,245
ARTS JEM [Art Official - Midnight Jewel]$25,000$215,225
STORM POINT [Somebeachsomewhere - Limestone Cowgirl]$135,000$214,741
SUIT AND TIE [Andover Hall - Warrawee Krisp]$30,000$213,573
DOUBLEDAY [Crazed - Sandra Victory]$13,000$212,318
HEAVEN ROCKS [Rock N Roll Heaven - Cheerful Outlook]$87,000$211,497
OUR HOT MAJORETTE [Art Major - She's So Hot]$85,000$205,105
CAPT SERIOUS [Explosive Matter - Village Ballet]$42,000$204,750
HURRIKANE ALI [Rocknroll Hanover - She's The Greatest]$63,000$204,708
ZORAZE [Crazed - Victoria Volo]$18,000$203,808
HIPNUMBERONE [American Ideal - Duncans Artsplace]$45,000$202,883
POKERFACE [Art Major - Acey Deucey]$16,000$199,857
SMART AS A WHIP [Donato Hanover - Smarter Than Smart]$62,000$197,121
MYSHARONA BLUECHIP [Rock N Roll Heaven - Mariah Blue Chip]$45,000$197,021
LOCK DOWN LINDY [Lucky Chucky - Love Lockdown]$40,000$192,929
DRAGON EDDY [Dragon Again - Jaska Hanover]$42,000$191,867
MOREMERCY BLUECHIP [Rock N Roll Heaven - Mercy Mercy Mercy]$80,000$190,568
YES YOU CAN [If I Can Dream - Cantbuymehappiness]$40,000$190,524
B WELL [Well Said - Ms Amanda B]$22,000$187,679
KAYS DRAGON LADY [Dragon Again - Warrawee Kay]$65,000$187,215
CODE ONE HANOVER [Sportswriter - Current Hanover]$75,000$184,377
SUCHASENSEOFHUMOR [Rock N Roll Heaven - Don't You Smile]$120,000$181,152
PUT ON THE DAY [Chocolatier - Possess Me]$9,000$179,433
SOUTHWIND MISCHIEF [Sportswriter - Mondiane Hanover]$62,000$177,398
DRAGON N KICKIN [Dragon Again - Eicarls Valentine]$20,000$176,383
A PLUS [American Ideal - Has An Attitude]$30,000$175,384
DIRECTING TRAFFIC [Real Desire - Park It Ashley]$16,000$173,393
BOB BEN AND JOHN [Sportswriter - My Best Girl]$17,000$172,995
READ THE PROPOSAL [Bettor's Delight - Hornby Lucky]$82,000$172,981
RICH WISDOM [Dragon Again - Wisdom]$30,000$172,057
KG ROCKS [Rock N Roll Heaven - Kg Delight]$27,000$171,379
THINK AGAIN [Art Major - Remember When]$100,000$168,756
SOBORO HANOVER [Donato Hanover - Star Hanover]$75,000$167,011
NUNKERI [Lucky Chucky - Lavern Lavec]$13,000$166,984
PIERCE HANOVER [Cam's Card Shark - Panned Out]$38,000$166,829
SMART ZONE [Rocknroll Hanover - Open Book Test]$48,000$164,015
WHOM SHALL I FEAR [Cantab Hall - Gala Dream]$475,000$162,492
ROOSTER RABBIT [Rocknroll Hanover - Economic Clout]$37,000$161,784
DAUT FULL [Art Major - Thereal Ideal]$75,000$158,994
WHAT A PEACH [Angus Hall - So Peachy]$15,000$156,678
HALL OF TERROR [Western Terror - Maytime Hall]$67,000$155,731
TERROR AINT A FOOL [Western Terror - Aint A Fool Ok]$15,000$154,060
SCENTED ROSES [Cantab Hall - Scent Of A Woman]$42,000$153,104
SOUTHWIND STRYKER [Muscle Hill - Soxeelady]$40,000$153,096
SHAQLINE [Credit Winner - Vivica Hall]$120,000$151,004
GIFTED WAY [Cantab Hall - Rare Gift]$170,000$149,684
WORKOUT WONDER [Conway Hall - Dear Abs]$70,000$148,810
SPECIAL PACKAGE [Western Terror - Tootsie J]$22,000$148,144
LET'S BE HONEST [Deweycheatumnhowe - Birdsong Hanover]$21,000$146,521
MURDERERS ROW [Donato Hanover - Housethatruthbuilt]$65,000$146,256
STAR GUITAR [Rocknroll Hanover - Ineverwearum]$9,000$144,419
B STERN [Bettor's Delight - Odds On Beth]$5,000$144,333
ESKIMO JOE [Credit Winner - New Hampshire Girl]$70,000$141,132
A ROD HALL [Deweycheatumnhowe - Armbro Archer]$30,000$137,377
TANGO PIRATE [Crazed - Celia Bleue]$2,000$136,554
DIVISIONIST [Andover Hall - Only Lonely]$40,000$136,428
CRESCENT CITY [Rocknroll Hanover - Mississippi River]$10,000$135,488
B SEVENTEEN [Art Major - Armbro Bombay]$125,000$134,410
BETTER TO BE LUCKY [Lucky Chucky - Cantab's Chorine]$70,000$133,572
DEMONS N DIAMONDS [Muscle Hill - Half Ours]$20,000$132,731
BLUE MUSE [Muscles Yankee - Upside Blue Chip]$20,000$132,015
SHADOW ME THEMONEY [Shadow Play - I'm All In]$37,000$131,689
BEE THE QUEEN [Donato Hanover - Bee Line]$40,000$128,974
STEUBEN GLADIATOR [Somebeachsomewhere - Unblemished]$25,000$128,573
HALF PAST SEVEN [Western Terror - She's Eligible]$10,000$128,494
SHOW BIZ HALL [Deweycheatumnhowe - Sugar N Chips]$32,000$125,883
TRUE BLUE HALL [Third Straight - Tabloid]$16,000$125,418
J EAGLE FEATHER [Bettor's Delight - Town Feather]$100,000$122,895
MCENROE HALL [Third Straight - Margin Blue Chip]$28,000$122,796
COLBERT [Cantab Hall - Domestic Diva]$175,000$122,028
BIN N HEAVEN [Rock N Roll Heaven - Binions]$75,000$121,975
STOVER [Rocknroll Hanover - Art's Fantasy]$65,000$121,769
CARIBBEAN BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Caribbean]$140,000$121,763
SOUTHWIND JOKER [Dragon Again - Juliet's Fate]$32,000$120,609
HAPPY BECKY [Cam's Card Shark - Happy Doris]$30,000$118,384
COOL REWARD [Bettor's Delight - Natchitoches]$25,000$116,724
PACIFIC STRIDE [Art Major - Terri Hall]$100,000$116,701
REMEMBER TERROR [Western Terror - Always Remember]$15,000$116,573
IDEAL SPACE [Western Ideal - Green Space]$5,000$116,283
INTHENAMEOFJAMES [Western Terror - Justasign Hanover]$3,000$115,397
I WONDER WHY [Ponder - Model A]$12,000$113,457
ASPEN CALIFORNIA [Kadabra - Day For Night]$10,000$113,354
ANG'S DELIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Shady Darling]$38,000$111,448
DOBRE POVEDANE [Well Said - Vysoke Tatry]$45,000$110,450
TRY N KEEP UP [Western Terror - By Your Side]$11,000$109,891
SHOWTIME TERROR [Western Terror - Show Time]$35,000$108,826
HEX [Shark Gesture - Witchcraft]$17,000$108,294
LUCKY TEN K [Lucky Chucky - Promising Deal]$50,000$108,050
MR LUCKY LUKE [Lucky Chucky - Graceful Touch]$450,000$106,311
LIMA PRIDE [Muscle Massive - Pacific Legacy]$25,000$105,746
SAMMY DE VIE [Credit Winner - On Broadway De Vie]$27,000$101,827
VRAKA HANOVER [Art Major - Vasmajorty Hanover]$70,000$101,226
HEAVEN ON EARTH [Rock N Roll Heaven - Mango Hanover]$10,000$100,630
YEARLING [Sire - Dam] — 11-Year-Olds sold in 2012Sold For Earnings
FATHER PATRICK [Cantab Hall - Gala Dream]$105,000$2,558,133
LUCK BE WITHYOU [Western Ideal - Trim Hanover]$77,000$1,454,166
IL SOGNO DREAM [Cantab Hall - Le Reve]$40,000$1,128,533
LIFETIME PURSUIT [Cantab Hall - Queen Of Grace]$60,000$1,065,586
TRIXTON [Muscle Hill - Emilie Cas El]$360,000$947,057
OUTBURST [Explosive Matter - Exquisite Lady]$33,000$914,871
RIVETING ROSIE [Muscle Mass - Rose De Vie Stena]$17,000$903,520
SKIPPIN BY [Shadow Play - Southern Magnolia]$5,000$882,289
LET'S DRINK ON IT [Art Official - Letmedowneasy]$12,000$851,927
SCANDALICIOUS [American Ideal - The Company Store]$17,000$822,509
ALLSTAR PARTNER [Four Starzzz Shark - Faithful Ideal]$10,000$816,386
SOMEWHERE FANCY [Somebeachsomewhere - Fanciful Hanover]$40,000$809,963
UFFIZI HANOVER [Well Said - Up Front Dragonfly]$100,000$746,552
BUSHWACKER [Rocknroll Hanover - Dolphins Can Talk]$135,000$743,808
FORTY FIVE RED [If I Can Dream - Sakura Hanover]$105,000$736,898
EMPRESS DEO [Rocknroll Hanover - Little Miss K]$27,000$688,159
LORD OF MISRULE [Mcardle - Ribbons And Bows]$23,000$673,474
WILD AND CRAZY GUY [Crazed - My Baby's Momma]$14,000$669,835
BEAT THE DRUM [Tell All - Pop Diva]$17,000$591,824
THE LUNCH PAIL [Yankee Cruiser - Noble Marty]$44,000$568,342
BETTOREVER [Bettor's Delight - Forever Cam]$80,000$564,830
ALWAYS THE SUN [Always A Virgin - Summers Soul]$10,000$563,990
ACT NOW [Western Ideal - Cpa]$40,000$532,067
EXHILARATED [Mach Three - Animated Art]$9,000$525,472
CLASS SIX [Western Ideal - Can Du River]$22,000$520,489
ARCHETTO HANOVER [Bettor's Delight - Arts Masterpiece]$67,000$506,365
SOUTHWIND SILENCE [Well Said - Southwind Solara]$60,000$504,496
AT PRESS TIME [Western Terror - So Right]$23,000$500,596
SKYFUL OF LIGHTERS [Bettor's Delight - Lisheen]$150,000$490,864
HIDDEN LAND [Badlands Hanover - Armbro Ocasey]$42,000$487,352
JENERAL PATTON [Art Major - Time N Again]$105,000$470,404
ALSO ENCOURAGING [Western Terror - Magic Moments]$12,000$455,703
CHINA DREAM [If I Can Dream - China Art]$15,000$430,222
TYRA [Mcardle - Pernilla]$10,000$423,650
SPORTS SINNER [Western Ideal - Ms Christine Fra]$31,000$406,051
CRUSOE HANOVER [Somebeachsomewhere - Castaway Hanover]$42,000$402,772
WESTERN VINTAGE [Western Ideal - Major Harmony]$7,000$402,478
DO YOUR JOB [Western Terror - Tootsie J]$15,000$398,498
SWEETNSINFUL [American Ideal - Ali Badali]$15,000$392,515
SWEET BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Sweet Paprika]$100,000$389,392
SOUTHWIND SPIRIT [Muscle Hill - Spice On Ice]$105,000$377,495
MASSIVE TALENT [Muscle Mass - Stonebridge Marita]$35,000$355,184
FANTICIPATION [Rocknroll Hanover - Real Fanfare]$13,000$344,868
GLOIRE DREAM [In Dix Huit - Grande Armee]$23,000$344,044
LUCY'S PEARL [Well Said - Remember When]$23,000$341,213
AVALANCHE HANOVER [Somebeachsomewhere - Anadarko Hanover]$200,000$340,050
ALLSTAR RATING [Four Starzzz Shark - Credit Rating]$25,000$340,042
RESPECTABLE DREAM [If I Can Dream - Respectable]$20,000$335,897
ENTRANCED [Kadabra - Purple Haze]$50,000$335,256
MAXI BON [Somebeachsomewhere - Knock Three Times]$125,000$325,569
IDEAL MAGIC [American Ideal - Special Magic]$52,000$319,014
NAKED CITY [The Panderosa - Keep Your Pans Off]$28,000$312,268
BEACHY DREAM [If I Can Dream - Beachy Girl]$40,000$303,275
ADVERSITY [Yankee Glide - Mazda Hanover]$8,000$293,454
GOLD ROCKS [Rocknroll Hanover - Full Of Gold]$15,000$291,882
BIG TURN ON [Mister Big - Turn On The Jets]$15,000$290,388
BLOOMING GENIUS [Quik Pulse Mindale - Hasty Dewar]$16,000$289,887
QUOTABLE QUOTES [Well Said - Ambootia]$10,000$288,475
COMPANY MAN [American Ideal - Rita Hall]$15,000$287,720
MEAN PAULINE [If I Can Dream - Rock Ness Monster]$27,000$280,314
CLASSIC BELISIMA [Crazed - Classic Yankee]$30,000$274,660
SOUTHWIND SCORPION [Art Major - Swifty's Best]$37,000$270,245
SEW PSYCHED [Western Terror - Retail Therapy]$4,000$265,602
KINGS BARNS [Western Terror - Babylon Sister]$25,000$262,397
SONG IN MY HEART [Cantab Hall - Somolli Song]$80,000$262,055
GRANDPA DON [Rocknroll Hanover - Art's Fantasy]$47,000$261,765
FORT KNOX [American Ideal - The Art Museum]$110,000$261,256
BROADWAY SOCKS [Broadway Hall - I Gotta Feelin]$35,000$257,005
EVERY PLAY COUNTS [Western Terror - Every Play]$7,000$256,999
FIRST OF ITSKIND [Western Terror - Beach Crystal]$6,000$254,546
BONDI HANOVER [Somebeachsomewhere - Bunny Lake]$90,000$252,456
MUSCLE BABE [Muscle Mass - Oaklea Odessa]$15,000$250,630
SUPERFICIAL [Art Official - Lovin A Fool]$21,000$250,050
MISTER ANSON [Conway Hall - Berry Nice Muscles]$87,000$249,457
MAN OF MUSCLE [Muscle Mass - Jim's Girl]$10,000$248,763
WORKANDPLAYHARD [Western Terror - Slice Of Life]$30,000$240,653
SILVERHILL VOLO [Muscle Hill - Silver Springs]$120,000$238,979
SAND SONYA [Western Ideal - Oath]$1,000$238,223
PREPARTY [Somebeachsomewhere - Speed Date]$42,000$229,861
MONTALBANO BI [Donato Hanover - Gulfstream It]$50,000$228,694
BEST SAID [Well Said - Dream Of Treasure]$70,000$228,355
LAST BEST CHANCE [Cambest - Pinehurst Lady]$12,000$222,025
WICKED BUSINESS [Art Official - Devil Dancer]$15,000$219,880
CHOCOLATE XPLOSION [Chocolatier - Uncommon Scents]$33,000$219,231
REDISCOVERY [Tell All - Dream Card]$6,000$213,017
MAGNIFIQUE [Tell All - Jardin Des Arts]$4,000$211,930
SHE'S DA BOMB [Art Major - Armbro Bombay]$100,000$211,346
VERY LOUDLY [Western Terror - Dhb Six]$10,000$206,845
VALENTINA DE VIE [Bettor's Delight - Flibbertigibbet]$50,000$202,882
DRAMA FREE [Deweycheatumnhowe - Celebrity Sweedie]$29,000$202,362
RAMBLINGAMBLINMAN [Lis Mara - Armbro Althea]$13,000$200,244
CHECKOUT TERROR [Western Terror - Checkouttheview]$7,000$197,646
STANHOPE [Somebeachsomewhere - Best Of Memories]$60,000$193,085
A PERFECT GEM [Yankee Glide - Asixpakfromperfect]$87,000$192,986
FOR A BETTOR TIME [Bettor's Delight - Kats Treasure]$20,000$190,739
WINDS OF TERROR [Western Terror - Southwind Laurel]$40,000$189,644
ROCKNROLL REALITY [Rocknroll Hanover - Art's Reality]$45,000$189,377
BARBARIAN [Somebeachsomewhere - Righteous Renee]$170,000$188,891
HILLUSTRIOUS [Muscle Hill - Mom's Millionaire]$56,000$188,851
BETTOR BELIEVE IT [Bettor's Delight - Queen Otra]$75,000$185,896
CHIVAREE HANOVER [Muscle Hill - Celebrity Nike]$12,000$185,147
SHEER ACTION [Deweycheatumnhowe - Banza Hanover]$25,000$180,394
CZECH IT OUT [Explosive Matter - Ms Kristin]$27,000$178,610
AMERICAN ALIVE [American Ideal - So Alive]$13,000$175,715
SUNSET DREAMER [Western Ideal - Artomatic]$20,000$173,855
ROCKSTAR STRIDE [Rocknroll Hanover - Stienam's Place]$300,000$173,240
HE'S GOT IT [The Panderosa - Tiger Style]$35,000$172,555
THAT'S SOME PLAN [Somebeachsomewhere - That's The Plan]$130,000$171,997
LIGHTNING FORCE [Muscle Hill - Lightning Flower]$80,000$169,906
WELL DID [Well Said - Marnie Hall]$70,000$167,517
WELL BUILT [Muscle Hill - Working Girl]$30,000$165,917
