Ohio Selected Jug Sale

2018 Ohio Selected Jug Sale
Friday, Sept. 14, 2018 held at the Brave Horse Show Park in Johnstown, Ohio

Special Sorts for the Sortable Sales Roster with Pedigrees & Video

This year we are trying a new approach to our Sales Rosters. They have PDF Pedigrees and videos for each yearling. I have listed the
special sorting that will produce different banded headers within the roster. You can sort the roster 5 different ways. i.e. Session by
Owner by Sire by Sex by Hip.

Sort by:

SESSION -- The Sale Name and Date header band will appear for each session.

CONSIGNOR -- The Consignor header band will appear for each consignor.

CONSIGNOR by OWNER -- The Consignor and Owner's Name header band will appear for each owner.

DAM -- A header band of A-A-A-A-A, B-B-B-B-B, etc. will appear sorted by Dam Name.

SIRE -- The Sire's name header band will appear for each sire.

SIRE by SEX -- The Sire's name followed by the Sex header band will appear for each sire and sex.

SEX by GAIT -- This will produce Pacing Colts, Trotting Colts, etc.

GAIT by SEX -- This will produce Pacing Colts, Trotting Colts, etc.

As long as you start with the sorts above (Sort #1) you can add to them and the Header Bands will still appear. i.e. Owner by Sex by Dam
will give you the Owner's Headers and within the Owner you will have it sorted by Sex by Dam.

NOTE: If the page does not load completely, click the sort button again and pause for a few seconds and let the page load completely
before clicking on anything else. The page is quite large and if your connection is slow or staggered it may not load completely if you are
mouse clicking while it is trying to load.

PAGE NOT LOADING?: If you have tried everything, try this:

1. Clean out your browser cache.

2. If you don't know how to do #1, download CCleaner by Piriform and run it. This will clean out the cache, remove temporary files
and more. It is safe and highly recommended!!




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