SOUTHWIND SERENITY [Real Desire - Shady Darling]$30,000$165,402
WINNING DESIGN [Rocknroll Hanover - Artistic Vision]$120,000$162,350
REAL DRAMA [Real Desire - Ladyjack]$5,000$160,295
STIRLING CORDELIA [Mcardle - Belle Reve]$12,000$159,618
BRISTOL BAY [Somebeachsomewhere - Terri Hall]$70,000$155,803
GOOD LUCK [Four Starzzz Shark - Ms Mirabelle]$2,000$155,593
CHEERS N BEERS [Western Terror - Bare Legs]$7,000$154,969
CLASS ME NICE [Angus Hall - Please Be Nice]$8,000$154,502
DONATO'S WISH [Donato Hanover - American Wish]$105,000$154,011
STIRLING CADILLAC [Bettor's Delight - Village Jato]$25,000$152,593
MAXIMUS DEO [Muscles Yankee - Doris Deo]$10,000$151,619
PRAY WITH ME [Broadway Hall - Hail Mary Hanover]$10,000$149,378
COVER UP HALL [Badlands Hanover - Topless Hall]$8,000$148,490
HIGHEST PEAK [Andover Hall - Highland Glider]$40,000$148,270
HEART FELT [Well Said - Btwnyurheartnmine]$40,000$147,510
OUTSOURCED HANOVER [Donato Hanover - Oaklea Opal]$27,000$145,137
ENERGY SHAKES [Western Terror - Her Mattjesty]$20,000$145,061
MISTER CHAOS [Art Official - Because I Said So]$6,000$144,983
DONTMESWITHTHEBEST [Western Terror - Numberone Treasure]$20,000$143,773
DONT TELL WAYNE [Tell All - Perfectionist]$11,000$143,215
PALM BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Duncans Artsplace]$27,000$142,659
WOGGY ROCKS [Rocknroll Hanover - Soggy Woggy]$9,000$137,335
SWEET JESSE T [Cash Hall - Rucoucou]$10,000$136,980
PILLAGE AND BURN [Cam's Card Shark - Sky Yankee]$6,000$135,928
MARATHON MAN [Glidemaster - Armbro Everlasting]$10,000$134,708
ANOTHER TRANSCRIPT [Donato Hanover - Lady Lifter]$20,000$133,656
CAPTURETHEMEMORY [Angus Hall - Candidcamerakosmos]$12,000$132,424
ONE LAST ROADIE [Art Major - Town Sweetheart]$40,000$131,363
ACE OF SHARKS [Cam's Card Shark - Annacrombie]$18,000$131,058
DREAM ON DREAM ON [If I Can Dream - Phillips Hanover]$2,000$128,079
CASE DISMISSED [Western Terror - Lady Annie]$11,000$128,004
DRAGON TOWN [Dragon Again - Town Pro Miss]$28,000$127,243
SHERKIN HANOVER [Somebeachsomewhere - Special Beauty]$67,000$123,085
TWO HIP DIP [Glidemaster - Mayflower Volo]$16,000$121,692
CANTTAKEITWITHYOU [Real Desire - Winbak Pam]$5,000$121,315
EXPLOSIVE DE VIE [Explosive Matter - Ava]$50,000$120,470
TOSCA [Muscle Mass - Southern Senorita]$50,000$118,754
BIKINI SO TEENY [Yankee Glide - Momsgotitgoinon]$12,000$118,223
HARE TO ETERNITY [Mister Big - Hare Trigger]$20,000$117,837
CRAZOLO [Crazed - Stroke Play]$41,000$117,090
DRESS FOR SUCCESS [Infinitif - Padme Hanover]$18,000$115,379
LIGHTER HANOVER [Explosive Matter - Lady Bar]$50,000$113,291
R RIVER DELL [Mcardle - Tug River Dell]$15,000$112,594
STIRLING CAMEO [Art Major - Midsummer Delight]$3,000$112,463
BEFORE I DIE [Chocolatier - Naked Lyric]$25,000$111,994
SJ'S ENCORE [Sj's Caviar - Playmate Encore]$10,000$111,844
EL CHIVATO [Western Terror - Dramatic Approach]$11,000$111,275
GLASS SHADOW [Shadow Play - Glass Maker]$10,000$109,931
GRAMMAS GIRL [Donato Hanover - Gramolas Image]$35,000$109,245
STONE COLD SHARK [Four Starzzz Shark - Precious Stone]$24,000$108,580
BETTOR AND BOLD [Bettor's Delight - Impertinent]$5,000$108,314
QUIKWIT [Muscle Hill - Twitty]$100,000$107,325
BLOCKING THE WAY [Yankee Glide - Duchess Of Lindy]$65,000$107,230
ENGAGEDATLEXINGTON [Conway Hall - Oaklea Quill]$11,000$105,889
WRITE THAT DOWN [Crazed - Mark Ye Well]$16,000$105,732
CRAZZYCRAZZY [Crazed - Striking Vintage]$27,000$104,798
MUSCERENE [Muscle Hill - Queen Serene]$125,000$103,986
DANICA HALL [Deweycheatumnhowe - Debbie Hall]$14,000$103,850
INSTANT RESPECT [Art Major - Monkeys Can Sing]$90,000$102,481
ROCK N DELIGHT [Rocknroll Hanover - Darlin's Delight]$230,000$101,391
YEARLING [Sire - Dam] — 12-Year-Olds sold in 2011Sold For Earnings
CAPTAINTREACHEROUS [Somebeachsomewhere - Worldly Treasure]$250,000$3,148,657
I LUV THE NITELIFE [Rocknroll Hanover - Lisjune]$60,000$1,944,667
SPIDER BLUE CHIP [Andover Hall - Southwind Catlin]$60,000$1,264,522
VEGAS VACATION [Bettor's Delight - Don't You Smile]$32,000$1,162,272
VENUS DELIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Venus Killean]$13,000$1,146,981
DEWYCOLORINTHELINE [Deweycheatumnhowe - Magenta Hall]$110,000$1,023,841
APPRENTICE HANOVER [Somebeachsomewhere - Allamerican Nadia]$90,000$983,118
WAKE UP PETER [Rocknroll Hanover - Lovely Lady]$20,000$907,535
CORKY [Muscles Yankee - Clarice Marie]$100,000$897,465
BLATANTLY BEST [Cambest - Garish]$9,000$855,428
THERAPUTIC [Crazed - Psychotherapist]$40,000$785,352
DUEL IN THE SUN [Cambest - Magical Western]$19,000$710,145
MA CHERE HALL [Deweycheatumnhowe - Margarita Hall]$18,000$689,641
SWEET TALKIN SATIN [Always A Virgin - Silky Satin]$30,000$673,662
LATEST DESIRE [Real Desire - Latest Design]$17,000$670,782
EMERITUS MAXIMUS [Rocknroll Hanover - Eternity's Delight]$20,000$658,760
GOOD DAY MATE [Christian Cullen - Stienam's Place]$170,000$654,170
REQUEST FOR PAROLE [Badlands Hanover - Give Me Life]$82,000$619,432
HANDSOFFMYCUPCAKE [Christian Cullen - Love You Forty]$20,000$610,795
APERFECTYANKEE [Yankee Glide - Asixpakfromperfect]$55,000$588,369
MASTER OF LAW [Deweycheatumnhowe - Possess The Magic]$70,000$536,651
TRACK MASTER D [Bettor's Delight - Queen Otra]$32,000$524,940
MOONLITEONTHEBEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Sweet Paprika]$90,000$519,102
WORD POWER [Western Ideal - Lush Limbaugh]$13,000$506,224
TIME TO KILL [Muscles Yankee - Are You Ready]$25,000$495,199
MISTERY WOMAN [Donato Hanover - My Dolly's Dream]$102,000$480,360
VALLEY OF SIN [Yankee Glide - Anklet Hanover]$20,000$478,121
J C ONTHEBEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Marnie Hall]$35,000$474,867
NIKKI BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Western Wisdom]$90,000$474,495
PENN [Master Glide - Photo Queen]$4,000$472,360
PINE CREDIT [Credit Winner - Ms Piggy Pine]$19,000$450,569
TWISTED PRETZEL [Crazed - Pretzel Hanover]$10,000$448,702
CAROLS DESIRE [Real Desire - Carolache]$25,000$442,643
SAILER EDDIE [Cantab Hall - Flirtin Victory]$50,000$441,411
SIR CARY'S Z TAM [Bettor's Delight - Yankee Celebration]$22,000$440,927
ALL LAID OUT [Yankee Glide - Adelaide Hall]$32,000$432,460
EXEMPLAR [Andover Hall - Southwind Serena]$65,000$431,624
THIRTY TWO RED [Bettor's Delight - Sakura Hanover]$70,000$431,205
DON'T YA KNOW [Western Ideal - Caviart Vegas]$25,000$414,402
SMOOTHER RIDE [Yankee Glide - Mazda Hanover]$22,000$411,118
LOLA DE VIE [Credit Winner - Fan Favourite]$25,000$409,523
JUST MAKE BELIEVE [Kadabra - Porsche Hall]$65,000$407,890
AHDOUGHNOLUM [Rocknroll Hanover - Cohenikova]$10,000$404,255
RESISTANCE FUTILE [Real Desire - Capelo Rose]$33,000$402,595
TWINCREEKS JESSE [Real Artist - Happy Jinny]$4,000$402,533
HERE COMES SWIFTY [Somebeachsomewhere - Cam Swifty]$80,000$399,893
AND WE'LL SEE YA [Tell All - Classical Lady]$2,000$398,405
JOHNY ROCK [Rocknroll Hanover - Soggy Britches]$60,000$397,998
CHARGER BLUE CHIP [Rocknroll Hanover - Cantor's Daughter]$30,000$382,741
SHARK FANTASY [Four Starzzz Shark - Fantasizer]$15,000$372,119
DAVID'S DREAM [Western Terror - Bouncing Hanover]$72,000$365,585
LIGHTS GO OUT [Western Ideal - Lola]$10,000$357,783
SOCIAL SCENE [American Ideal - On The Catwalk]$37,000$347,481
LEX VEGAS [Christian Cullen - Just Call Me Angel]$6,000$339,942
OHMYBELLE [Ponder - My Best Girl]$11,000$339,375
JURGEN HANOVER [Credit Winner - Yassi Hanover]$50,000$337,131
BLUTO [Donato Hanover - Blur]$45,000$336,525
PARLEE BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Countryview Miss]$80,000$331,249
CHAMPAGNE TONIGHT [Western Terror - Lake Shore Drive]$8,000$330,521
ARTIST NIGHT [American Ideal - Midnight Art]$45,000$327,383
SOURCE OF PRIDE [American Ideal - Trim Hanover]$280,000$322,734
NASSAU COUNTY [Somebeachsomewhere - Tsunami Hanover]$110,000$318,498
MYSTICAL DEW [Deweycheatumnhowe - Perugia]$20,000$317,892
ALHAMBRA [Art Major - Bon Mot]$17,000$313,999
MATTIE TERROR GIRL [Western Terror - Mattcheck Girl]$150,000$312,824
BELLE BOYD [Art Major - Yankee Luck]$90,000$301,828
SMART ROKKER [Rocknroll Hanover - Sass Newton]$50,000$300,666
MISSSOMEBEACH BLUE [Somebeachsomewhere - Amber Blue Chip]$8,000$300,360
SOME KINDA BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Art's Fantasy]$90,000$297,754
LEAVEUMLADY [Mach Three - Four Starzzzz Hope]$17,000$295,660
SING LIKE AN ANGEL [Bettor's Delight - Place At The Table]$25,000$295,438
MY MAN CAN [Cantab Hall - Woman Of Strength]$32,000$293,609
TIME TO QUIT [Chocolatier - Lovable Truth]$2,000$285,377
WALKS OF LIFE [Western Ideal - Maytime Hall]$50,000$281,938
FINNISH FIRST [Somebeachsomewhere - Feel Life]$65,000$279,020
JONES BEACH [Somebeachsomewhere - Sweet On Art]$50,000$278,481
ROLLS BLUE CHIP [Credit Winner - Reven Crown]$65,000$277,669
COUGAR HALL [Somebeachsomewhere - Cirque De Soleil]$100,000$277,381
SOUTHWIND COCOA [Chocolatier - Missymae Bluestone]$6,000$277,097
CLEMENTINE DREAM [Infinitif - Catch Fortuna]$27,000$269,428
MOROSITA BI [Equinox Bi - Norse Sunshine]$10,000$257,574
CARD KNOCK LIFE [Western Ideal - Schoolofcardknocks]$50,000$255,806
REAL ROCKER [Rocknroll Hanover - Real Successful]$75,000$250,682
PERFECT ALLIANCE [Credit Winner - Yalta Hanover]$75,000$249,788
SENOR GRANDE [Art Major - World's Sweetheart]$147,000$246,662
A LIST [Ponder - Model A]$5,500$246,197
SOME HEART THROB [Somebeachsomewhere - Oneinamilliongirl]$12,000$244,648
ANTIGUA HANOVER [Somebeachsomewhere - Appleonia-Art]$70,000$242,853
WINEMASTER HANOVER [Donato Hanover - Wishful Me]$45,000$242,821
SHOCK IT TO 'EM [Western Terror - Tootsie J]$120,000$240,621
HELD IN BALANCE [Valley Victor - Balanced Scale]$8,500$237,784
BEAUTIFUL ARTIST [Real Artist - Buenavista Hanover]$9,000$230,272
MAXIMUM TERROR [Western Terror - Htf Cocoa]$20,000$229,559
SCOTTISH BLUE [Angus Hall - Blue And Blue]$9,000$229,353
HE ROCKS THE MOON [Rocknroll Hanover - Moonlit Bay]$65,000$227,946
HE'S A LOCK [Bettor's Delight - Musical Dreamer]$40,000$227,057
MEETBEHINDTHEBARN [Western Terror - Meet Me Later]$17,000$226,757
DENY DENY DENY [Art Major - Fool For You]$30,000$225,674
BREW MASTER [Glidemaster - Dance Girl Dance]$16,000$225,624
CAVEAT EMPTOR [Deweycheatumnhowe - Venus Hall]$60,000$225,210
COME AND GET'EM [Western Terror - Cheryl Hanover]$15,000$223,706
TRUE REFLECTION [Western Ideal - Real Reflection]$22,000$222,161
GETITOFFYOURCHEST [Tell All - Jolie Hanover]$3,000$216,565
DONTCH REMEMBER [Western Terror - Dreamsicle]$5,000$216,243
COOL LIKE FIRE [Art Major - Yankee Lacey]$7,000$210,528
CORLEONE HALL [Deweycheatumnhowe - Canne Angus]$50,000$203,341
BETTOR THINK TWICE [Bettor's Delight - Island Estate]$16,000$202,288
PRONOLOGY Z TAM [Western Terror - Makeasignofpeace]$47,000$201,912
ALPHADOODLE [Credit Winner - Ella Minnow Pea]$85,000$196,692
SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK [Kadabra - Add A Lil Bourbon]$15,000$194,842
VAYA CON DIOS [Conway Hall - Only Lonely]$42,000$192,772
JK BLACK BEAUTY [Bettor's Delight - My Sisters A Champ]$60,000$191,027
DRUNKEN TERROR [Western Terror - Hawaiian Drink]$100,000$189,232
UILLEANN [Mcardle - Southwind Piper]$25,000$188,382
YUCATAN [Somebeachsomewhere - Platinum Hanover]$100,000$188,109
CANTAB ABS [Cantab Hall - Apecs]$75,000$186,931
DILIGENT PROSPECT [Ponder - Odds On The Hat]$20,000$185,195
WILCOX [Somebeachsomewhere - Dark Secret]$110,000$184,292
DEADLIEST CATCH [Chocolatier - Love You Most]$15,000$184,175
HIT THE CURB [Art Major - Student Driver]$80,000$184,160
TEAM SIX [Yankee Glide - Armbro Vanquish]$200,000$183,800
ROCKIN GLORY [Rocknroll Hanover - Bound For Glory]$35,000$179,287
POWER ROCK [Rocknroll Hanover - Southwind Vanna]$45,000$178,796
BOOTS N BOURBON [Western Terror - Kisses N Candy]$57,000$177,920
MISS STEELE [Muscles Yankee - Edith's Chip]$22,000$176,610
SUPER CLASSIC [Muscles Yankee - Classic N Lindy]$37,000$175,787
FLEETWOOD HALL [Deweycheatumnhowe - Flamingo Bingo]$18,000$173,552
BIGRISK [Somebeachsomewhere - Artistic Vision]$450,000$172,052
NORMANDY INVASION [Somebeachsomewhere - Under Your Spell]$40,000$171,993
DOUBELIEVEINMAGIC [Western Terror - Hawaiian Beachlady]$70,000$169,728
MILITIA MAN [Art Major - Odds On Beth]$65,000$168,473
WOMAN OF TERROR [Western Terror - Woman Rebels]$25,000$168,441
THISTLE DHU [Donato Hanover - Yankee Topaz]$60,000$168,233
FASTER FASTER [Bettor's Delight - Speed Date]$22,000$167,734
SO LONG MY LOVE [American Ideal - Letmedowneasy]$14,000$165,018
REAL ILLUSION [Real Desire - Special Magic]$80,000$164,960
FUDGE [Rocknroll Hanover - White Chocolate]$35,000$161,928
LITTLE BITTY LIES [Deweycheatumnhowe - Maryanne K]$90,000$160,938
SIMONE HALL [Deweycheatumnhowe - Smilin Matty]$15,000$157,628
WORTH WATCHING [Western Terror - Justasign Hanover]$11,000$157,136
FOUR HOUR NAP [Four Starzzz Shark - Sleep All Day]$10,000$155,500
ROCKS N BONDS [Rocknroll Hanover - Economic Clout]$25,000$152,328
CRAZED N LINDY [Crazed - Crown N Lindy]$35,000$151,542
ZOLI [Deweycheatumnhowe - Flash Lightning]$77,000$151,175
THE FRANCHISE [Muscles Yankee - Creamy Mimi]$180,000$149,058
OFFINTOTHESUNSET [Western Terror - Angel's Share]$25,000$147,289
VARADERO HANOVER [Somebeachsomewhere - Vaudeville Margie]$17,000$146,977
BEACH TERROR [Western Terror - Beachy Girl]$67,000$146,638
SOMEWHEREINHEAVEN [Somebeachsomewhere - Blahjos]$40,000$146,418
SUMMER SMACKDOWN [Western Terror - Miraculous Muffy]$55,000$146,040
HOWDY DEWEY [Deweycheatumnhowe - Dream Of Becca]$95,000$145,354
SENTRY [Andover Hall - Armbro Monarch]$15,000$143,584
FATEFUL CHOICE [Western Terror - Mattatonic]$170,000$143,235
CRAZY GRIGIO [Crazed - Musetta Hanover]$20,000$142,088
BROADWAY PRINCE [Broadway Hall - Queen Of Grace]$65,000$141,876
WEST SIDE STORY [Conway Hall - Too Good For You]$65,000$141,027
BEAT THE BEAT [Art Major - Mambo Western]$15,000$140,403
VIDA DE VIE [Muscles Yankee - Velma K]$12,000$140,206
SOMSTREETSOMWHERE [Somebeachsomewhere - Street Dancer]$60,000$139,765
FERRISWHEEL JUNKIE [Conway Hall - Flawless Bluestone]$30,000$138,551
SOUTH PACIFIC [Somebeachsomewhere - Best Laid Plans]$170,000$138,086
MATTWESTERN [Western Terror - Mattonement]$10,000$137,836
EXQUISITE GLIDE [Yankee Glide - Armbro Exquisite]$32,000$135,661
FOLLOW MY DREAMS [Glidemaster - Dream Guaranteed]$2,000$135,296
HOME TURF [Yankee Glide - Soulful Hanover]$20,000$133,809
SEAWIND PASCALE [Deweycheatumnhowe - Perfect Prelude]$20,000$132,736
SOMEWHERE WITH YOU [Somebeachsomewhere - Della Ware]$70,000$131,800
EXCELERATED SPEED [Metropolitan - Letsgo Forever]$2,000$131,325
JAIPUR [Conway Hall - Artemisia Ambrosio]$50,000$130,645
GALEX [Ponder - Miss Deeds]$85,000$130,556
NICK FOTIU [Cam's Card Shark - Enduring Dream]$8,000$128,545
TUNDRA [Cam's Card Shark - Tundra Bird]$15,000$128,402
CUPCAKE [Glidemaster - Freeze Frame]$35,000$126,535
THISGUYSAROCKSTAR [Rocknroll Hanover - Under Her Spell]$50,000$125,650
HAPPILYEVERFASTER [Real Artist - Courtster]$15,000$124,444
PHENOMENON [Ponder - Mystical]$50,000$122,942
GIDDY UP BINKS [Badlands Hanover - Ms Dasher]$20,000$122,669
BIG SHORT [Cantab Hall - Habit]$100,000$122,341
ETERNAL RULER [Lis Mara - Reach For Eternity]$1,000$122,077
DING [Art Major - Ambootia]$10,000$121,899
BOSTONZ CREDIT [Credit Winner - Pleasecometoboston]$70,000$120,587
SIR MICHIGAN Z TAM [Somebeachsomewhere - Hallmark Hanover]$32,000$118,772
ROCK N GO [Rocknroll Hanover - Goa Girl]$20,000$118,549
BEACH HERO [Jenna's Beach Boy - Odds On Ruthless]$4,000$118,210
ROAR [Mach Three - Southern Magnolia]$82,000$118,015
HAPPY FEET TOO [Art Major - Penguin]$22,000$117,071
MISS MADI M [Real Artist - Fella's Bella]$9,000$116,291
RACER X [Yankee Glide - Mayflower Volo]$17,000$116,198
NIDAROS [Muscles Yankee - Birminghim]$50,000$115,341
HOBE SOUND [Somebeachsomewhere - Animated Art]$50,000$114,744
WORLD CUP CULLEN [Christian Cullen - Costal Skyhawk]$60,000$114,173
KARDASHIAN [Real Desire - Pacific Playmate]$7,000$113,980
LONG ISLAND TEA [Credit Winner - Strong Tea]$135,000$112,714
IN A BETTER PLACE [Christian Cullen - Happiness Found]$2,500$112,438
GLIDING BOY [Yankee Glide - Summer Stone]$10,000$111,560
SUMMONS [Ponder - Armbro Ticket]$18,000$111,266
AXIOM HANOVER [Dragon Again - Always True]$55,000$110,992
WANNACMYGUNS [Conway Hall - Distaff]$67,000$110,496
PERFECT TRUTH [Tell All - Perfect Touch]$1,000$110,364
LUCKY HOUSE [Western Terror - Highland Luck]$30,000$108,232
FRISKY MAGIC [Kadabra - Frisky Fergi]$80,000$107,515
ME AND CINDERELLA [Cantab Hall - Missy's Goalfire]$35,000$107,398
IWANNABEJUSTLIKEU [Christian Cullen - Cate The Great]$77,000$106,913
HAVE MORE WINE [Western Terror - Your So Silly]$25,000$103,896
TROON [Rocknroll Hanover - Madura]$13,000$103,124
VIXEN [Conway Hall - Gracious Marla]$17,000$101,225
BAD FOX [Badlands Hanover - Fox Valley Hooker]$47,000$101,128
ZINDERELLA [Western Ideal - Zintillating]$32,000$100,070
YEARLING [Sire - Dam] — 13-Year-Olds sold in 2010Sold For Earnings
MARKET SHARE [Revenue S - Classical Flirt]$16,000$3,792,101
MAVEN [Glidemaster - M Stewart]$37,000$1,745,549
TAKE IT BACK TERRY [Western Terror - Second Symphony]$30,000$1,588,584
UNCLE PETER [Cantab Hall - Victory Treasure]$60,000$1,252,354
DOMETHATAGAIN [Bettor's Delight - Road Sign]$67,000$1,153,544
SHELLISCAPE [Artiscape - Shell I Scoot]$25,000$1,152,602
ROMANTIC MOMENT [American Ideal - Time N Again]$75,000$1,076,527
SPEED AGAIN [Dragon Again - Sand Speed]$82,000$1,072,058
ATTA BOY DAN [Western Terror - Dropitlikeitshot]$70,000$1,057,353
SIMPLY BUSINESS [Rocknroll Hanover - Cathedra Dot Com]$350,000$1,048,117
GUCCIO [Yankee Glide - Southern Senorita]$50,000$1,021,809
MY MVP [Cantab Hall - Exceed Expectation]$85,000$879,804
ONE THROUGH TEN [Four Starzzz Shark - Gothic Lady]$100,000$876,718
MISS PARIS [Kadabra - Pizza Dolce]$210,000$865,160
E Z NOAH [Western Terror - Her Mattjesty]$40,000$843,676
BIG MCDEAL [Mcardle - Ideal Gal]$70,000$818,544
PERSONAL STYLE [Yankee Glide - Foxy Victory]$92,000$778,391
PRAYER SESSION [Like A Prayer - Ens Tag Session]$9,000$775,605
BETTOR B LUCKY [Bettor's Delight - Hornby Lucky]$70,000$756,441
FOREVER JUST [Bettor's Delight - Forever Cam]$35,000$690,541
MARTY PARTY [Yankee Cruiser - Noble Marty]$35,000$684,603
AWSOME VALLEY [Valley Victor - Nannina Ambrosio]$15,000$625,223
APPOMATTOX [Yankee Glide - Courtney Hall]$110,000$619,895
GLASS PRINCE [Artiscape - China Princess]$20,000$613,122
CAN DO [Cantab Hall - Meadowbranch Queen]$17,000$601,501
MODERN FAMILY [Cantab Hall - Domestic Diva]$110,000$575,925
MAJOR BOMBAY [Art Major - Armbro Bombay]$70,000$575,131
SECRETSOFTHEKNIGHT [Mach Three - Doc's Reward]$50,000$572,632
MAYTIME TERROR [Western Terror - Maytime Hall]$125,000$557,780
FOR A DANCER [Conway Hall - Fluttering Wings]$27,000$521,127
SING FOR ME GEORGE [Bettor's Delight - Tundra Bird]$35,000$519,956
TOP OF THE MARK [Western Terror - Top Of The Hour]$12,000$508,524
PISTON BROKE [Shark Gesture - Rebid]$23,000$505,788
ON THE PODIUM [Donato Hanover - Olympics]$90,000$502,968
STAR RECRUIT [Dragon Again - Remarkable Star]$19,000$502,689
PHONE TERROR [Western Terror - Miss Lex]$13,000$494,569
BANKER VOLO [Yankee Glide - Bank Of Newport]$85,000$489,752
MAGIC TONIGHT [Andover Hall - Miss Possessed]$55,000$486,288
WORLD CUP [Yankee Glide - Sheena Hall]$170,000$481,542
JEREMES SWEETHEART [Jereme's Jet - Fox Valley Evanna]$92,000$474,847
R CAAN [Four Starzzz Shark - Missy Artsie]$9,000$466,136
SMARTY PANTS [Kadabra - Twitty]$40,000$464,706
BAKIN ON THE BEACH [Mcardle - Elizabeth Street]$25,000$447,303
FIVE TOWNS [Andover Hall - Southwind Maywood]$95,000$447,252
D'ORSAY [Yankee Glide - Danae]$50,000$445,732
I FOUGHT DALAW [Western Ideal - In For Life]$22,000$443,041
CAVIART KEY [Ponder - Dee's Shark]$12,000$437,975
IDEAL CHAMP [Western Ideal - Female Champs]$15,000$434,715
SOUTHWIND WARSAW [Chocolatier - Win B]$20,000$427,564
BETTERLATETHNNEVER [Western Terror - Lady Graceful]$120,000$420,199
PODGES LADY [The Panderosa - Four Starzzzz Hope]$30,000$414,100
PEOPLE ARE CRAZY [Western Ideal - Penny Artcade]$27,000$394,769
ELIN [Angus Hall - Too Good For You]$62,000$387,558
MOONLIT DRAGON [Dragon Again - Moonlit Bay]$10,000$385,902
ALL STIENAM [Tell All - Odds On Stienam]$27,000$384,600
REAL BABE [Donato Hanover - Housethatruthbuilt]$100,000$383,425
MR RIDGETAKER [Tom Ridge - Miss Risktaker]$3,000$370,967
WHIRL MONROE [Real Desire - Western Whirl]$25,000$365,967
STUDIO CITY [Conway Hall - Yagot Prestige]$17,000$365,681
EIGHTHUNRDOLARBILL [Bettor's Delight - Mythical]$40,000$362,760
ROCK THREE TIMES [Rocknroll Hanover - Tres Elegante]$85,000$359,702
E STREET PLAN [Rocknroll Hanover - Plan On It]$57,000$351,190
BEST EARS [Shark Gesture - Extreme Dream]$82,000$350,997
LIGHTNING STORM [Donato Hanover - Lightning Flower]$90,000$344,145
MEMORY GAME [Artiscape - Remember When]$25,000$339,226
HIDE ME AWAY [Dragon Again - Shy Gillian]$25,000$326,546
BETTOR'S CHOICE [Bettor's Delight - Madura]$90,000$323,987
STARDUST MEMORIES [Cantab Hall - Ms Stone]$4,000$317,125
DEREK DELIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Jen Bo Jenna]$8,000$316,248
TIMMYLYNN [Ponder - Armbro Winter]$7,000$315,875
ALLSTAR PREVIEW [Four Starzzz Shark - Gallery Hop]$5,000$314,145
SPECIAL BLEND [The Panderosa - Tallulah Belle]$70,000$312,999
RELEASE THE TERROR [Western Terror - Ishallbereleased]$20,000$312,884
IDEAL IN VEGAS [Western Ideal - Vegas Style]$20,000$312,000
ANANDAMIDE [Credit Winner - Psychotherapist]$50,000$310,346
O U SEXY GUY [Angus Hall - O U Guys]$30,000$303,929
ART'S DELIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Goa Girl]$55,000$303,543
SIR GLOBALOP Z TAM [American Ideal - Hank's Chip]$22,000$303,322
RED CARPET DUDE [Camluck - Red Carpet Queen]$60,000$300,329
MILLENIUM WHEEL [Bettor's Delight - London Eye]$47,000$298,231
JERSEY BOY [Yankee Glide - Atlanta Games]$5,000$297,002
THE ONLY ONE [Kadabra - Aiken For Clay]$40,000$294,258
GYM TAN LAUNDRY [Yankee Glide - Fresh Face]$35,000$293,681
LIMITLESS [Yankee Glide - Shes The Limit]$6,000$286,687
NEW YORK KITTY [American Ideal - Cheshire Kitty]$20,000$283,016
SPECIAL FORCES [Real Desire - Special Magic]$30,000$282,153
NABBER AGAIN [Western Terror - Forabber N Abber]$19,000$273,560
LEAVE YOUR MARK [Yankee Glide - Celebrity Liza]$42,000$271,199
MR ERV [Art Major - Digga Digga]$52,000$270,855
LIMA PLAYMATE [Credit Winner - Pacific Legacy]$70,000$265,755
BOLD FRESH [Cantab Hall - Pacific Photo]$10,000$265,162
VALDONNA [Andover Hall - Valbonne]$120,000$256,002
WE ADORE THEE [Western Terror - Esther's Joy]$80,000$254,817
DELICIOUS [Cantab Hall - Ipsara Lb]$8,000$254,244
COMMUNICATOR [Tell All - Actress]$25,000$254,056
FROM ABOVE [Donato Hanover - Marita's Victory]$165,000$252,240
MOMMA ROCK [Rocknroll Hanover - Armbro Cashmere]$27,000$252,027
LADY ANDI [Andover Hall - Lady Lifter]$35,000$241,204
LITTLE MICHAEL B [Cam's Card Shark - Maid West]$72,000$232,364
CATALYST [Broadway Hall - Delphi's Daughter]$120,000$228,397
VIC SMITH [Yankee Glide - Pj Naomi]$30,000$227,725
TWINCREEKS JACK [Dragon Again - Happy Jinny]$13,000$226,292
BIJOU THEATER [Art Major - Armbro Bijou]$25,000$226,237
BLUERIDGE DANCER [Real Desire - Let's Dance]$9,000$223,504
IDEAL ROMANCE [American Ideal - Dial Romance]$85,000$216,909
PRISMATICA [Cantab Hall - Prize Chip]$15,000$216,823
NOTREADYTOBENICE [Western Ideal - Don't You Smile]$65,000$212,910
I'M ON CLOUD NINE [Angus Hall - Celebrity Angel]$35,000$212,890
DRIBBLE DRIVE [Yankee Glide - Tip N Chips]$3,000$210,212
ANGEL SCENT [Western Ideal - Aromatic]$18,000$208,343
MCSAUNA [Mcardle - Steamy Place]$2,000$206,775
SOUTHWIND MONI [Andover Hall - Miss Goal]$30,000$204,674
FALCOR BLUESTONE [Cantab Hall - Flawless Bluestone]$57,000$204,130
DIVULGE [Tell All - Pop Diva]$7,000$202,946
SIR HOWIE'S Z TAM [Art Major - Yankee Lacey]$55,000$201,939
BETTORIFFIC [Bettor's Delight - Enchanted Beauty]$75,000$201,414
D TERMINATA [Rocknroll Hanover - Determination Plus]$36,000$199,361
JINXY'S DELIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Hi Jinx]$30,000$197,183
I'M SID THE KID [Mach Three - Babyremembermyname]$4,000$193,405
UNCOMMON NIGHT [Donato Hanover - Uncommon Scents]$22,000$193,011
DOUBLE MAJOR [Art Major - Mommy Robin Q]$60,000$189,332
BETTOR'S ARENA [Bettor's Delight - Streisands Place]$30,000$184,711
FINE ART MINDALE [Modern Art - Autumn Mindale]$15,000$183,746
SOUTHWIND AUSTIN [Conway Hall - Articulate Hanover]$22,000$183,686
PARTNER [Ponder - Dominique Semalu]$20,000$180,171
FEEL THE PRESSURE [Like A Prayer - Donna Eligancia]$12,000$178,480
SEEK THE DRAGON [Dragon Again - Dream Seeker]$70,000$177,796
YANKEE'S LADY [Yankee Cruiser - Lady The Kid]$7,000$177,277
CONCERT TICKET [Lis Mara - Western Concert]$19,000$177,029
JIMMER [Equinox Bi - Lady Matador]$6,000$172,645
CORAL SNAKE [Bettor's Delight - Southwind Coral]$27,000$172,272
YS GOLD STAR [Armbro Deuce - Kikin Up Dirt]$13,000$169,475
JAMIE SUE [Art Major - Road To Pandalay]$42,000$167,928
AMERICAN GANGSTER [Andover Hall - Four Starz Lindy]$101,000$167,264
CAVIART CARA [Western Ideal - Caviart Callie]$15,000$167,201
DECK THE HALLS [Angus Hall - Bourbon Belle]$50,000$166,350
QUIT SMOKING NOW [Donato Hanover - Smokeslikeachimney]$75,000$165,512
TALK BACK [Tell All - Dolphins Can Talk]$70,000$163,052
BRUISEN N CRUISEN [Yankee Cruiser - Lady Ann Mathew]$14,000$160,791
HEAVENLY BEACHES [Jenna's Beach Boy - Adjust My Halo]$27,000$158,760
SEPTEMBER HALL [Andover Hall - September Hanover]$5,000$151,995
SPECIAL TERROR [Western Terror - Mattcheck Girl]$235,000$149,616
FANELLI ROYAL [Royal Mattjesty - Rafanelli]$15,000$149,583
KINGAPORE [Revenue S - Queen Of Queens]$40,000$147,809
PILATUS [Andover Hall - Southwind Allaire]$47,000$144,949
RIDING WITH P [Lis Mara - Caviart Cameron]$12,000$140,254
FANTASTIC ROCK [Rocknroll Hanover - Fanciful Hanover]$55,000$139,043
PERFECT TERROR [Western Terror - Perfect Grin]$3,000$138,611
JOHNNY COME LATELY [American Ideal - Fat Lady Sings]$9,000$138,600
GETINONTHESECRET [Conway Hall - Missys Mission]$20,000$137,103
TELL ROSIE [Tell All - Northern Rose]$12,000$136,182
TROJAN HORSE [Muscles Yankee - Shops For Dresses]$75,000$135,957
YUMMY SUSHI [Rocknroll Hanover - Feel Life]$57,000$135,740
SKY LAV [Chip Chip Hooray - Auntie W]$8,000$135,077
ROCK CONCERT [Rocknroll Hanover - Allamerican Karen]$37,000$135,020
NIGHTLY TERROR [Western Terror - Youcanifuwant]$18,000$133,870
WHIMZICAL BRITT [Cash Hall - Britt's Spirit]$10,000$132,442
LIL MISS BOURBON [American Ideal - Shady Darling]$30,000$132,355
SOMETHING BLUE [Artiscape - Puccini Blue Chip]$19,000$132,298
LUCKY DAY [Camluck - Affluence]$17,000$128,179
LINDY MCDREAMY [Credit Winner - My Dolly's Dream]$130,000$127,502
TABULATOR [Cantab Hall - Mystical Taya]$16,000$124,239
BAD ANGEL [Valley Victor - Lindy N Caviar]$3,000$124,125
RAYMOND J [Art Major - Only The Best]$60,000$124,093
BELLA MARTA [Art Major - Noble Martha]$15,000$122,499
EYES ONLY FOR YOU [Metropolitan - Eyes Of A Tigress]$30,000$120,867
WITHOUT A CLUE [Donato Hanover - Armbro Vanquish]$27,000$119,877
STARE DOWN [Tell All - Keepastraitface]$30,000$119,053
BLOMKVIST [Muscles Yankee - Mallelujah]$50,000$118,843
BEACH BUFF [Yankee Cruiser - Beach Song]$14,000$117,460
JIMMY RIP [Ponder - Odds On Color]$32,000$117,132
DRAGON RIDGE [Dragon Again - Southwind Solara]$75,000$116,970
MACKSMITH [Credit Winner - Heather Road]$35,000$115,844
VICTORS COWBOY JOE [Valley Victor - Sand Maralargo]$15,000$113,999
PARK LANE PAIGE [Art Major - Impagain Hanover]$47,000$113,810
DICK MCTRACY [Mcardle - Barely Legal]$28,000$113,589
MARABOU [Chocolatier - Victory Bouquet]$25,000$111,608
I'M FONDUE OF YOU [Western Terror - Sweets N Treats]$52,000$110,520
WESTERN DRAG [Dragon Again - Western City]$57,000$107,831
CRUZIN TOTHE DANCE [Yankee Cruiser - Dancewiththebest]$10,000$107,572
HURRIKANE BROCKTON [Conway Hall - Global Possession]$8,000$107,517
COAST TO COAST [Bettor's Delight - Ideal Coast]$45,000$105,121
HOORAY KATIE [Chip Chip Hooray - Katie Hall]$10,000$101,591
PIECE OF ART WORK [Art Major - Bronzer Babe]$60,000$101,276
YEARLING [Sire - Dam] — 14-Year-Olds sold in 2009Sold For Earnings
ROLL WITH JOE [Cam's Card Shark - Classic Wish]$100,000$1,805,102
BETTERTHANCHEDDAR [Bettor's Delight - Lady Ashlee Ann]$30,000$1,634,314
GREAT VINTAGE [American Ideal - Art's Vintage]$65,000$1,510,226
UP THE CREDIT [Western Terror - Cantbuymehappiness]$72,000$1,349,252
IDYLLIC [American Ideal - Magical Dreamer]$13,000$1,296,967
MANOFMANYMISSIONS [Yankee Glide - Armbro Vanquish]$215,000$1,215,000
ZOOMING [Classic Photo - Merit Lane]$15,000$1,181,714
CEDAR DOVE [Andover Hall - Pine For Her]$55,000$1,178,930
PASTOR STEPHEN [Cantab Hall - Gala Dream]$67,000$1,048,607
BIG BAD JOHN [Western Hanover - Trulyawork Of Art]$130,000$1,000,559
ROCK TO GLORY [Rocknroll Hanover - Faded Glory]$25,000$970,069
TAMARIND [Angus Hall - Spicegirl Kosmos]$50,000$950,537
SIR ZIGGY'S Z TAM [Art Major - So Far Away]$55,000$886,831
AMERICAN RAGE [American Ideal - Raging Heart]$32,000$853,229
MYSTIC DESIRE [Real Desire - Cannes Festival]$15,000$845,411
JEZZY [Credit Winner - Ladylind]$70,000$834,240
LOOKINFORADVENTURE [Rocknroll Hanover - Student Driver]$85,000$826,805
ABELARD HANOVER [Rocknroll Hanover - Allamerican Coed]$110,000$820,461
CUSTARD THE DRAGON [Dragon Again - Eternal Justice]$28,000$778,057
ROCK ON MOE [Rocknroll Hanover - Armbro Maureen]$82,000$727,365
SLIP INTO GLIDE [Yankee Glide - Balanced Breeze]$30,000$695,954
IMPERIAL COUNT [Angus Hall - Miss Imperial]$37,000$671,093
TEA PARTY PRINCESS [Art Major - Hannah Banana]$40,000$667,365
BIG RIGS [Andover Hall - Filly At Bigs]$70,000$662,826
ROLLWITHITHARRY [Rocknroll Hanover - Queen Otra]$42,000$656,912
VIRGIN MARY [Village Jolt - Sistermarymargaret]$4,000$653,137
REAL FLIGHT [Real Desire - Flightofalifetime]$11,000$641,862
SIR JILLIAN Z TAM [Bettor's Delight - In For Life]$40,000$641,151
SOUTHWIND JAZMIN [Art Major - Juliet's Fate]$40,000$620,593
SOUTHWIND PEPINO [Chocolatier - Southwind Pamona]$50,000$617,574
BACKSTREET HANOVER [Andover Hall - Bye Bye Kerry]$45,000$608,720
ARSENAL [Artiscape - Truculent Lady]$18,000$589,940
MYTHICAL HALL [Andover Hall - Myth]$100,000$587,320
FLIPPER J [Art Major - Dolphins Can Talk]$110,000$586,182
KEENAN [Credit Winner - Lookout Victory]$22,000$573,427
COOL ROCK [Rocknroll Hanover - Southwind Sundew]$60,000$571,522
SHINE N SHIMMER [American Ideal - Sheer Hose]$40,000$533,419
THE EVICTOR [Valley Victor - Expressive Chip]$30,000$525,307
SEA VENTURE [Western Terror - Bermuda Babe]$50,000$521,931
FOR YOU ALMOSTFREE [Glidemaster - Pizza Dolce]$270,000$510,817
MISS ANNIE J [Bettor's Delight - Musical Dreamer]$27,000$509,449
ACHILLES BLUE CHIP [American Ideal - R L Annie H]$30,000$509,276
WHOGOESFIRST [Cambest - Go Lightly]$15,000$508,672
REAL SPECIAL [Real Desire - Treasure The Best]$50,000$504,742
GUILTYWITHANEXCUSE [Classic Photo - Gold Medalist]$13,000$495,160
ROLL'EM UP [Rocknroll Hanover - Fresh Start]$100,000$487,527
HIGH NOON [Western Ideal - Dinah Classic]$57,000$485,898
WHATEVER IT TAKES [Credit Winner - Caper Caillie]$125,000$480,761
NEW ALBUM [Western Terror - Always Remember]$7,000$476,972
MYSTICAL DIVA [Western Ideal - Schoolofcardknocks]$80,000$470,243
SOULFUL DELIGHT [Like A Prayer - Dream Of Becca]$13,000$452,688
JUSTIFIED [Mr Feelgood - Magic Shopper]$50,000$422,653
COLLAGE [Real Desire - Newsletter]$4,000$406,393
TIGER'S TOO GOOD [Conway Hall - Too Good For You]$50,000$399,892
MAJOR BELLE [Art Major - Meghan's Belle]$20,000$393,935
HERE COMES NUMBERS [Here Comes Herbie - Northern Style]$31,000$388,919
E L ROCK [Yankee Glide - Courtney Hall]$80,000$378,265
SOME GIRLS DO [American Ideal - Village Green]$13,000$369,041
ROADSIDE DELIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Road Sign]$70,000$367,516
CALIPARI [Ken Warkentin - Sheena Hall]$52,000$362,886
FANCY FOOTWORK [Western Hanover - Fanciful Hanover]$40,000$361,022
ROCK'EM [Rocknroll Hanover - Don't Toy With Me]$65,000$357,645
ROCKSTAR TEMPER [Rocknroll Hanover - Dragon Temper]$8,000$353,077
LIVE JAZZ [Andover Hall - Limitless Sky]$55,000$349,458
THE TRIPLE LINDY [Credit Winner - Measure Up]$135,000$345,072
N Y YANKEES [The Panderosa - Pan Yankees]$26,000$339,088
SING OUT [Malabar Man - Some Where My Love]$24,000$337,766
CURATOR [American Ideal - Gallery Hop]$40,000$331,153
ROCKIN GLASS [Rocknroll Hanover - I'm For Reel]$50,000$328,645
MY REVENUER [Revenue S - Madam Hanover]$5,000$321,010
BOMBAY AWAY [Art Major - Armbro Bombay]$80,000$314,308
EDIT [Kadabra - Vintage Chip]$25,000$307,009
IN DEEP THOUGHT [Ponder - Adoration]$20,000$295,903
WHATS NEW PUSSYCAT [Art Major - Molly Can Do It]$50,000$295,313
BLOOMINGTON [Cantab Hall - Burst Into Bloom]$17,000$294,324
INSANE IN SPAIN [Real Desire - Open Plains]$20,000$293,812
FRESH IDEA [Western Hanover - Last Night]$60,000$291,713
NEAL [Credit Winner - Lavern Lavec]$150,000$290,072
IN NOMINE PATRI [Credit Winner - Blue Skies Hanover]$22,000$273,996
FOOL OF IDEAS [I Am A Fool - Enlightened One]$18,000$263,253
WHIT [Classic Photo - Woman Of Strength]$10,000$260,751
HAILSTORM VOLO [Classic Photo - Hail Mary Hanover]$2,000$251,412
BETTER CAVIAR [Sj's Caviar - Better Credit]$35,000$248,630
HOUSE ON FIRE [Conway Hall - Housethatruthbuilt]$55,000$242,420
LADYSTAR [Bettor's Delight - Forever Cam]$52,000$240,241
HEDGES LANE [Western Hanover - Michelene's Lair]$47,000$238,810
QUINNMAN [Artiscape - Dawn's Ideal]$20,000$238,019
AIR-STEWART [Striking Sahbra - Ten Queens]$55,000$236,611
PURE BARRE [Classic Photo - Dear Abs]$7,000$232,295
JAMAICA HANOVER [Art Major - Jasmine Hanover]$45,000$230,885
C MAJOR HANOVER [Art Major - Clover Hanover]$95,000$230,804
PERSONNEL SPACE [I Am A Fool - Movealittlecloser]$3,000$229,308
ROCKAVELLIAN [Rocknroll Hanover - Plan On It]$105,000$228,686
ARTIC BYRD [Art Major - Tundra Bird]$10,000$227,018
CELEBRITY BOMBAY [Yankee Glide - Secret Harmony]$7,000$224,585
MAR DREAM [Cambest - Mary Sue Too]$60,000$220,166
MAGNUS DEO [Rocknroll Hanover - Little Miss K]$180,000$219,822
HACIENDA [The Panderosa - Four Starz Emerald]$45,000$219,201
QUANTUM CASHMAN [Cash Hall - Neon Hall]$30,000$217,779
ADAGIO [Valley Victor - Village Ballet]$15,000$216,330
TAKE HEART [Yankee Glide - Greatest Desire]$7,000$216,316
REVER EVER [Revenue S - Pull Your Chain]$1,000$213,565
WIND NEATH MY FEET [Windsong's Legacy - Phoebe Seelster]$4,000$209,827
OOGA BOOGA [Cantab Hall - Neat Knees]$25,000$207,050
FOUNTAINBLEAU VOLO [Sj's Caviar - Blue Water Fly]$13,000$206,736
MASSIVE DRAMA [Credit Winner - Shannon Hall]$85,000$204,802
RHOMBUS [The Panderosa - Diamond Dejavu]$30,000$204,002
JOLLY JUBITER [Metropolitan - Candice Hall]$15,000$202,946
STARLITESTARBRITE [Angus Hall - Keystone Starbrite]$12,000$194,937
REAL OR MAGIC [Real Desire - Magical Western]$22,000$194,867
CASCATA [American Ideal - Stasia's Girl]$60,000$193,913
LOCAL ART [Artiscape - Natural Luck]$10,000$193,246
IN MINT CONDITION [Allamerican Native - Candy Stripes]$10,000$192,377
CAM'S TUX [Cam's Card Shark - Penguin]$5,000$190,321
NO GIN [No Pan Intended - Panne Ala Vodka]$6,000$189,491
BELL'S PANACEA [The Panderosa - Bell Ami's Love]$12,000$187,476
CAMARROW [Ponder - Ms Amanda B]$5,000$187,427
ALL MUNKY BUSINESS [Dream Vacation - Eagle Lane]$6,000$185,963
BROOKLYN [Conway Hall - Anna Karin's Girl]$100,000$185,522
JOE DE FINO [Western Ideal - Lifetime Success]$60,000$181,780
SHABALABADINGDONG [Western Ideal - House Flight]$40,000$181,197
SHARP WEST HANOVER [Western Hanover - Sharkette Spur]$42,000$180,811
BLUE MONSTER [Camluck - Blue Hour]$5,000$179,451
NEW ZION [Conway Hall - Armbro Vagabond]$20,000$178,453
RISE ABOVE IT [Village Jolt - Sistine Chapel]$8,000$177,899
HOLLYWOOD RUSTY [Andover Hall - Aurora Hall]$92,000$177,393
WE THE PEOPLE [American Ideal - Art's Temptress]$200,000$172,710
BETTERTHANLYNX [Western Ideal - Southwind Laurel]$62,000$170,561
VEGAS RUSTY [Four Starzzz Shark - Deer Valley Miss]$70,000$170,113
AX MAN [Tom Ridge - Shavings]$26,000$169,875
MR DYLAN [Mr Feelgood - Calamity Hall]$7,000$167,411
LOUANDA DREAM [Daguet Rapide - Lane Of Dream]$30,000$165,487
TAME THE DAME [Bettor's Delight - Radiant Heiress]$35,000$165,287
RAQUEL [Rocknroll Hanover - Tallulah Belle]$42,000$164,648
EIGHT BELLS [Conway Hall - Ella Minnow Pea]$12,000$163,967
ONE AMERICA [No Pan Intended - Pan Hanover]$7,000$160,935
SHOPPING WITH ART [Art Major - Precious Shopper]$82,000$159,112
FILLY BAY [Chip Chip Hooray - Accompaniment]$8,000$157,451
GOTABGOODTOBLUCKY [Windsong's Legacy - Jar Jar Binx]$8,000$156,596
AEQUITAS [Glidemaster - Kimmie Hall]$30,000$155,286
SASHAY [Yankee Glide - Invincible Dream]$20,000$153,952
VACATION ANGEL [Dream Vacation - Red Oak's Angel]$11,000$153,771
PT'S BOOMERANG [Chip Chip Hooray - Mapleview Queen]$23,000$152,835
ALLSTAR SHARK [Four Starzzz Shark - Pleasant Journey]$22,000$152,310
PAULIMONY [Real Desire - Paula's Promise]$25,000$149,684
MUSETTE MINDALE [The Panderosa - Happy To Be Best]$11,000$148,923
DEXTER JIG [Rocknroll Hanover - Castaway Hanover]$72,000$145,472
LUCKY CADET [Art Major - Yankee Luck]$90,000$144,989
MR BIG HEAD [Real Desire - Missy Artsie]$17,000$144,378
TAP TAP DANCE [Conway Hall - Suydance]$10,000$143,515
MAJOR TIPPER [Art Major - Tip Toes Hanover]$62,000$142,757
ARTIST LIST [Artiscape - Calista]$20,000$142,405
ROCKABILLIE [Rocknroll Hanover - Be My Guest]$42,000$141,451
SHYAWAY [Artiscape - Armbro Berlin]$20,000$140,824
POINTED VICTORY [Royal Mattjesty - Topless Hall]$40,000$138,781
BURSTING BLAZE [The Panderosa - Cams Bright Lite]$16,000$138,760
DREAMLANDS ROXY [Art Major - Realadylike]$30,000$137,697
LIVELY [Chip Chip Hooray - Lithograph]$14,000$136,755
SEA ME NOW [Art Major - Sea Of Secrets]$52,000$135,925
QUANTUM VICTORIA [Angus Hall - Foreign Victory]$35,000$135,500
NORDIC DE VIE [Angus Hall - Nordicdish]$32,000$134,733
JOHNNY B KEMP [Credit Winner - Sarafina Hall]$57,000$134,195
FLASHY [The Panderosa - Laagapalooza]$5,000$133,973
SOUTHWIND AMIGA [Chocolatier - Southwind Agnes]$180,000$132,526
SHARK WAVES [Cam's Card Shark - Catching Waves]$2,000$129,319
HOT OFF THE PRESS [Cantab Hall - Psychiatrist]$100,000$128,580
COSMOS [Cam's Card Shark - Sign Of Joy]$17,000$127,725
NEWTOWN CHOCLATIER [Chocolatier - Vie Agra Works]$47,000$126,695
WHIRL THE GIRL [Artiscape - Western Whirl]$4,000$126,567
FIRST FLOWER [Angus Hall - Elena]$25,000$123,369
SHOWTIME SHARK [Cam's Card Shark - Dream Seeker]$20,000$122,573
DOUBLE UP HANOVER [Credit Winner - Dream Girl]$40,000$122,540
GUNPOWDER [Art Major - Town Sweetheart]$85,000$121,563
WINK AND NOD [Western Hanover - Don't You Smile]$75,000$120,631
MR JIM DANDY [Classic Photo - Sole Mate]$15,000$119,640
MANCHESTER HANOVER [Western Ideal - Mary Mattgalane]$120,000$119,243
STRUTTIN CONWAY [Conway Hall - Bright Leaf]$33,000$118,608
MAJOR NAJOR [Cambest - Can We Talk Direct]$34,000$118,169
PEMBROKE BIG BO [Valley Victor - Bo]$14,000$117,438
REFUSE TO LOSE [Conway Hall - College Park]$25,000$116,580
ASK DIRECTIONS [Allamerican Ingot - Lost At The Beach]$7,000$116,192
BETTOR'S NIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Midsummer Night]$10,000$116,038
CNDIANA JONES [Art Major - Armbro Cinnamon]$42,000$115,599
MISS JANINE [Angus Hall - Miss Michelle H]$72,000$115,068
HIGHWAY [Cantab Hall - Something Of Value]$33,000$114,454
SAVE YOUR BEST [Cambest - Pinehurst Lady]$12,000$114,114
JUST A GLIMPSE [Jate Lobell - Tarbeth Hanover]$17,000$113,934
MATER DEO [Western Ideal - Life Matters]$37,000$112,621
WHY NOT LINDY [Credit Winner - U Wanna Lindy]$97,000$112,598
KUNG FU JOLT [Village Jolt - Final Concert]$25,000$111,868
FLYING METRO [Metropolitan - Letsgo Forever]$8,000$110,197
LOST SYMBOL [Yankee Glide - Wishingforadream]$42,000$110,040
LE BEC-PAN [No Pan Intended - Pans Culottes]$7,000$109,965
SEPHORA DE VIE [Cantab Hall - Ava]$45,000$109,457
MR CASUAL [I Am A Fool - Meet Me Later]$5,000$109,098
MAILMAN BOB [Muscles Yankee - Melody Sahbra]$65,000$108,971
MAD WORLD [Art Major - Pastrami Hanover]$14,000$108,626
PSYCHED [Conway Hall - Psychotherapist]$35,000$106,969
RARELY ORDINARY [Conway Hall - Mostly Super]$75,000$106,766
KILL A ROCKINGBIRD [Rocknroll Hanover - La Dolce Hall]$30,000$106,513
SECTIONLINE BARACK [Art Major - Sumatra Hanover]$20,000$105,775
DIAMONDONTHEBEACH [Cam's Card Shark - Pest From The West]$30,000$105,731
MIGISI [Andover Hall - Gluteus Maximus]$105,000$105,498
WESLYNN LEGACY [Windsong's Legacy - Swift Kid Hanover]$5,000$105,006
GAMBLERS ISLAND [Bettor's Delight - Orchid Island]$40,000$103,353
PEN DROP [Western Terror - Dramatic Approach]$23,000$103,263
YEARLING [Sire - Dam] — 15-Year-Olds sold in 2008Sold For Earnings
ROCK N ROLL HEAVEN [Rocknroll Hanover - Artistic Vision]$57,000$2,748,818
PUT ON A SHOW [Rocknroll Hanover - Stienam's Place]$75,000$2,406,628
WISHING STONE [Conway Hall - Meadowbranch Magic]$63,000$1,701,857
ROCK N SOUL [Rocknroll Hanover - Artchitecture]$32,000$1,158,525
TICKET TO ROCK [Rocknroll Hanover - Odds On J P]$47,000$1,114,983
FANCY FILLY [Western Hanover - Fanciful Hanover]$15,000$1,080,806
FRED AND GINGER [Real Artist - Graceful Motion]$65,000$1,053,740
RAZZLE DAZZLE [Real Desire - Town Feather]$32,000$1,017,956
FOREIGN OFFICER [Western Ideal - Allamerican Coco]$200,000$959,304
HERE WE GO AGAIN [Dragon Again - Odds On Jenna]$30,000$943,670
PIECE OF THE ROCK [Rocknroll Hanover - Paula's Promise]$50,000$928,401
ON THE TAB [Cantab Hall - Cr Sister Suzie]$30,000$824,009
IL VILLAGGIO [Yankee Glide - Dance To Market]$100,000$766,215
WHATA WINNER [Credit Winner - Whata Chippie]$165,000$738,737
CELEBRITY BLUECHIP [Credit Winner - Precious Lindy]$170,000$729,707
BEST BOSS [Cambest - Head Of The House]$8,000$707,440
VILLAGE BEAT [Rocknroll Hanover - Village Baroque]$45,000$706,417
NAUGHTYTILTHEEND [Western Ideal - Cam Swifty]$80,000$700,048
WAYNE THE LEFTY [Allamerican Ingot - Camiana]$12,000$697,388
ROCKIN THE HOUSE [Rocknroll Hanover - Donkeys Can Talk]$45,000$695,377
PERRITO CALIENTE [Art Major - Maryland Beauty]$40,000$682,816
IDEAL MATTERS [Western Ideal - Art Matters]$60,000$648,357
I'M GORGEOUS [Bettor's Delight - Joy]$35,000$633,773
ART PROFESSOR [Art Major - Allamerican Toffee]$100,000$616,683
HARD LIVIN [Sj's Caviar - Affinity]$25,000$539,448
IMPRESSIVE KEMP [Credit Winner - Emilie Cas El]$130,000$501,074
ART FOR ARTS SAKE [Artiscape - Panic Attack]$40,000$497,643
GALIMONY [Artiscape - Ideal Gal]$27,000$485,913
STAR KEEPER [Four Starzzz Shark - Mysticaliscape]$10,000$471,370
STAR KEEPER [Four Starzzz Shark - Mysticaliscape]$6,000$471,370
MUNIS BLUE CHIP [Credit Winner - Hustle N Muscle]$140,000$471,127
PHOTO KING [S J's Photo - Musical Victory]$33,000$470,311
VICTOR'S FUTURE [Valley Victor - Baby Bella]$26,000$448,347
KASH'S CAVIAR [Sj's Caviar - O'cala Kash]$25,000$443,435
SHAQ IS BACK [Credit Winner - Vivica Hall]$30,000$442,225
SAND SAVAGE [Allamerican Native - Sheer Hose]$34,000$435,222
WHISKEY PETE [Art Major - Cheryl's Western]$25,000$426,701
WHAT THE SHEIK [Western Terror - Radiant Heiress]$100,000$426,579
HOLIDAY ROAD [Yankee Glide - Jambo]$115,000$426,200
ENDURING DELIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Enduring Dream]$5,000$420,859
FOOLS GOLD [I Am A Fool - Trinketsntreasures]$25,000$412,469
KING OTRA [Western Ideal - Queen Otra]$75,000$409,269
PARADISE LOST [Artsplace - Loving Ideal]$8,000$407,213
GLIDE POWER [Yankee Glide - Armbro Vote]$25,000$403,987
HASTY WESTERN [Western Hanover - Up Front Sassy]$120,000$403,741
DR DREAMY [Art Major - Candy Stripes]$22,000$401,454
RAFFERTY HANOVER [Western Ideal - Razzle Hanover]$87,000$397,151
NEWPORT VOLO [Yankee Glide - Bank Of Newport]$92,000$395,326
BEIGNET [Four Starzzz Shark - Armbro Truffle]$6,000$382,160
MYSTERY PHOTO [S J's Photo - Enchanted Victory]$25,000$377,258
HIGH DEF Z TAM [Real Desire - Caribbean]$32,000$350,811
FLASHBACK [Classic Photo - Sole Mate]$20,000$348,069
KEEP GOING [Western Ideal - Keeping Faith]$42,000$346,520
COMMANDER K [Ken Warkentin - Knox Trot]$25,000$338,743
GOLDEN TIME [Western Ideal - Affluence]$40,000$336,440
BERTOS ANGEL [Ken Warkentin - Spark Of Abbey]$12,000$334,606
BARKS LIKE A DOG [Bettor's Delight - Poodle Party]$30,000$332,384
CARBON FOOTPRINT [Credit Winner - Lookout Victory]$190,000$328,725
BIG PAYOUT [Yankee Glide - Tip N Chips]$17,000$328,436
UNTOLD LEGEND [Western Ideal - The Next Big Thing]$10,000$328,242
BIG BAMBU [Art Major - Princess Callie]$32,000$315,418
SAND WINDSOR [Real Desire - Time N Again]$35,000$308,377
REAL GENTLEMAN [Artiscape - Polite Hanover]$35,000$305,022
DADDY WARBUCKS [Western Hanover - Finishing Touch]$85,000$300,197
DOLCE DUCCI [Muscles Yankee - Self Indulgent]$200,000$299,423
MASTER OF DESIRE [Real Desire - Special Magic]$100,000$296,336
I LIKE IT HOT [Blissfull Hall - Armbro Creole]$17,000$292,804
ATHLETICLYINCLINED [Western Terror - Artisticlyinclined]$62,000$290,794
DELIVER DELOVIN [Malabar Man - Armbro Nuzzle]$20,000$289,786
CANTAB IT ALL [Cantab Hall - Better Odds]$80,000$286,412
SLEEK HUNTER [Four Starzzz Shark - Beverage]$80,000$280,125
ELLEN'S ISLE [Windsong's Legacy - Shan Riches]$32,000$279,295
CASINO NIGHTS [Western Ideal - Can Du River]$75,000$275,952
OAKMONT [I Am A Fool - Paradise Island]$13,000$272,804
PAYNE'S LANDING [Four Starzzz Shark - O J Almahurst]$32,000$271,942
ROCK ALLSTAR [Rocknroll Hanover - Timeisonyourside]$25,000$271,185
GO GO RED MARTY [Striking Sahbra - Clarice Marie]$45,000$270,508
QUANTUM LIGHTNING [Like A Prayer - Italiana Chip]$18,000$270,244
SOUTHWIND VOLTAGE [Cantab Hall - Southwind Vista]$25,000$270,215
PARTY ALLSTAR [Tom Ridge - Spill The Wine]$6,000$266,087
UPFRONT COSMO [Bettor's Delight - Michelene's Lair]$30,000$264,756
PHILANTHROPIST [Village Jolt - Laagapalooza]$30,000$261,329
BESTOFBOTHWORLDS [Cambest - Summers Soul]$18,000$260,857
ULTIMATE BEST [Cambest - Bolero Ultima]$13,000$255,464
NANNINA [Valley Victor - Nannina Ambrosio]$37,000$251,103
WESTERN EXPRESSION [Artsplace - Maid West]$85,000$249,457
RESTLESS [Jenna's Beach Boy - Marshamarshamarsha]$42,000$246,950
SOAP SUDS [Artiscape - Everyone's Waiting]$40,000$246,900
SUCHA BAD GIRL [Badlands Hanover - Fleder De Dee]$20,000$243,150
WESTERN CHURCHILL [Western Ideal - The Mattican]$85,000$243,044
MAX'S LEADING LADY [Art Major - Ascending]$70,000$242,291
ELODIE [Real Desire - Armbro Abstract]$22,000$237,984
COLBY JATE [Jate Lobell - Cam Press Shania]$5,000$237,066
BIG STICK LINDY [Conway Hall - Peace A Pie]$105,000$236,176
LADY SORRO [Tom Ridge - Texas Sorro]$4,000$235,510
SHOW YOUR LINDYS [Dream Vacation - Male Nurse]$50,000$233,673
HIGHBETA BLUE CHIP [Western Ideal - Molly Can Do It]$50,000$232,731
ALLSWELTHATENDSWEL [Village Jolt - Alls Well]$13,000$225,839
WINDELL WINKIE [Windsong's Legacy - Super Winky]$17,000$224,096
DANCIN BAREFOOT [Rocknroll Hanover - Wishfora Fullhouse]$110,000$219,147
SIX PISTOL [I Am A Fool - Dhb Six]$20,000$219,001
IN TREATMENT [Jate Lobell - Angel Park]$38,000$218,456
HOORAYFORTHEGRAY [Village Jolt - Bound For Glory]$32,000$216,986
HURRIKANE SCOTTY J [Artsplace - Delinquent Account]$44,000$215,834
PHOTO FANTASY [Classic Photo - Tintern]$6,000$211,269
WILLIE'S PLACE [Artsplace - Up Front Norma]$150,000$209,489
I'VE GOT IT ALL [Muscles Yankee - Four Starz Dlh]$50,000$207,585
ROCINANTE [Rocknroll Hanover - Jate's Best]$27,000$203,194
SHESA BRAGN DRAGON [Dragon Again - West Coast Yankee]$16,000$193,880
FULL TANK [Muscles Yankee - Arenal]$25,000$190,440
KING'S CAVALIER [Yankee Glide - Cool Elegance]$17,000$190,382
MOVING ART [Art Major - Tidal Flow]$17,000$190,033
VICTORY NUT [Valley Victor - Garbo Hanover]$15,000$189,468
FOR ALL WE KNOW [Rocknroll Hanover - Only The Best]$40,000$188,906
MISS TWO PUNCH [Allamerican Ingot - Matilda Hall]$9,000$186,954
CREDIT BALANCE [Credit Winner - Our Bella Ella]$67,000$186,082
HOKIE SPIRIT [Dragon Again - Yankee Fresca]$4,000$185,786
ESCROW BLUE CHIP [Classic Photo - Goodlookngirl]$45,000$185,070
SPECTACULAR BAY [Andover Hall - Manalapan]$90,000$184,453
SOLD OUT [Western Ideal - Armbro Ticket]$45,000$184,014
PRINCESSOFDARKNESS [The Panderosa - Mattintosh]$12,000$182,436
BLUE ROCK [Rocknroll Hanover - Lady Indigo]$47,000$180,268
ONE LAST KISS [Artsplace - Juliet's Fate]$47,000$178,417
JONESIE HANOVER [The Panderosa - Cohiba Mary]$57,000$178,151
SYENITE [Credit Winner - Syrinx Hanover]$35,000$177,654
RUDY ROCK'S [Striking Sahbra - Loblolly]$13,000$177,029
TRYST [The Panderosa - Society Ann]$5,000$175,634
IRON TRAIN [Western Hanover - Makeasignofpeace]$105,000$175,596
CAN'T LOSE [Cantab Hall - Eicarls Theresa]$100,000$175,040
EYESEEFAME [Cambest - Cleopatra]$9,000$174,147
CHAT CHAT [Angus Hall - Breathe Easy]$30,000$173,461
WOODSTOCK [Rocknroll Hanover - Gothic Lady]$100,000$173,176
TERROR TIME [Western Terror - Hatchery]$11,000$170,378
SHELBY'S COBRA [Western Ideal - Sounds Perfect]$72,000$169,311
TALA LADY [Valley Victor - Grand Abby]$15,000$169,229
EVERY DAY [Western Terror - Eidette Hanover]$25,000$169,131
DISCOVERER [Four Starzzz Shark - Under Your Spell]$40,000$167,505
CAMBEST KISSER [Cambest - Passionate Kisses]$30,000$167,262
VIVA LAS LINDY [Dream Vacation - Grammy Award]$45,000$167,222
MISSPLACEDART [Artsplace - Town Pro Miss]$6,000$160,633
THROUGH THE NIGHT [Credit Winner - Day For Night]$310,000$159,690
JK SURE I CAN [Rocknroll Hanover - Sure Sign]$75,000$159,224
IDEAL SPIRIT [Western Ideal - Life Matters]$10,000$157,408
CLASSIC VIKING [Classic Photo - Lulabula]$4,000$156,915
JEFFIE T [Like A Prayer - G J's Crown]$20,000$155,867
MENARD HANOVER [Muscles Yankee - Mama B]$75,000$154,268
VICTORS VALIANT [Valley Victor - Crunchess]$17,000$151,496
ART I SPECIAL [Artsplace - Annie Your A Card]$25,000$151,401
MYSOONTOBE [Western Hanover - Michelle's Revenge]$160,000$151,313
FEDERALRESERVENOTE [Tom Ridge - Starlet Lane]$11,000$150,570
HEART OF ROCKNROLL [Rocknroll Hanover - Raging Heart]$85,000$148,307
NORTH BROADWAY [Broadway Hall - Real Charmer]$7,000$148,019
ART N CHARM [Artsplace - Enchanted Beauty]$25,000$146,789
SPECULATIVE EDGE [Bettor's Delight - Go Abby Go]$10,000$146,389
JUST RIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Cr Noella]$16,000$145,515
BELIEVABLE [Cantab Hall - Believe Hanover]$20,000$145,148
SOURCE OF POWER [Western Terror - Cate The Great]$25,000$144,043
FOR NOW [Western Terror - Magic Moments]$70,000$144,031
MORK N LINDY [Angus Hall - Enjoy Candy]$150,000$143,734
CLASSIC SON [Classic Photo - Touch Of Sun]$40,000$143,101
COME BACK [I Am A Fool - Mary Sue Hanover]$28,000$142,239
TRULY A TREASURE [Art Major - Private Treasure]$50,000$142,225
LIKE A GATOR [Like A Prayer - Las Ventanas]$6,000$141,172
ROCKAROUNDTHETRACK [Rocknroll Hanover - Joyeux]$17,000$138,639
KIM'S QUEST [Royal Mattjesty - Michelle's Destiny]$35,000$138,135
GUARD DOG [Muscles Yankee - Afterglow Hall]$32,000$137,724
QUANTUM ANTONIO [Angus Hall - Foreign Victory]$65,000$134,101
TALK TO TONY [Artiscape - Muggins Hanover]$10,000$133,747
GIRLS LUV DIAMONDS [The Panderosa - Diamond Dejavu]$15,000$132,800
QUICK STEP [Bettor's Delight - Penguin]$4,000$130,875
SHE CAN DANCE [The Panderosa - Miss Pangeniality]$30,000$130,660
LEONIDAS DE VIE [Yankee Glide - Fan Favourite]$32,000$125,882
SMOOTH POWER [Andover Hall - Spumoni]$170,000$123,790
SHEEZACREDIT [Credit Winner - Sheezhomewardbound]$70,000$123,514
WAR KING TON [Ken Warkentin - Emma Rules]$19,000$121,911
HE'SMYMAN [Malabar Man - Dancing Girl]$21,000$121,686
O LUCKY ME [The Panderosa - Natchitoches]$40,000$120,873
JOANNA ALLEN [Real Artist - Flora Allen]$4,000$115,067
ROCKNINTHEPARK [Rocknroll Hanover - Art In The Park]$50,000$114,774
COOL JAZZ [Rocknroll Hanover - Cool Yankee]$47,000$112,821
DIXIE ALLSTAR [Western Terror - Side Show]$20,000$112,170
CLASSIC FORM [Classic Photo - Caseys Lil' Lane]$65,000$111,425
SOUTHWIND TURBO [Rocknroll Hanover - Tattoo Hanover]$90,000$110,916
IDEAL BEACHDAY [Western Ideal - Orchid Beach]$20,000$110,369
OCALA [Rocknroll Hanover - Brandyz Baby]$25,000$110,346
HAY BEAUTIFUL [Western Terror - Monique's Legacy]$60,000$109,954
CANDY N APPLES [Western Hanover - Park It Ashley]$62,000$109,786
PARK LANE MIDNIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Prosecutor Mindale]$25,000$109,632
MYSTICAN [Cantab Hall - Mystical Oaks]$16,000$109,067
GRAND TOUR [Four Starzzz Shark - Flightofalifetime]$17,000$108,841
SIR KENSINGTON [Conway Hall - Royal Family]$15,000$108,049
LATE FOR WORK [Allamerican Ingot - Sleep All Day]$11,000$107,046
THE BEACH BOY [Jenna's Beach Boy - Spicy Dumpling]$14,000$105,466
WENDY'S DRAGON [Dragon Again - Wendyann Hanover]$100,000$105,319
LETSGO VOLO [Yankee Glide - Irene Letsgo]$22,000$104,820
MANOFLEISURESUIT [Allamerican Ingot - Individual Style]$15,000$104,420
KENTUCKY WILDCAT [Valley Victor - Expressive Chip]$30,000$103,402
ROCKN HIGHLAND [Rocknroll Hanover - Armbro Ophelia]$45,000$103,189
PHOTOGENIC LEGS [Classic Photo - Classical Flirt]$12,000$102,892
STIMULUS [Credit Winner - The Temptress]$65,000$102,766
AARON ANDOVER [Andover Hall - Striking Honey]$12,000$102,085
YEARLING [Sire - Dam] — 16-Year-Olds sold in 2007Sold For Earnings
CLEAR VISION [Western Hanover - Artistic Vision]$180,000$2,733,796
GINGER AND FRED [Real Artist - Graceful Motion]$25,000$1,928,158
NEIGHSAY HANOVER [Muscles Yankee - Nan's Conway]$120,000$1,276,548
HOT SHOT BLUE CHIP [Revenue S - Hustle N Muscle]$110,000$1,213,742
SHANGHAI LIL [Jenna's Beach Boy - Wonderbolt]$45,000$1,070,251
RIVER SHARK [Four Starzzz Shark - Riverview Diamond]$9,000$1,057,142
UP FRONT KELLIE JO [Bettor's Delight - Life's Highway]$40,000$1,016,922
HONORABLE DAUGHTER [Malabar Man - Honorable Mother]$32,000$979,236
SHOWHERTHEMONEY [Cam's Card Shark - Stienam's Place]$50,000$871,161
VERTICAL HORIZON [Western Ideal - Summer Mystery]$65,000$856,063
SHEER DESIRE [Real Desire - Carolache]$60,000$852,477
STONEBRIDGE TERROR [Western Terror - No Paradise]$35,000$763,450
ART COLONY [Artsplace - Asleep Onthe Beach]$157,000$762,840
THE CHANCELLOR [Yankee Glide - Prime Mistress]$32,000$691,366
SAM HILL [Artsplace - Apple Of My Eye]$120,000$641,677
HAY GOODLOOKING [Art Major - Monique's Legacy]$14,000$612,433
MARGARITA MOMMA [Yankee Glide - Sheena Hall]$50,000$610,317
CARNIVORE [Real Desire - Party Animal]$65,000$595,828
DR C'S Z TAM [Artiscape - Best Of Memories]$67,000$589,265
CELEBRITY HERCULES [Kadabra - Bravura Hanover]$72,000$562,355
WORLD AWAY [Western Terror - World's Sweetheart]$180,000$555,474
GALLANT YANKEE [Western Hanover - Give Me Life]$35,000$553,290
CAM'S ORACLE [Cambest - Village Mystic]$17,000$528,822
AMAZON ART [Artsplace - Can Du River]$100,000$506,033
BEST DREAM SEEKER [Cambest - Dream Seeker]$75,000$498,544
PENCE HANOVER [Western Hanover - Popcorn Penny]$60,000$494,460
MCCLELLAND [Cam's Card Shark - Enduring Dream]$3,000$492,811
DAWN'S LEGACY [Western Ideal - Dawn Q]$47,000$480,778
PLAY FAIR [Self Possessed - Tip N Chips]$45,000$465,043
UWANTAPIECEOFME [S J's Photo - Better Together]$7,000$455,466
MIDNIGHT GAMBOL [Art Major - Midsummer Night]$50,000$454,609
FIRE ON THE WATER [Real Artist - Aquatic Yankee]$65,000$451,292
CREDIT BLUES [Credit Winner - Wilton Manors]$62,000$451,155
NF QUOTABLE [Tom Ridge - Nf Notable]$3,000$447,675
PEDIGREE SNOB [Allamerican Native - Hallmark Hanover]$60,000$439,369
IDEAL CANDIDATE [Western Ideal - Cam Swifty]$125,000$432,796
SWEET HEDGE [The Panderosa - Ali Badali]$20,000$424,892
MARIE'S Z TAM [Bettor's Delight - Youmustbedreaming]$50,000$409,131
OUTA MY HEAD [Bettor's Delight - Beamer]$77,000$404,603
PRICEVALLEYREVITUP [Revenue S - Shattered]$20,000$395,740
WHATA HUSTLER [Cantab Hall - Armbro Alfresco]$37,000$389,162
BET ON ROULETTE [Bettor's Delight - Village Blues]$125,000$379,735
PEDRO ISLAND [Real Artist - Three Mile Island]$55,000$379,433
P J CLARK [Broadway Hall - Add A Lil Bourbon]$60,000$368,282
I WON'T DANCE [Angus Hall - Do Si Do Hanover]$95,000$362,092
VERTIGO HANOVER [The Panderosa - Varbo]$65,000$361,600
IN OVER MY HEAD [I Am A Fool - Blue For You]$23,000$360,885
BET THE TOWN [Bettor's Delight - Town Sweetheart]$60,000$359,583
PART SHARK [Four Starzzz Shark - Pop Art]$62,000$354,014
REAL IMAGE [Real Desire - Shy Reflection]$27,000$353,065
BRAGGART [Broadway Hall - Delphi's Daughter]$80,000$350,949
VACATION DAY [Dream Vacation - Shutter Hanover]$30,000$349,494
COMPLETE DESIRE [Life Sign - Armbro Desire]$10,000$348,245
TRUTH IN ACTION [Cantab Hall - Cressida Hanover]$200,000$345,789
RUSS N US [Like A Prayer - Pine For]$13,000$338,842
AUTOMATIC SLIMS [Bettor's Delight - Natchitoches]$55,000$332,277
V I P [Muscles Yankee - Balanced Breeze]$62,000$326,716
CITATION LINDY [Cantab Hall - Benedicta Jet]$90,000$326,584
BREAK THE NEWS [Western Ideal - Yankee Scandal]$40,000$308,077
SHE'S SO SAVVY [Malabar Man - Twitty]$45,000$305,658
REV IT NOW [Revenue S - What Now]$18,000$294,806
MY RED HIGH HEELS [Modern Art - My Basha]$17,000$294,505
RED HIGH HEELS [Cam's Card Shark - Streisands Place]$7,000$292,235
HARPER LEE [Real Artist - Yankee Fresca]$28,000$291,681
WARRAWEE KAY [Real Desire - Armbro Wisdom]$30,000$286,751
MOONLITE DELITE [Western Hanover - Moonlit Bay]$25,000$278,548
MAJOR MONET [Art Major - Sightforsoreyes]$40,000$273,666
CELEBRITY LEGACY [Windsong's Legacy - B Cor Tamara]$60,000$269,159
GOING NATIVE [Allamerican Native - Jodi St Laurent]$24,000$269,068
ASHTORETH HANOVER [The Panderosa - Astarte Hanover]$7,000$269,024
MY OLD FRIEND JOHN [Cambest - Mystique Margie]$15,000$268,891
BOB WATTS [Real Desire - Art Queen]$13,000$266,590
SYMPHONIC HANOVER [Cantab Hall - Sounds Swell]$65,000$265,116
SUMMER HOPE [Four Starzzz Shark - Orchid Beach]$50,000$264,114
TOUCHDOWN FRANCO [Like A Prayer - Atouchtomuch]$11,000$258,001
YANKEE MANNY [Yankee Glide - Yankee Minuet]$57,000$255,971
HURRIKANE JON PAUL [Western Hanover - Art Account]$40,000$254,966
I'M NOT GONNA LIE [Western Hanover - Trulyawork Of Art]$50,000$254,795
BOSSY VOLO [Yankee Glide - Box Trot]$45,000$253,306
ANGELIC STAR [Four Starzzz Shark - Angelic Art]$10,000$252,526
MOTOR INN [Like A Prayer - Ritzy Ritz]$37,000$245,200
SAND E FIFTYFIVE [I Am A Fool - Scootin Mercedes]$9,000$245,084
REAL JOKE [Real Desire - Kiddin'onthesquare]$57,000$243,429
RED S [Four Starzzz Shark - Bibeone]$15,000$242,802
AMORA HANOVER [Western Ideal - Armbro Romance]$60,000$241,270
STONEBRIDGE MASTER [Artsplace - One Fine Cam]$32,000$238,368
SOLOCAM [Cambest - Plaintree]$22,000$236,523
JK CAMEO [Art Major - Angel Be Great]$35,000$235,607
HOWTHEHALOAREYOU [Yankee Glide - Flickering Halo]$32,000$235,391
ARTS STAR [Modern Art - Beach Jenny]$40,000$234,140
BORDEAUX'S BEST [Cambest - Princess Merlot]$13,000$234,130
SELFISH PRINCESS [Self Possessed - Gold Medalist]$10,000$232,773
AT LAST [Western Ideal - Dinah Classic]$70,000$231,120
SPIRIT TO SPARE [Artsplace - Bust Out The Bid]$27,000$226,674
AMERICA [Conway Hall - American Wish]$175,000$221,682
RADER DETECTOR [Mcardle - Jeanne R]$2,000$221,310
RAPSONG [Windsong's Legacy - Rap Girl]$15,000$220,660
ERAGON [Dragon Again - Sistine Chapel]$24,000$220,264
ULTIMATE DESIRE [Real Desire - Bolero Ultima]$25,000$214,569
SHIFTIN GEARTOGEAR [Grinfromeartoear - Dorothy's Jate]$50,000$212,806
PRO PROSPECT [Western Hanover - Dominique Semalu]$40,000$212,161
COMMANDO K [Self Possessed - Secret Harmony]$5,000$204,785
HONEYS DRAGON [Dragon Again - Honey Of A Cam]$8,000$203,857
SO YOU DE VIE [Yankee Glide - Only Dreaming]$40,000$202,760
AT MAX SPEED [Allamerican Ingot - Go The Extra Mile]$13,000$199,464
EXPRESS GLIDE [Yankee Glide - Clover Mist]$125,000$197,235
COPY CATCH [Cantab Hall - Catch A Train]$145,000$194,757
YANKEE LUKE [Dragon Again - Lovin Yankee]$47,000$193,874
BIG SLICK Z TAM [Cam's Card Shark - Life's Image]$60,000$190,842
DILLAR A DOLLAR [Conway Hall - Mark Ye Well]$25,000$188,924
HOWD THAT FEEL [Muscles Yankee - Rose De Vie Stena]$20,000$187,272
STINGER BLUE CHIP [Art Major - Shady Babie]$130,000$186,176
KNOXTROT HALL [Broadway Hall - Knox Trot]$23,000$182,818
ABSOLUTELY MICHAEL [Western Hanover - Michelle's Beauty]$50,000$182,719
MR TERROR [Western Terror - Ms Abbiedancer]$43,000$178,933
GARCON [S J's Photo - Shimette]$12,000$178,192
MISSY'S DOUBT FIRE [Cantab Hall - Missy's Goalfire]$140,000$177,924
CELEBRITY ATHENA [Yankee Glide - Show Me Leg]$70,000$173,515
OK TO PLAY [Yankee Glide - Olympic Light]$105,000$171,785
ZANDER MASSIMO [Four Starzzz Shark - Armbro Bahama]$55,000$169,378
QUICK LITTLE MISS [Artiscape - Muggins Hanover]$3,000$168,305
BEST AROUND [Cambest - Rondeau Hanover]$7,000$168,230
LITTLE RED DRESS [Allamerican Ingot - Have A Heart]$22,000$162,415
THAT'S THE PLAN [Western Ideal - Best Laid Plans]$210,000$161,740
MOST REMARKABLE [Dragon Again - Remarkable Star]$77,000$160,685
DONTDRAGMESHOPPIN [Dragon Again - Orchid Island]$80,000$160,511
SIR ARTHUR [Artsplace - Perfect Profile]$67,000$159,897
MARY TODD [Conway Hall - Armbro Vagabond]$45,000$156,902
MYSTICAL HEIRESS [Like A Prayer - Wealthy Women]$25,000$156,711
BUGGSY YANKEE [Western Hanover - Breathe]$42,000$153,737
BLUERIDGE LEGACY [Windsong's Legacy - Whiteland Elegance]$17,000$151,911
ROMEO STAR [Broadway Hall - Danish Divine]$4,000$151,781
FEEL THE RUSH [Conway Hall - Enchanted Victory]$40,000$149,570
CANTABMYWAY [Cantab Hall - Norway But My Way]$120,000$149,119
SMOOTH SILVER [Western Hanover - Special Magic]$70,000$145,744
THE VATICAN [Cantab Hall - Armbro Nun]$37,000$145,519
MAGIC CARPET RIDE [Angus Hall - Meadowbranch Magic]$90,000$145,269
DANCE WITH ME DEE [Western Terror - Tundra Bird]$30,000$144,573
BEST ROUTE [Cambest - Primrose Parkway]$35,000$142,162
KIBBUTZ DREAM [Like A Prayer - Fill Josselyn]$25,000$141,470
THOU SHALT NOT [Real Desire - Because I Said So]$55,000$139,609
MR CANTAB [Cantab Hall - Miss Marita]$350,000$139,419
MR VITTI [Art Major - Jate's Strait]$90,000$138,974
MY DAD ROCKS [I Am A Fool - Give Me Diamonds]$11,000$137,263
PASSION STARLET [Four Starzzz Shark - Passionate Life]$32,000$137,107
BRIDGETTE HANOVER [Western Ideal - Bet Me Hanover]$25,000$136,595
BEYOND PERFECTION [I Am A Fool - Southern Magnolia]$32,000$135,600
GIVE N TAKE [Cantab Hall - Charitable]$80,000$134,569
NO KISSES KNOWMORE [Western Hanover - Kissed By A Fool]$80,000$131,777
SAMANTHA Q [Real Artist - Paige Nicole Q]$18,000$130,597
SERIOUS ART [Artiscape - Serious Smile]$42,000$130,367
CARMAN M [Conway Hall - Tuscany Dream]$40,000$129,958
SLEIGH BELLE [Artsplace - Meghan's Belle]$40,000$126,376
REAL NAVIGATOR [Real Desire - Lady Callaway]$17,000$125,854
BUILT TO DRIVE [Dragon Again - Faster Boots]$57,000$125,667
LEE AVE [Western Hanover - Michelene's Lair]$92,000$124,115
ALLSTAR SALUTE [Art Major - Aunt Norma]$35,000$123,706
NEITH'S SONG [Windsong's Legacy - Neith]$42,000$121,845
BEE SPARKY [Striking Sahbra - Must B Wonderful]$6,000$118,946
HALFPIPE [Yankee Glide - Charisse Hanover]$50,000$117,933
DASH AWAY ALL [Life Sign - Dasharoo]$12,000$116,739
SOUTHWIND TAGAR [Revenue S - Southwind Tranquil]$45,000$116,537
MEPHISTO WALTZ [Real Desire - Dancing Falcon]$6,000$116,240
LITTLEMSCANTBWRONG [Yankee Glide - Little Ms Queenie]$50,000$115,701
ART PAPER [Art Major - Gennifers Flower]$25,000$115,321
CAMMY'S HEART [Cam's Card Shark - Hattie]$80,000$114,817
WESTERN AVENUE [Western Ideal - Arts Touch]$65,000$114,380
SWEATER VEST [Artsplace - Perfect Gesture]$45,000$114,218
REVENATOR [Revenue S - Nimble Nan]$32,000$113,898
SIRENUSE [Cantab Hall - Water Star]$160,000$113,780
LUCERNE DE VIE [Angus Hall - Excusez Moi]$57,000$113,605
NEW REVENUE [Revenue S - Umaybe]$17,000$113,431
RIDING THE RAPIDS [Red River Hanover - Riding Around]$18,000$113,020
CRUISEALONG [Cantab Hall - Glide Path]$190,000$112,070
HIGHSCORE KEMP [Muscles Yankee - Emilie Cas El]$300,000$111,546
BLOWOUT [Artsplace - Princess Callie]$60,000$111,454
IDEAL ARTIST [Western Ideal - Living With Art]$50,000$111,226
HORNSWOGGLE [Artiscape - Gibber Gabber]$35,000$110,738
DENIM HANOVER [Western Hanover - Daughterofortune]$95,000$110,568
IT'S ON MY TAB [Cantab Hall - Mackadamian]$200,000$110,155
GIRLS NITE OUT [Four Starzzz Shark - Before Sunrise]$30,000$108,362
WINGENUITY [Windsong's Legacy - Speedy Service]$23,000$107,917
NEW HAMPSHIRE GIRL [Conway Hall - Yankee Kelsie]$110,000$104,598
ART FOR LIVING [Artiscape - Tyler's Prime Time]$17,000$104,353
WINDSHEAR [Windsong's Legacy - Odds On Tammy]$230,000$104,152
PUMPTUOUS [Real Desire - Pumped]$65,000$102,459
YEARLING [Sire - Dam] — 17-Year-Olds sold in 2006Sold For Earnings
SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE [Mach Three - Wheres The Beach]$40,000$3,221,299
DEWEYCHEATUMNHOWE [Muscles Yankee - Trolley Square]$80,000$3,155,178
CHANCEY LADY [Camluck - Art Of Design]$60,000$2,072,092
BLUERIDGE WESTERN [Allamerican Ingot - Her Airness]$30,000$1,611,534
SNOW WHITE [Self Possessed - Mom's Millionaire]$43,000$1,433,551
DALI [Real Artist - Armbro Tea]$57,000$1,419,464
LUCKY MAN [Camluck - Under Her Spell]$90,000$1,280,610
CELEBRITY SECRET [Yankee Glide - Aimee's Promise]$75,000$1,099,663
WIND SURFER [Muscles Yankee - Windsurfing V C]$4,000$950,472
MAKE IT HAPPEN [Conway Hall - Meadowbranch Magic]$100,000$947,829
ANDOVER AMERICA [Andover Hall - Armbro Array]$70,000$798,410
GOOD NEWS LADY [Western Ideal - Whats New]$130,000$775,760
LIGHTNING TREASURE [Western Ideal - Treasure The Best]$41,000$772,629
WARNING ZONE [Jate Lobell - Cambridge United]$25,000$725,228
CLASSIC LANE [Lindy Lane - Heartland Classic]$15,000$715,470
PROUD MOMENT [Self Possessed - Proud Service]$23,000$653,152
LEGACY N DIAMONDS [The Panderosa - Lady Luvs Diamonds]$90,000$647,689
STAND GUARD [Conway Hall - Cherished Victory]$75,000$629,065
MAJOR STONE [Art Major - Jennas Stone]$50,000$576,833
BLUE CLAW [Jenna's Beach Boy - Wonderbolt]$100,000$576,635
SOUTHWIND SWALLOW [No Pan Intended - Sing Fat Lady]$70,000$573,857
SHARE THE DELIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Angel's Share]$50,000$540,952
TRADE EDITOR [Camluck - Anthology]$170,000$520,030
MISS SCARLETT [Red River Hanover - Odds On J P]$32,000$518,539
STAGE SHOW [Broadway Hall - Flirtin My Way]$87,000$507,577
GURF [Self Possessed - Tasty Chip]$42,000$494,877
SAND SHOOTER [Western Hanover - More Than Most]$40,000$471,957
WESTERN TRADEMARK [Western Hanover - Tyber Song]$40,000$459,514
SAND TOP GUN [Conway Hall - Top Chip]$20,000$451,433
GREAT SOUL [Western Ideal - Angelic Art]$70,000$450,246
MY MASTERPIECE [Artsplace - Armbro Ophelia]$65,000$445,294
ROBERT'S RAGE [Artsplace - Michelle's Revenge]$50,000$442,512
MR NICE GUY [Western Ideal - Yankee Scandal]$33,000$441,151
CARD DEALER [Camluck - Affluence]$85,000$438,800
STRUNG OUT [Jate Lobell - Violin]$18,000$437,080
SHUTTER BOY [Yankee Glide - Miss Photogenic]$25,000$420,509
ALLAMERICAN MAJOR [Artsplace - Madison Rose]$47,000$414,551
ARTIC STRETCH [Artiscape - Joys R Us]$23,000$411,574
LONESTAR LEGEND [Western Hanover - Precious Shopper]$100,000$398,258
DI MANGGIO [Yankee Glide - Keyser's Cousin]$35,000$397,657
WEEKEND GAMBLER [Cam's Card Shark - Under Your Spell]$90,000$389,408
DUKE DID IT [Bettor's Delight - Town Feather]$80,000$388,087
BEACHY GIRL [Real Desire - Color Me Beachy]$21,000$378,827
MICHELLE'S IDEA [Western Hanover - Michelle's Dream]$37,000$375,615
MY IDEAL [Western Ideal - Sabra Almahurst]$11,000$373,544
DON'T DENY ME [Allamerican Ingot - Cantbuymehappiness]$7,000$362,382
REAL TOUGH [Real Artist - Stormy Music]$15,000$355,569
SPACE WALK [Dragon Again - Galaxy Hopper]$22,000$353,359
RED STAR CATCH [Art Major - Catch A Wave]$45,000$348,025
DELPHIC [Striking Sahbra - Mrs August]$27,000$346,482
LAGUNA BEACH [Real Artist - Witchtree]$29,000$345,684
REAL SAMART [Real Artist - Samadhi's Girl]$30,000$336,039
UPFRONT HANNAHSBOY [Dragon Again - She's A Daisy]$25,000$331,829
ONE TOUGH LASS [Muscles Yankee - Timberlassie]$45,000$326,397
ROMANTIC THRILLER [Mach Three - Romantic Wind]$14,000$317,274
ZIEGLER HANOVER [Andover Hall - Xqsmwa]$70,000$308,752
VILLAGE BOLERO [The Panderosa - Village Baroque]$39,000$297,728
IDLE HOUR [Dragon Again - Lady Light]$18,000$293,851
STRONG HALL [Angus Hall - Casa Marina]$90,000$293,644
DR FLAMINGO [Art Major - Isn't She Lovfilly]$85,000$292,010
HARTMANN [Like A Prayer - Canne Angus]$90,000$291,082
FISSATO [Cambest - Sunrose Hanover]$17,000$287,401
FLY HIGH [Dragon Again - Northern Route]$25,000$283,086
OAKS HANOVER [Dragon Again - On Her Way]$50,000$282,495
GALLANTLY [Varenne - Southwind Candie]$19,000$281,165
GENUWINE [Cam's Card Shark - Beverage]$47,000$279,886
HOT AND COLDPLAY [Angus Hall - Stonebridge Lane]$19,000$277,778
ITS MY TIME [Angus Hall - Heaven Tonight]$22,000$277,307
MC KELVIE [Kadabra - Buckinghim]$125,000$272,346
DREAMS ARE REAL [Artsplace - Dreams Made Real]$45,000$271,802
SWIFT KID [Yankee Glide - Swift Kid Hanover]$90,000$271,639
LOLA PALOOZA [Western Hanover - Love You Forty]$37,000$270,857
MANCHINE [Western Ideal - Midnight Art]$55,000$269,080
FRESCO BLUE [Real Artist - Fimbrethil]$31,000$267,937
OVER RULED [Self Possessed - Habit]$140,000$266,527
DELIBERATE [Yankee Glide - Appeal To Reason]$90,000$262,351
AZUR [Self Possessed - Victory Please]$75,000$262,249
AGE OF CONSENT [Real Desire - Barely Legal]$12,000$262,192
ART GLASS [Art Major - Abbey Won]$45,000$257,977
SALUTE [Western Ideal - Art's Vintage]$20,000$255,890
TIMELESS ARTIST [Real Artist - Lady Leslie]$27,000$255,825
YOU THRILL ME [Jate Lobell - Lady A]$13,000$255,451
DORNELLO [Angus Hall - Me Maggie]$75,000$253,467
BROTHER RAY [Dragon Again - Delray Almahurst]$33,000$248,718
GEM HEIST [Jate Lobell - Diamondsartforever]$6,000$248,542
OUR NEW TREASURE [Allamerican Ingot - Legalistic]$13,000$247,234
CROWNPRINCE VOLO [Conway Hall - Crowned Victory]$52,000$246,846
LILLYWHITES [Artiscape - White Ruffles]$37,000$246,245
DRIVEN TO SUCCEED [Real Desire - Sweet Strokes]$15,000$244,577
TABOO YANKEE [Sj's Caviar - Yankee Tomboy]$4,000$243,331
PIZZAZZED [Kadabra - Armbro Adored]$15,000$236,970
CHOCOLATE ART [Artiscape - White Chocolate]$35,000$233,553
ABLE YANKEE [Mcardle - Artbreak Hotel]$10,000$232,770
JK MAJORETTE [Art Major - A Yankee Classic]$97,000$231,559
MUSIC AGAIN [Dragon Again - Musical Memory]$50,000$231,421
NF SOARING [Like A Prayer - Set Me Free]$25,000$230,374
DYMOND JOE MINDALE [Western Ideal - Paris Spur]$42,000$230,263
SEE AND BE SEEN [Western Hanover - Must See]$127,000$229,043
MYSTICAL CON [Conway Hall - Mystical Oaks]$105,000$228,965
INTERNATIONALSTYLE [Life Sign - Be In Style]$8,000$227,481
YANKEE CROSSFIRE [Art Major - Yankee Co-Ed]$115,000$223,486
RIVEN HANOVER [The Panderosa - Ring]$20,000$221,281
STAR LEDGER [Yankee Glide - Sweet Love Story]$22,000$219,149
REPUTATION [Lindy Lane - Lady Of Love]$11,000$218,536
PAVLA HANOVER [Western Hanover - Pleasure Chest]$30,000$217,116
UNSHAKEABLE [Andover Hall - Sister Sammy]$150,000$210,702
RACIN BEST [Cambest - Racin For Angie]$8,000$210,145
SADLER HANOVER [Dragon Again - Swipe Street]$35,000$198,392
SCOTTERY TICKETS [Real Desire - Artemis Tss]$42,000$197,959
SAINTFRANCIS [Like A Prayer - Armbro Rolls]$28,000$197,952
RIGHT TO THE TOP [Artiscape - Janet's Jewel]$77,000$197,783
SOUTHWIND LARK [Art Major - Luxury Class]$70,000$197,726
LOVING CAROLINE [Art Major - Best Laid Plans]$165,000$197,059
REAL VINTAGE [Real Desire - Western Reserve]$27,000$194,887
LIGHTNING GLORY [Mcardle - Legacy Of Glory]$30,000$193,523
ARTIST ISLAND [Real Artist - Three Mile Island]$40,000$193,234
INSPIRED ART [Artiscape - Inspiration]$18,000$193,141
PRO ART [Artsplace - Town Pro]$35,000$193,088
AN HONORABLE MAN [Andover Hall - Woman Of Strength]$40,000$190,669
PARCC SIDE [Credit Winner - Schare Hall]$32,000$189,547
HP FORTE [Muscles Yankee - H P Espoir]$47,000$189,089
ANDOVER'S SON [Andover Hall - Peluso]$100,000$188,924
GLOBAL GLAMOUR [Like A Prayer - Tourism]$30,000$187,510
PAPA HEMINGWAY [Real Artist - Graceful Motion]$22,000$186,313
MCARTICAL [Mcardle - Artical]$5,000$185,238
KING TRUT [Self Possessed - Set You Free]$23,000$184,603
THE COMEDIAN [Real Desire - Hilarious]$7,000$184,537
MAGICAL MEMORIES [Kadabra - Machita]$34,000$183,087
CELEBRITY TRIBUTE [Yankee Glide - Winning Tribute]$27,000$181,385
ORDER BY ROOSEVELT [Muscles Yankee - Covent Garden]$37,000$176,745
KANGAMANGUS [Angus Hall - Phar Khan]$8,000$173,534
FANCY VACATION [Dream Vacation - Francy Crown]$42,000$172,843
DESIRABLE CINDY [Real Desire - Five O'clock Cindy]$25,000$171,664
FIRST DRAW [Art Major - Western Duel]$77,000$171,259
DRIVING IN STYLE [Allamerican Ingot - Lexus Spur]$2,000$170,201
BLACKWALLS [Camluck - Keystone Wallis]$11,000$168,245
HAPPY TICKET [Malabar Man - Toupie Mongil]$22,000$164,802
REALLY SHOWING OFF [Real Desire - Rose Parade]$26,000$161,476
DUNESIDE PERCH [Cam's Card Shark - Duck Duck Goose]$45,000$160,325
LIVE IN LOVE [Striking Sahbra - Expressive Chip]$30,000$156,685
FUN FIESTA [Grinfromeartoear - Roaring Good Time]$15,000$155,360
RARE DISPLAY [Artsplace - Everyone's Waiting]$70,000$155,164
HIT THE MARK [Striking Sahbra - Victory's Best]$40,000$153,153
SPORTSMAN [Camluck - Gothic Lady]$50,000$152,756
VIKING DEFENDER [Muscles Yankee - Viking's Goddess]$50,000$151,631
JUSTLIKEART [Artsplace - Debutante Hanover]$27,000$150,781
THERE'S A WAY [Credit Winner - Psychotherapist]$35,000$150,591
REAL MOTIVATION [Real Desire - Panic Attack]$20,000$148,213
ALLAMERICAN ABBA [The Panderosa - Aberdyfi]$4,000$146,228
FRISK'EM [Muscles Yankee - Frisky Fergi]$200,000$145,124
FORT BENNING [Donerail - Dream Of Power]$5,000$144,388
MORE TO THE STORY [Real Artist - Daily Record]$30,000$144,014
MINOR SUPERNOVER [Andover Hall - Cc Super Home]$60,000$142,759
IN ETHAN'S HONOR [Life Sign - Emotional]$20,000$142,666
PRODUCTION [Broadway Hall - Vintage Chip]$7,000$142,070
SIGN THE PRENUP [Jate Lobell - Havanaffair]$16,000$141,757
BANDOLERO [Western Hanover - Allamerican Raquel]$42,000$141,720
STELLE NEL CIELO [Astreos - Skyview]$6,000$140,749
HARRAH'S BEST [Bettor's Delight - Cate The Great]$75,000$139,678
OH I WISH [Allamerican Ingot - Have A Heart]$15,000$138,059
SHADY IDEA [Camluck - Shady Romance]$10,000$137,423
BRADLEY SCOTT [Cambest - Buddy's Girl]$20,000$137,029
NAGIN [No Pan Intended - Cajun Towner]$10,000$135,725
CREDIT WATCH [Credit Winner - Dream Hanover]$53,000$134,517
GLADSTONE RUBYGIRL [Western Hanover - Gladstone Girl]$30,000$133,408
WESTERN OUTFITTER [Western Hanover - Fit For A Queen]$37,000$132,918
GET READY TO RUMBA [Real Desire - La Orillia Rumba]$6,000$131,850
KISS THE DICE [Andover Hall - Treasured Victory]$97,000$131,243
ARTISTICALLY [Real Artist - Danger Woman]$13,000$130,496
PINERY [Angus Hall - Pine For Her]$55,000$129,424
PETITI [Lindy Lane - Miss Titi Mor]$5,000$125,875
NAUTICAL NOTION [Self Possessed - Usmenie]$21,000$124,197
LINDY FOR LIFE [Angus Hall - Dream On Candy]$17,000$123,768
RED WHITE AND CRUE [Art Major - Bearnaise Hanover]$50,000$122,688
ONE MORE HUG [Real Artist - Hug Me I'm Happy]$3,000$120,665
SOLOSO [Western Hanover - In Solid]$45,000$119,613
OFF PAROLE [Artiscape - Getting Legal]$35,000$119,437
JADESTONE [Western Ideal - Bewitching Jewell]$225,000$118,613
DAYS DESIRE [Real Desire - On The Day]$25,000$118,429
ASGOODASIONCEWAS [Jenna's Beach Boy - Adjust My Halo]$30,000$114,373
YANKEE ROCKETEER [Artsplace - So Ravishing]$30,000$114,204
MR POTATO SPUD [Like A Prayer - Kendra Hall]$38,000$114,043
ALLAMERICAN VIRGIN [Artiscape - Viking Maiden]$4,000$114,011
MUSCLELOHA [Muscles Yankee - Pineapple]$36,000$112,646
BLUERIDGE HALL [Cambest - Justascape]$30,000$111,543
AMBER DELIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Amber Rock]$65,000$111,038
GLIDE SALLY GLIDE [Yankee Glide - Chip's Caller]$7,000$110,575
RIGHTEOUS [Conway Hall - Set The Program]$22,000$110,453
DONT MISSTHAT GRIN [Grinfromeartoear - Penguin]$10,000$108,521
MAJOR INFERNO [Art Major - Fire In The Sky]$30,000$107,758
STAR GAZER [Conway Hall - My Shooting Star]$65,000$107,383
ACDC BLUE CHIP [Muscles Yankee - Armonica Hanover]$110,000$106,094
WATERSTONE [Yankee Glide - Pj's Nannette]$70,000$106,050
ROBERTTHEBRUCE [Real Desire - Bruce's Lady]$125,000$105,967
WORLD PREMIERE [Broadway Hall - U S Victory]$22,000$105,768
VARESE HANOVER [Western Hanover - Varbo]$90,000$104,850
I GIVE YOUMY WORD [Dragon Again - Tearful Promise]$10,000$103,333
MAPLE RUN DELIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Miss Paper Wazoo]$37,000$103,127
BYRD [Real Artist - Rose Croix]$17,000$102,224
YANKEE PICA [No Pan Intended - Picasso's Filly]$27,000$101,816
THE BIG BAM [Muscles Yankee - Chemung Blue Chip]$55,000$101,345
LIFE SAVIOR [Life Sign - Hannah Banana]$20,000$100,355
YEARLING [Sire - Dam] — 18-Year-Olds sold in 2005Sold For Earnings
SOUTHWIND LYNX [Real Artist - Luxury Class]$42,000$1,763,389
TELL ALL [Real Desire - Have No Secrets]$30,000$1,509,227
FORENSIC Z TAM [Bettor's Delight - Lady Indigo]$50,000$1,346,924
FALLS FOR YOU [Yankee Glide - Armbro Niagara]$35,000$1,311,152
GREEN DAY [Enjoy Lavec - Sonoma Hanover]$6,000$1,310,114
POSSESS THE MAGIC [Self Possessed - Chorine Hanover]$20,000$1,043,503
YANKEE SKYSCAPER [Artiscape - Skyfire]$60,000$916,661
GHEE'S HOUSE [Western Ideal - Pedoozle]$50,000$893,663
ARTIST'S VIEW [Artsplace - Lady Ashlee Ann]$30,000$795,750
LANSON [Self Possessed - M Stewart]$53,000$791,586
LIBRA VITA [Striking Sahbra - Balanced Scale]$22,000$768,851
LITTLE MISS DRAGON [Dragon Again - Jasmine Hanover]$67,000$767,634
AISLING [Conway Hall - Heaven Tonight]$135,000$707,598
NEW HAMPSHIRE BOY [Credit Winner - Wild Royalty]$90,000$704,621
LAUGHING ART [Artsplace - Laughing Pro]$45,000$682,807
RUNNING BOOK [Real Desire - Open Book]$85,000$659,335
BET TO WIN [Credit Winner - Pleasecometoboston]$90,000$648,340
PHOTO MAXX [S J's Photo - Affinity]$50,000$633,550
MYTHICAL LINDY [Sj's Caviar - Myth]$60,000$629,104
FLIRTIN MAN [Angus Hall - Flirtin Victory]$92,000$592,748
DANAE [Andover Hall - Deanella Hanover]$15,000$529,099
IDEAL VINTAGE [Western Ideal - Art's Vintage]$60,000$520,846
WILDRIDGE SAM [Artiscape - Carnival]$4,000$513,360
KINETIC YANKEE [Western Ideal - Kikin Up Dirt]$50,000$505,138
TAKESHIGEMICHI [The Panderosa - Bet Me Hanover]$80,000$502,464
LIGHT HEADED [Sj's Caviar - Ever So Lightly]$11,000$502,143
PLEASE POPPY [Self Possessed - Meme's Sugar]$45,000$493,343
FRESH DECK [Cam's Card Shark - Fresh Start]$125,000$468,200
TIREMAN [The Panderosa - Hatchery]$60,000$461,112
DON'T FOOL ME NOW [Camotion - Philly Fantasy]$20,000$450,001
CELEBRITY PLAYBOY [Yankee Glide - Clover Mist]$72,000$427,011
JIMMY SHIN [Self Possessed - Armbro Temple]$100,000$420,882
CALGARY HANOVER [Western Ideal - Campaign Leader]$27,000$406,325
SPICE QUEEN [Yankee Glide - The Big Enchilada]$60,000$402,864
GREAT SUCCESS [Self Possessed - Victory Please]$7,000$400,205
BAMBOO YANKEE [Self Possessed - Bashful Yankee]$40,000$392,587
ARTOMATIC PILOT [Western Hanover - Artomatic]$85,000$388,281
CHARLEY BARLEY [Western Hanover - Last Night]$47,000$385,855
SOUTHWIND SERENA [Varenne - Spice On Ice]$45,000$385,088
REAL VELOCITY [Real Artist - Extreme Velocity]$39,000$378,323
HOT ROD MINDALE [Real Artist - Nani Oakly Mindale]$52,000$371,071
ISAAC NEWTON [Real Artist - Sass Newton]$27,000$367,090
SECRET GRIN [Grinfromeartoear - Armbro Wichita]$15,000$346,545
SPIN RATE [Allamerican Ingot - Life's Ticket]$19,000$344,951
BENNS SUPERMAN [Real Desire - Bolero Spirit]$19,000$332,891
CUE THE PAIGE [Real Desire - Paige Nicole Q]$27,000$326,973
FLASH LIGHTNING [Dream Vacation - Foxy Victory]$32,000$322,018
HOME STRETCH [Valley Victory - Dreamland's Crown]$32,000$314,645
MALEK HANOVER [Western Hanover - Michelle's Heart]$40,000$310,705
TAGMASTER [Tagliabue - Flirtin My Way]$32,000$310,515
BRUSCHETTE [Andover Hall - Foot Bowl]$55,000$302,383
BETTING MACHINE [Bettor's Delight - Matt Machine]$18,000$302,176
ACTIVE TRADING [Allamerican Ingot - Scootadream]$9,000$291,112
CASINO KING [Cam's Card Shark - True To Life]$20,000$288,123
TRUE DESIRE [Real Desire - Truly A Lady]$75,000$287,663
WESTERN ARTWORK [Western Hanover - Trulyawork Of Art]$130,000$279,521
NEXT ADVENTURE [Real Artist - Rainy Day Viking]$9,000$276,757
RED HOT YANKEE [Artsplace - So Ravishing]$55,000$275,774
THE STEELMAN [Blissfull Hall - Seaoftears Mindale]$15,000$275,108
YANKEE FRENZY [Muscles Yankee - Yankee Fresno]$50,000$273,581
SUGAR'S PRIDE [Allamerican Ingot - Cherchez La Femme]$20,000$271,155
MAJOR SUIT [Cam's Card Shark - Art In The Park]$70,000$270,560
AMERICAN GOLD [Allamerican Ingot - Trinketsntreasures]$62,000$267,586
CAT FOUR [Camotion - Dear Abergail]$7,000$265,304
BJ'S FANCY [Angus Hall - Perfect Partner]$12,000$264,096
YANKEE STARDOM [Real Desire - Salty Yankee]$35,000$258,141
ALWAYS DREAMING [Striking Sahbra - I Dream The Dream]$16,000$257,521
TEAGAN [S J's Photo - Chip's Favorite]$12,000$255,534
REAL CLASS [Real Desire - Sapphire Classic]$45,000$254,373
LOST BLISS [Blissfull Hall - Bye Bye Schatzi]$7,000$253,375
PACKIN [Yankee Paco - Worldly Woman]$19,000$249,839
TRINITY ISLANDS [Jenna's Beach Boy - Streisands Place]$11,000$248,730
BAYSIDE VOLO [Yankee Glide - Blue Water Fly]$55,000$247,728
LOST IN THE WEST [Western Hanover - Lost At The Beach]$27,000$247,109
GUTSY VOLO [Yankee Glide - Gutsy Lobell]$225,000$246,748
VICTORIA VOLO [Dream Vacation - Victorys Secret]$8,000$246,371
JANNS BID [Jenna's Beach Boy - Bust Out The Bid]$8,000$244,203
RUFF ME UP [Real Artist - April Ruffles]$61,000$243,468
ART SMILE [Artsplace - Broad Smile]$30,000$242,732
THE PANDUCTOR [The Panderosa - Tospanini]$4,000$237,418
SING ME TO SLEEP [Conway Hall - Song Catcher]$40,000$237,283
TSARINA [Andover Hall - Southwind Redbud]$52,000$236,475
STANDPOINT [Andover Hall - Universal Victory]$40,000$235,416
ART'S FANTASY [Artsplace - Ramilette Hanover]$140,000$223,803
LOCH KATRINE [Andover Hall - Shan Riches]$60,000$214,953
YEAR IN REVIEW [Self Possessed - Royal Review]$13,000$210,923
STRIVE FOR PERFECT [Muscles Yankee - Swift Kid Hanover]$77,000$207,190
CELEBRITY FEELING [Yankee Glide - Feeling Great]$29,000$206,307
KNIGHT OF INTRIGUE [Yankee Glide - Little Ms Queenie]$57,000$206,193
REMBRANDT VAN RYN [Real Artist - Yankee Fresca]$27,000$204,863
TOKEN [Real Desire - Token Gesture]$21,000$203,848
ROCK HARD TEN [Western Hanover - Natchitoches]$100,000$203,842
BLACK BRINNY [Real Artist - Bryn Michelle T]$8,000$203,697
STELLA HALL [Angus Hall - Santacruz Hanover]$33,000$196,990
RESERVE FORCES [Real Desire - Western Reserve]$40,000$195,739
TAYLORLANE DIVA [Cam's Card Shark - Cami Collins]$8,000$194,262
RUNE [Yankee Glide - Exquisite Amanda]$155,000$193,293
CHECKOUTTHEVIEW [Real Artist - Sign Of Joy]$30,000$193,007
BEFORE DAWN [Cambest - Break Of Day]$40,000$192,534
FINAL FLASH [Cambest - Peas Of Work]$10,000$192,161
JOSHUA PARK [Real Desire - Cactus Flower]$30,000$190,254
FUNNY BONES [Grinfromeartoear - Armbro Mermaid]$18,000$189,465
RADIO CITY [Artsplace - Only The Best]$90,000$187,751
SHORT IRON [Yankee Glide - Glamour Shot]$60,000$185,354
ROCKET DOG [Allamerican Ingot - Panicky]$16,000$185,306
JOHNNY CHARISMA [Artiscape - Cantbuymehappiness]$13,000$184,298
WISHFUL ME [Yankee Glide - Pine Hill Vogue]$43,000$184,065
CREDITABLE WINNER [Credit Winner - Dream Hanover]$45,000$182,340
DESTINY RIDES [The Panderosa - Pacific Destiny]$45,000$181,832
BASEBALL EXPRESS [Conway Hall - Pine Booth]$20,000$180,895
SCOOZI [The Panderosa - Thepansofiwojima]$7,000$180,102
EN CONTROLE [Self Possessed - Nutty Butty]$38,000$178,891
NATE K [Yankee Glide - Crunchess]$85,000$178,119
PHYLEON [Western Ideal - Jennas Stone]$45,000$177,698
AREZZO HANOVER [The Panderosa - Aintnostoppinmenow]$150,000$176,530
LIKEAVIRGIN LINDY [Like A Prayer - Royal Lindy]$8,000$175,850
CAUSEWAY GIANT [Bettor's Delight - Impressive Breeze]$20,000$175,634
MARTHA BROWN [Cam's Card Shark - Amber Rock]$6,000$175,121
MR BRIGHTSIDE [Allamerican Ingot - Slippery Slide]$16,000$174,112
WESTERN SWEETREAT [Western Hanover - Armbro Truffle]$12,000$174,072
MOTHERLAND [Andover Hall - U S Victory]$40,000$172,635
PLACEITONLUCKYDAN [Camotion - Armbro Voluminous]$12,000$171,446
ON YOUR MACH [Mach Three - Vignette Childer]$22,000$171,251
HEDGE FUND [Artsplace - Tarport Mimi]$25,000$169,589
MUD ON THE TIRES [Real Desire - The Dragon Flu]$85,000$167,521
OLD TRAFFORD [S J's Photo - Zelzvska Ans]$14,000$165,939
VANITY PLATES [Conway Hall - Armbro Vanity]$32,000$164,878
PACIFIC VOODOO [Conway Hall - Yankee Crunch]$17,000$164,229
PLEASEKEEPINTOUCH [Real Desire - So Far Away]$10,000$162,440
GIDDY UP N GIGGLE [Grinfromeartoear - Giggle Box]$35,000$160,860
ARMBRO EDWARD [Balanced Image - Armbro Blush]$22,000$160,743
SERIOUS DAMAGE [Allamerican Ingot - Serious Smile]$25,000$160,654
NIGHT TALKER [Western Ideal - Peaceful Feeling]$37,000$160,254
CONTRARY [Conway Hall - Armbro Rolls]$30,000$159,473
ROSY PROSPECT [Conway Hall - Baltic Region]$30,000$157,605
GRAMPA GUS [Real Artist - Dazzlement]$10,000$157,435
BLESSED VICTORY [Conway Hall - Dream On Candy]$70,000$152,683
GET A CAB [The Panderosa - Traci's Free Ride]$15,000$152,108
SNOWBOARDER [Yankee Glide - Charisse Hanover]$52,000$151,436
SHYTOWN LIGHTNING [Artsplace - I'm Whistlebait]$13,000$150,622
REAL JENNA [Real Desire - Jennababe]$5,000$149,291
TUFSUN BEACH [Jenna's Beach Boy - Funnywhiteshoes]$29,000$149,236
OPERATION LINDY [Enjoy Lavec - Irresistible Lady]$4,000$147,146
CAST A BEAM [Yankee Glide - Casa Marina]$30,000$146,216
ART'S IMAGE [Artsplace - Clear Copy]$16,000$144,961
YANKEE AUGUSTA [Western Hanover - Arts Masterpiece]$50,000$144,539
FINN JET [Life Sign - Napa Valley]$6,000$143,094
IRONMAID VOLO [Self Possessed - Irene Letsgo]$12,000$142,865
RAIN ACTIVATOR [Camotion - Summer Of Rain]$5,000$141,915
CELEBRITY SPEEDIE [Malabar Man - B Cor Peatra]$67,000$141,788
MATTOX'S BIZKIT [Camotion - Slickest Yankee]$4,000$139,162
CAYENNE TURBO [Angus Hall - Tarport Maggie]$50,000$138,775
JUST THE BEGRINING [Grinfromeartoear - Village Blues]$32,000$137,777
ISLAND DELIGHT [Bettor's Delight - Orchid Island]$92,000$137,198
STARS ON THE WATER [Astreos - Wheres The Beach]$90,000$136,996
SPORTS REPORTER [Artsplace - Dexter Lobell]$25,000$136,220
FLYING SCOTSMAN [Lindy Lane - Cc Gone Fishin]$12,000$132,944
MARYANNE K [Yankee Glide - Victory Slide]$32,000$129,857
SOUTHWIND MAJESTIC [Artsplace - Musical Dreamer]$17,000$128,784
BET YOUR BOOTY [Bettor's Delight - Bootsy]$63,000$127,503
EHI GUAGLIONE [Camotion - Her Eyes Only]$6,000$127,286
I'M GOOD TO GO [Allamerican Ingot - Go The Extra Mile]$10,000$126,797
SWEET LIPS [Life Sign - Miss Candy Cane]$6,000$126,566
WESTERN CULTURE [Western Hanover - Canadian Culture]$115,000$126,532
ON HIS WAY [Real Desire - On The Day]$175,000$125,348
BOLD GUY [Life Sign - Shy Reflection]$47,000$124,745
CARESS THE SENSES [Andover Hall - Fiery Chip]$57,000$124,515
ALLAMERICAN DANUBE [Western Hanover - Daten Time]$55,000$124,478
WILD N WONDERFUL [Real Desire - Roaring Good Time]$65,000$123,943
POP DIVA [Western Ideal - Pop Art]$30,000$121,336
ANTON K [Yankee Glide - Box Trot]$40,000$120,949
GRUDGE MATCH [Real Desire - Matchpoint Hanover]$19,000$120,772
MONBAK [Dragon Again - Georgiaonourmind]$18,000$119,569
TREASURE ME ALWAYS [Conway Hall - Treasure Always]$30,000$119,430
EAGLE PRAYER [Like A Prayer - Allegro]$19,000$119,082
BOOKIE [Bettor's Delight - Royal Street]$22,000$118,182
SMART BARNEY [Real Desire - Mannart New Wave]$30,000$116,985
INVINCIBLE SUN [Yankee Glide - Consuela Lobell]$7,000$114,959
FOLLOW YOUR ROSA [The Panderosa - Artical]$27,000$114,222
PURE MOVEMENT [Artiscape - Lady Camella]$9,000$113,578
CHEZ LUCIE [Malabar Man - Sandra Victory]$28,000$112,981
PASSTHEGREYPOUPAN [The Panderosa - French Panicure]$20,000$110,797
HESAPORSCHE [Life Sign - Perfidia]$23,000$110,499
PAN CUSHION [The Panderosa - Needles And Pans]$22,000$110,419
LAUNCH ANGLE [Allamerican Ingot - Lady Zoomer]$8,000$109,897
LIKELY VOLO [Yankee Glide - Likeable]$122,000$107,627
FAST DESIRE [Real Desire - Faster Boots]$4,500$106,978
SUN SENTINEL [Like A Prayer - Winky's Goal]$35,000$106,500
CAPRICIOUS ART [Artsplace - Windsun Caprice]$35,000$104,150
RADIANT LINDY [Dream Vacation - Kelsey A]$55,000$103,401
REAL ENERGY [Real Desire - Sweet Strokes]$4,000$103,138
GLIDING MYTH [Yankee Glide - Gramolas Image]$45,000$102,232
BERNAL HANOVER [Western Hanover - Bj's Squall]$40,000$101,010
CONSULATE [Conway Hall - Gracious Lobell]$22,000$100,995




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